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Hot Chapters from Martial God Asura

What about the main character competing and overcoming societal struggles? What about a hero that can wield weapons, be ass-kicking, determined and brave? As a reader myself I’m a big fan of a strong protagonist, and when I say strong, I perceive the main protagonist as possessing inner and outer strength.

Thus, I would say that kickass heroes are forever charming. I especially love the stories of this troupe, and Martial God Asura is one of those.

Martial God Asura is an action-adventure cultivation martial art novel that tells the story of Chu Feng who was deemed an insult to his family due to his weak physiology, and then rose to power later on when he decided that he had enough, and chose to reclaim what was truly his.

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Part 1: Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura Book Cover

Chu Feng in Martial God Asura was treated like trash by her sect because he was weak. Another thing is, he was never truly acknowledged as a member of the Chu Family because he was just an adopted. As a result, the younger Chu Family members would frequently assault and harass him, except his adoptive brother Chu Guyu and adoptive cousin Chu Yue, who were kind to her.

Later on, Chu Feng of Martial God Asura joined the Azure Dragon School at the age of 10. A month later, the seal that his father had put on his lineage dissolved. As a result, he was struck by a Divine Lightning that infected his Dantian with the 9-Colored Lightning because of this, his cultivation progressed slowly and almost ended even.

Also, Chu Feng’s mother sealed his spirit bloodline in several layers, the first of which was broken at the age of 15 by Azure Dragon Founder, who believed he was the one who had instilled spirit strength in Chu Feng.

One of his quests he still needs to entirely unseal his spirit bloodline. As Chu Feng journeyed to his becoming a Martial God Asura, he meets new people, unfolds secrets, and is tossed into a road of endless battle.

Part 2: Main Protagonist of Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura Manga Chu Feng

What’s striking about the Martial God Asura, is that Chu Feng is the ideal hero. He could be feisty. He could be sweet. He could be ruthless to anyone who would harm his family. The core motivation of his pursuit of strength is that she wanted to protect the people he loves. Though this kind of motivation is common in a hero, this still hits the reader’s heart.

Chu Feng in Martial God Asura was always misinterpreted by his clan, and most of the time members of the Chu family plotted against him. Yet he endured and returned evil deeds with good. There are some scenes where he even saved one of his siblings despite their ill-treatment of him.

So, therefore, Chu Feng is the Martial God Asura. How will he get into that rank level? You will find out the details then when you read the novel. Chu Feng’s bloodline is a combination of two powerful ones.

Both his mother and his father came from a clan that is skilled in martial arts and cultivation which makes Chu Feng extremely skilled in martial arts and world spiritist technique. So, aside from being skilled in martial combat, Chu Feng of Martial God Asura possesses bloodline powers and spirit powers which he got inherently from his parents.

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Part 3: Trending Chapters of Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura Chapter 27 – Strange Marks

Martial God Asura Strange Marks

At this point of Martial God Asura, Chu Feng rescued one of his siblings who were attacked by the Thousand Bone Graveyard. So, there has been a commotion in the family as they all rushed to save one of their members.

And just when they were expecting Chu Feng to have gone crippled by the encounter, they find themselves late for the rescue and see Chu Feng as alive and well. And the Chu Family was even more shocked to hear from one of their siblings that Chu Feng saved her, and fought the bad guys.

When the elders confirmed later that the attackers were the Thousand Graveyard they were even puzzled at Chu Feng. At home, Chu Feng while taking a bath noticed strange marks swimming under his skin. At first, he was wondering but then realized later on that the mark wasn’t harmful.

Yet in this chapter of Martial God Asura, the strange mark was some kind of cliffhanger for there wasn’t an explanation about what it really is.

Martial God Asura Chapter 49 – World Spiritist

Martial God Asura World Spiritist

This is a very interesting chapter of Martial God Asura for here we learned that Chu Feng has godly lightning in his body, and even though he didn’t train in mysterious techniques he still is able to refine spiritual medicines. However, he can’t tell Su Mei.

Another interesting thing in Martial God Asura chapter 49 is that here we are transported into a setting where we get to see ancient kingdoms and ancient landscapes while the characters journey to search for other cultivation powers. Also, the World Spiritists were explained in this chapter of Martial God Asura.

So, here we learned that World Spiritists have an indestructible and defending method, and thus, world spiritists are geniuses. Chu Feng assumed that cultivation techniques are the way to becoming a world spiritist but then he learned that to become one, he must have a spirit power.

Martial God Asura Chapter 80 – Unrivaled Genius

Martial God Asura Unrivaled Genius

It was explained in this chapter of Martial God Asura how one examiner is rated as an unrivaled genius. At this point, Chu Feng and students from other schools took a martial cultivation exam. They were asked to release their energies unto the testing stone, unlocking different spots on it.

At first, Chu Feng’s spirit was rated as low because the other court elder mistaken it to be just average, however, they were puzzled about how Chu Feng advanced in his previous martial art cultivation with the kind of energy he possessed.

But then when one of the higher elders came, he noticed a small black spot on the stone, it was barely recognizable, but by then he realized that whoever unlocked that in the testing stone is an unrivaled cultivator genius, which is, of course, Chu Feng, but at this time, that ability of his remained unknown to many.

Part 4: Overall Conclusion of Martial God Asura

I can see that what’s most charming in Martial God Asura is its world-building. The cultivation terms, techniques, and powers are distinct. It’s like readers are transported to an ancient world of spirits, kingdoms, and swords. Reading Martial God Asura is a breath of fresh air.

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