Delinquent (Athens Wolves Series Book 1)

bonnie hoffman

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Reese stood up against her former Alpha and was sent to Werewolf prison until she was 18. Not one Alpha since she had been in there for three years has ever thought about accepting her. Until the day she was getting released.

She has a choice, to go with them and become part of their pack, but it goes down hill when the guards try and tame her for doing nothing wrong.

Or does it?

And what will she find if she does join a new pack instead of becoming a rouge?

She was a Delinquent, a monster, a fighter, and no one, not even a nice Alpha or his family can make her forget about that.

What is her biggest fear? Being so impulsive and aggressive that she scares her new friends and mate off.


Tags: familypowerfuldramabxg
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"Do you Ian James Russell take over as Alpha of this pack, to rule fairly and always give a trial. To take care of and expand, to protect and work for?"

"I do." I clapped and smiled as his father touched his forehead and then his shoulders before pulling him into a large hug.

"Now state the Beta you have chosen to not only protect yo……

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