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No one, not even a wonderful Alpha or his family, can make Reese forget that she was a monster, a fighter, and a delinquent. And what will she discover if she decides to join a new pack as opposed to going rogue?

She scares away her new acquaintances and mate due to her impulsiveness and aggression. What scares her the most?

Delinquent Chapter 1

I have been locked in this hell hole for three years… just because I attacked my Alpha. I hate the stupid Juvenile system. I had to wait here until some other Alpha either accepted me or took down my other one. I talked to at least three alphas so far, some who come to try and help reform the men and also see if their beta’s had a mate here. But for me, I have had no such luck.

But today is my 18th birthday… and I am being set free because I can officially become a rogue and my past is now behind me. Two years ago when I first shifted they gave me an hour to run around in my wolf form. I was a light brown and had an all-black muzzle and two black paws diagonal from each other.

“Prisoner 003234, Alpha Greg of the Full Moon Pack is here for you.”

“I get to decline Hunter, I am out and a free wolf in about, 2 hours.” I smiled at the guard and he glared.

“Until then Paxton, you are still in here. Now get up, get dressed and come with me.” He threw some jeans and a white shirt at me and I glared at it before complying. If I fight back now I might not be released today.

I flipped the light in my room off and knocked on the door signaling that I was done. Hunter opened it and slammed the silver cuffs on my wrists and pushed me towards the visiting area. I walked in saw an Alpha and his Luna and felt confused. No one had ever brought another female here, especially a Luna. “How can I help you?” I asked sitting so they would feel free to as well.

“We want you to join us… our daughter is going down a bad path. I heard about you, how you stood up to your other Alpha. I have also heard you are the most disciplined around here.” Alpha Greg spoke and I was about to speak when the Luna came towards me.

“Please. Reese, I know today is your birthday, and I know you are going to have a clean slate after you are released but wouldn’t you like to know that a pack excepts you knowing who you are? We are ready to do that with just a little bit of your help.” She begged and it was always hard to refuse a Luna who is begging you.

“I accept.” I tried not to mumble but I hated the thought of being under another Alpha.

“Thank you.” The Luna hugged me tightly and my hands were still restrained so she pulled back when the cuffs touched her. “They have silver cuffs here?” She asked appalled. Honestly I don’t feel the pain anymore, regardless of the red rims around my wrists right now.

“Get these off of her!” Alpha Greg shouted in his Alpha tone and I just looked down while they explained that until he officially claims me into his pack they can’t take them off.

“Alpha if I may,” I waited until he was done glaring at Hunter. “In two hours I am being released anyways. If I promise to come to your pack on my own, in doing so, I gain your trust, can you leave me here and expect me?” I asked knowing this might be my only shot to be free, even for a moment. If they claim me now I will be held here until they have the ceremony prepared for my pack acceptance.

“Paxton! You can’t ask that of an Alpha!” Hunter shouted at me and I bit my lip from shouting back.

“She can ask that of her future Alpha.” The Luna shouted at him and I hid my smile. I think I am going to like this Luna.

“Reese, we live quite a way away… we would feel better if we could just take you once you get out.” The Alpha set a hand on his mate and addressed me.

“I have been here for three years’ sir, I really only got an hour in my first and only shift… I was hoping that a small journey would be good for me.” I told him politely but I think I just angered the Luna more.

“You have only shifted once!? What kind of prison is this! That is inhumane! Well sort of! Every wolf must get the privilege to shift a day!” I winced when I heard the other guards coming through the door thinking that I must have done something to anger the Alpha and Luna. I was suddenly pushed to my knees and I knew I had had enough.

I snapped.

I stood back up as quick as I could and turned around slamming my fists into the guards face and he screamed and the others turned to grab me but I used the cuffs to burn them. None of them were wearing their special gloves.

I growled lowly and heard a gasp from behind me where the Alpha pair was. “They said you were the most behaved.”

“I am. Sorry for wasting your time.” I nodded and looked towards Hunter who was peeling himself off the ground. “Come on and take me back.” I told him and went to wait by the door. He glared at me and I shrugged not looking back as I stepped through the doors.

An hour later I was told I was still being released because I was only defending myself against the guards and also since the Alpha and Luna demanded it of the ‘alpha’ of this place.

Instead of waiting another hour they released me then and there and gave me 100 dollars for food and a pat on the back, not really. I had a bag of clothes as well and once I was outside I shifted, not caring about the ripped clothes. “Oh and Paxton.” I heard Hunter shout and I turned back to him in my wolf form.

“That Alpha pair still wanted you… they said that they were located over 120 miles east. If you were still interested.” He told me and I contemplated it. I stopped for a minute and just relished in the feeling of being in my wolf form.

“Hey! Pup! Where are you going?” I heard someone whistle behind me but I kept running through the woods, finally free.

After about 80 miles I was feeling tired and hungry, not to mention it was getting dark out. I stumbled on a small town and dressed myself before heading into a small diner. I ordered a coffee and a small sandwich. I paid and then went back into the forest and shifted before curling up in tall grass and fell asleep.

I woke up again and headed east still. If they really wanted me then I would try and make it work. I knew that I could never make it as a rogue unless I did something about my past. Maybe if I gain the trust of the Alpha he can help me take down my other Alpha.

I made it to the border of their land and looked for a patrol or someone but when no one came I knew I couldn’t just step on their land. I laid down and waited. It was still sunny out and it was making my fur warm. I was taking a nap when I heard a deep growl and I jumped up and got down in a defensive stance.

The wolf was older than me, by at least 20 years. He wasn’t that much bigger than me, but just as any male wolf would be, he had some grey fur around his face giving away his age. He growled again and then snapped his teeth, I knew he was telling me to stay where I was. He went behind a tree where I noticed a basket had been put and shifted and clothed himself.

“Shift Rogue!” He shouted at me and I bowed my head. He was the Beta. I showed him a bag that I had when he was about to throw me a shirt and shorts.

I walked behind a tree myself and took deep breaths. “Alpha Greg and his Luna came to the Juvenile center two days ago, they said that I was still welcome here if I wanted. Is that true?” I asked coming out and looking him in the eye. I wouldn’t submit unless it was.

“So you’re the little girl who took down five guards with silver handcuffs?” He asked and looked me up and down not believing it.

“They weren’t wearing their special gloves… it burned them just as much as me.” I told him honestly and waited for him to answer the question.

“You are still welcome, come with me.” His voice was gruff and he waved me across the border.

I walked behind him and saw that there were other wolves running around with things in their hands and smiles on their faces. I kept my head up and met everyone’s eyes. Everyone started to stare and whisper, asking who I was, what I was doing here… why I looked like I did.

But I kept my head held high and walked through the lands towards the pack house. I knew I reeked of being an outsider, and that is how I drew a lot of people’s attention.

Delinquent Chapter 2

I walked into the small office and saw the Alpha and Luna sitting on the same chair. The Beta cleared his throat and they turned towards us at the same time. “Reese.” The Luna addressed and stood up coming towards me.

She pulled me in for another hug and this time she didn’t get hurt. I didn’t hug her back through, I have gone three plus years without contact and this just felt wrong. “I see you got our message.” Alpha Greg nodded at me when the Luna finally pulled away and smoothed down my hair.

“Just before I took off, yeah.” I nodded and looked away from his eyes.

“It’s a good thing we counted on it getting to you and you accepting. Since it is the middle of September and some of our pack, including our son, went off to college just last month, we are calling everyone back to accept you in. Our daughter is still in high school. Her name is Genevieve. Our son is Ian.” He went on to explain a little bit more about what his daughter has been doing and I knew what I could do to get her to stop. I just had to convince her that what she was doing would mess her up in the end.

“Did that institution school you?” The Luna asked and I opened my mouth and then thought about it.

“I am still supposed to be in school, I have most of my senior credits but not all of them.” I told her and she huffed and nodded to me. “Is that a problem?” I asked slightly worried.

“No Reese, in fact, that means you can go to school with Genevieve.” Alpha Greg told me and I just nodded and stood there. “Oh, right, come with us.” He walked past me and the Luna wrapped one arm around my shoulders and pulled me along.

“The Beta’s name is Samuel, he likes to me called Sam.” She told me and I nodded. “His mate is Caroline and she is actually a teacher at the school you will be going to.” She informed me that she was the cook at the hospital near by.

I listened and tried to keep up with the way we were going so I could find it on my own later. “We have this room set up for you, it is right next to both of our kids… our son isn’s around so I doubt that you will see much of him. He just started his third year of college and wanted to get out of the pack house for the last year.”

“Don’t see why.” I saw the mother part of the Luna come out as she crossed her arms and looked longingly to his door.

“Our daughter is still at school, detention, we will all have dinner together.” He nodded at me and I felt like he was my father, demanding me to come out of my room at dinner again.

“I have a few questions…” I told them looking between the two.

“What are they?” He asked looking concerned.

“Will I be able to contact my family?” I asked bit the inside of my cheek and they both looked confused.

“You have a family? Are they still in your old pack?” I nodded at both questions and they gave each other a look and I knew they were using their mate bond to talk to each other so I waited.

“Do you think that they would join us as well?” The Alpha seemed to gruff out the question and I shook my head.

“The only one who might even consider it is my younger brother, but I haven’t seen him since the whole, take her away and lock her up.” I said shyly and they both nodded.

“You can talk to them over the phone or by email or regular mail… what ever you want to do.” The Luna nodded at me and I smiled.

“Thank you, both of you.” I nodded and the Luna hugged me again before smiling and pulling away.

“Come with me. I have a surprise for you.” She pulled my hand and went into the room and then let me go before turning back to me and opening a double door that had racks of clothes. “We kind of had our hearts set on you, and we got all the measurements and I sort of went a little crazy. I wanted you to feel safe and comfortable here.” She told me pulling me into the walk in closet. “Do you like it?”

“I – I don’t know what to say.” I whispered looking around. For the past three years I have had two options, green jumpsuit or sweats. There were so many shoes and a lot of makeup and hair accessories and stuff I didn’t even know what it was.

“We don’t just want you here for Gene… we want you to stay here, and hopefully now that you are 18 you will find your mate.”

“I don’t want a mate Ms. Luna.”

“Rebecca.” She told me and came towards me. “Why don’t you want a mate dear?”

“You know my story, if my mate is anything like my father… why would I need him?” I asked her almost silently.

“Not every mate is the same. Greg would do anything to save me, to take away my past pain, but there is nothing he can do about it… your father and mother’s mating will not be what yours will be. You might end up with a mate that never lets you wear half the things in this closet, or maybe he will never let you leave his side around unmated males, or maybe he won’t care because he trusts you so much… but maybe he will kill any male that dares touches you like mine basically did until I let him claim me… I don’t want you to think that nothing good comes from having a mate. I have had two wonderful children and such a happy life.” She cupped my cheek and smiled at me and then moved some of my hair out of my face and smiled at me.

“Rebecca, we have that thing to do remember!” I heard Greg shout and she smiled at me.

“You can have a shower, nap if you want. But I will come back up here for you in about 3 hours, okay?” She asked and I nodded.

She seems to really care… my mother never seemed to care, she was too depressed. Luna Rebecca hugged me one more time before leaving me in the huge closet. I grabbed a pair of dark blue jeans and a black and grey long sleeve before a change of underwear.

I walked into the bathroom smiling, this would be my first shower in three years without other around and without guards just outside the see through curtains.

I turned on the hot water and realized I would rather take a hot bath. I plugged the drain and waited for it to all fill up before stripping and stepping in. I saw the scars on my legs and felt the ones on my back as I washed myself.

I drained the tub before filling it back up with water as hot as I could stand it. I leaned back and relaxed and got out once it was cold. I dried off and wrapped my hair in a tight braid before going to lay on the bed. I could smell that they were new, no one had ever spend the night in these soft sheets and they had never been washed.

I didn’t get in though, that would be saved for when I actually went to sleep tonight. I laid down though, and I napped.

I woke up before Luna Rebecca came for me so I started to look around the room again. I opened a dresser and saw a wrapped box and put it on top. I guess they didn’t know something was in here. I decided to just hand it over to Rebecca when she got here.

I went back into the closet and slipped on some socks and a new pair of vans before hearing a knock on the door. I grabbed the box and opened the door. “Hi Luna, I think someone left this in the dresser… I don’t know who it belongs to.” I tired to hand it over but she pushed it into my hands.

“It’s yours Reese, a birthday gift, sort of.” She told me and smiled. “Go on, open it.” She urged and then linked her arm with mine.

I undid the bow and lifted the top and saw a phone. I pulled it out and saw a few numbers already programmed into it and saw that it was the Alpha families names. “I don’t think I will really need this.” I told her and she shook her head.

“You don’t have any rules here. You don’t have to just come home after school each day, you can find a job, or explore the towns, or go into the city… you’ll make a few friends here, I know it and you’ll want to talk to them all the time. It’s a gift and the Alpha and I are not going to take it back.”

“Thank you Luna.” I bowed my head and turned my neck, showing her the most powerful form of gratitude.

“It’s Rebecca unless we are in the presence of another pack, okay?” She told me and I nodded. “Good, now just wait here and when I know everything in the dinning room is set up I will call for you to open the door okay?” She asked leaving me in front of a double door entrance. I nodded as she walked away.

I could smell the entire pack on this floor, of course they must have all ate at different times so all scents are still strong and lingering. I heard a faint call of my name and opened the left door only and then saw some lights on a table. I heard faint singing and started to back away but the door behind me closed and the lights turned on dimly and I saw the room packed with other wolves all singing and smiling.

I smiled slightly seeing the Alpha and Luna both smiling and waving me forward. I walked closer as the singing stopped and blew out the 1 and 8 hearing the loud cheering around me. “So you are Reese right?” I heard a female and saw that she was at least 17 or 18.


“I’m Milly.” She held out her hand and I shook it.

I shook a lot of hands that night, and I realized none of them belonged to Genevieve.

Author of Delinquent

Iris Patrick, the author of Delinquent, which book has been read more than 1.5M times on Dreame platform, one of the best werewolf romances. Iris likes trying something a little different but it’s all going to be fun writing for her. She’s already working on a new fantasy series, her loyal readers will not be disappointed. Don’t hesitate, read Delinquent now and dive into the fantasy world with Iris.

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