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Trending Billionaire Novel Noble Husband At The Door Read Online

Noble Husband At The Door is a trending secret billionaire novel that revolves around Samuel Hannigan who is married to Yvonne.

He is subjected to various humiliations by Sue’s family for his lack of family reputation. Samuel finally decides to take on the Hannigan family’s business to make everyone regret treating him and his wife poorly.

Samuel Hannigan from useless son-in-law goes on to become the youngest billionaire.

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Part 1: Noble Husband At ThebDoor Novel Story Summary

Noble Husband At The Door Samuel Hannigan

Noble Husband at the Door is a billionaire romance that begins with Samuel Haanigan who is requested to come home as the Hannigan family needs him. Samuel’s father is critically ill and his brother was in jail.

In the past, Samuel was kicked out of the family by his grandmother who thought he would steal the business from his brother. She had always favored his brother until now.

After getting abandoned by his family Samuel lived with the Sue family for three years where he was subject to various humiliation and embarrassment

Even though Samuel had nothing Grandfather Sue who was a second-rate most influential family in Cloud City had found Samuel and set his marriage with his granddaughter Yvonne. Their marriage shocked the entire city because Samuel was a nobody.

Samuel never revealed his true identity as a Hannigan to anyone but grandfather Sue who had passed away due to illness two months after his marriage. Without knowing his family reputation everyone termed Samuel as a nobody and called him a useless son-in-law.

Throughout Samuel’s marriage to Yvonne, he was used to being treated coldly and accepted all the ridiculed treatment without ever revealing his true identity.

Noble Husband At The Door Samuel Is Humiliated

Yvonne was a very beautiful woman and Samuel’s nominal wife. When she had accepted her grandfather’s request to marry Samuel everyone was shocked. Ever since her marriage to Samuel, she was filled with enmity towards her husband. She never understood why her grandfather had chosen someone so useless like Samuel.

Even at his deathbed Grandpa Sue had held Yvonne’s hand and had asked her not to look down at Samuel. The only reason she was still married to Samuel and didn’t divorce him was to maintain her family’s reputation.

She always asked Samuel to not embarrass her in front of her family to which he always agreed. Seeing Samuel’s nonchalant expression always made Yvonne’s blood boil. She believed that her husband had no reputation.

Samuel never once hated his wife for her cold attitude towards him. Instead, he understood why Yvonne would act in such a way because over three years into their marriage all he ever did was cook and clean.

However, Yvonne never let her husband down in public. They had never consummated their marriage, there were no emotions involved. Yet Yvonne didn’t let her family embarrass Samuel in front of her.

Noble Husband At The Door Yvonne Falls For Samuel

Their marriage takes a turn at Yvonne’s grandmother Sue’s birthday where Samuel is made fun of by Harvey, Sue’s family member. Samuel tries to defend himself but gets slapped by his wife Yvonne after finding herself humiliated because of Samuel.

Yvonne makes it clear that their marriage is destined to be divorced. Samuel bravely asks her if she wants him to change. If Samuel will change for anyone in the world, it is for Yvonne. So she asks her husband to change himself so all those who had looked down on her will regret the humiliation caused.

Hearing Yvonne’s words Samuel leaves to meet his mother Gina who still doubts Samuel’s ability and says he will be solely responsible for the new Hannigan Company set up in the Clouds City.

Samuel decides to teach his family a lesson by showing them how the neglected son is better than the one they favored. Claiming his position as the Hannigan family’s heir was the beginning.

Samuel will do anything to make his wife Yvonne happy. But will he reveal his secret identity as a billionaire?

Noble Husband At The Door is an urban romance that shows how Samuel Hannigan takes revenge on the people who bullied him and his wife Yvonne who sticks by his side despite her family’s pressure to divorce him.

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Part 2: Noble Husband At The Door Novel Characterization

Noble Husband At The Door Hero Samuel Hannigan

Noble Husband At The Door follows the journey of secret billionaire Samuel Hannigan and Yvonne Sue.

Samuel Hannigan is the youngest heir to the Hannigan Family. But his grandmother always favored his brother and treated him poorly. His mother never once supported him even when the grandmother throws Samuel out.

Samuel who was done by his family’s mistreatment gets married to Yvonne Sue without revealing his identity. For years he has been humiliated for being useless. He finally decides to take over the Hannigan family for his wife.

As the title Noble Husband At The Door suggests Samuel was a perfect husband who always treated his wife well and put up with all the cold treatment from her. But his determination to win her heart makes us swoon over his love.

Noble Husband At The Door Heroine Yvonne Sue

Yvonne Sue is from the richest Sue family in the novel Noble Husband At The Door. However, she marries a nobody upon her grandfather’s request. Even though she dislikes her husband Samuel she never plans to leave him.

When she asks Samuel to change she soon learns that her husband is not an ordinary person. All the enmity she had for her marriage and towards Samuel turns into love as she sees how much Samuel cares for her.

Yvonne’s character grows with each phase of her marriage. From an insecure wife to a proud partner to Samuel we see how the characterization develops with the storyline.

Part 3: Noble Husband At The Door Novel Theme

Noble Husband At The Door Novel Setting

Noble Husband At The Door is an urban romance set on the Arranged Marriage between Samuel Hannigan and Yvonne Sue. Their marriage lacks any emotions as Samuel is humiliated by Sue’s family.

Yvonne never understands why her grandfather chose Samuel to be her husband. But Samuel is a secret billionaire, an heir to the Hannigan family.

The secret identity of Samuel creates an interest among readers who see how Sue’s family calls him trash. When Samuel decides to seek his revenge the readers are thrilled to see how the protagonist will pay back to his bullies.

Yvonne arms Samuel’s marriage is relatable as a financial struggle among couples hits reality. To see how they overcome the struggles and find their happy ending makes Noble Husband At The Door Novel an interesting one.

Part 4: Similar Book To Noble Husband At The Door

Noble Husband At The Door Similar Recommendation

Incomparable Son-In-Law is a similar recommendation if you enjoyed Noble Husband At The Door Novel.

Incomparable Son In Law begins with Evan Jackson who is humiliated by his father-in-law for being a stay-in husband for his wife Rachel. The Scott family treats Evan badly by constantly calling him useless and making fun of him.

Josie is Evan’s sister-in-law who has brought her boyfriend Ray. She wants to pick on Evan to put him down for his poor status and tries to rub the fact that her boyfriend is from a wealthy family and is rich.

In other words, they hate him for staying at home and cooking. Evan gets a call from his team to let him know that the three-year ban on his accounts is finally over and he can return to his billionaire mansion.

Evan smirks as he decides to make the Scott family pay for belittling him while providing his wife Rachel everything she wants.

Incomparable Son In Law is a modern-day billionaire romance story of a man who is treated as useless but in reality, he is the biggest billionaire tycoon who can make the entire city tremble with just his name.

This long serialized fiction is filled with drama, love, and deception with a well-structured storyline without a boring moment despite having 300+ chapters.

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