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Everything You Need To Know About My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict

Within the pages of My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict novel, readers are transported into a jarring, and gripping journey of love, redemption and revenge. Exploring the themes of justice and womanhood, it brings life to the rarely talked issues of society that has been swept under the rug by the rapid rise of technology and modern entertainment. Injustice among the poor people, gender inequality, poverty and discrimination are only half of the problems the story bravely tackled.

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict novel cannot only offer a heart-fluttering romance, it can also provide universal insights and ethical lessons that will encourage us to become the better versions of ourselves.

Keep reading as you’re in for a treat!

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Part 1: Plot Overview of My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict read online free novel starts with its main character, getting out of prison and seeing the world beyond the walls for the first time in years. Grace Cummins, the main heroine of My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict novel, is a convicted murderer, wrongfully accused of murdering the famous socialite, Jennifer Atkinson. Though her death was purely accidental, Jennifer’s sister took advantage of the incident, lying shamelessly to the face of the jury and twisting the truth until Grace was condemned as a sociopathic murderer of the century.

My Gorgeous Wife is An Ex-Convict - Grace in Prison

Back then, Grace was powerless and extremely poor. She lacked the money and the courage to defend herself against the harsh side of justice. No one stood up to speak for her. Not even Sean, her fiancee and one of the annoying characters in the entire universe of My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict novel, who promised to be with her for eternity shamelessly abandoned her. He immediately believed the accusation against her, not allowing Grace to tell her side of the story and choosing Jennifer’s sister over the relationship they’ve nurtured for years.

With no one to support and believe her, Grace was convicted of third-degree murder, meant to serve for a decade in prison. Three years after, her sentence got mysteriously lifted and she was sent out to live anew, anonymously and within the umbrella of the police. Like a newborn beginning to understand life, Grace reconstructed her life from scratch.

She began to work as a sanitation worker in a secluded, sophisticated company and she was able to live comfortably in a rented apartment. Everything seemed to be falling into place. She was healing and she was beginning to learn how to live beyond her fragmented past. Seems like a harmless start, isn’t it?

My Gorgeous Wife is An Ex-Convict - Grace and Jason

That is until Jason Reed came along and the idea of solemn, uncomplicated new life faded into a distant memory. The moment they sealed up their marriage, Jason rekindled Grace’s extinguished yearn for revenge, awakening deep-seated hate and resurrecting already buried wounds. His presence reminded her why she endured three years full of torment, suffering and paranoia. If any of her efforts will be in vain, she might as well just give up on her life.

Unbeknownst to her, Jason is Jennifer’s ex-fiance. It’s not established clearly whether Jason is a foe or an ally. And Grace will remain in the dark until further into their arranged/fake marriage. The purpose of the deal is to get both of them achieve their respective goals without the public eye, prying onto their backs. Grace will take advantage of Jason’s influence for as long as the man’s conditions stay aligns with her principle. The same goes for Jason. As long as Grace stay away from any trouble that might jeopardize their plan and her safety, he’s got no problem acting the role as a loyal and loving husband.

As they engage in this risky plan, the ghost of their past ominously haunted them in the background. Feelings that have never been addressed before began to re-surface. Secrets unveiled. And new antagonists emerged. Amidst of these all, love is beginning to blossom. Will Grace and Jason be able to deflect these threats, all the while maintaining their attraction for one another? Is love really bigger than the force of evil? Or is it just another superstition that we forced ourselves to believe in for the sake of avoiding the harsh reality of life?

Part 2: Hot Chapters of My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict

What you’re about to read are the hot, significant chapters of My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict novel. You’re free to access these parts through downloading My Gorgeous Is An Ex-Convict free PDF online or if that is too much to handle, simply search for it online and you’ll have hundreds of websites offering you a pass to get it.

My Gorgeous Wife is An Ex-Convict - The Wedding

Chapter 1

In My Gorgeous Is An Ex-Convict Chapter 1, Grace is finally free out of prison after being crucified for three long years because of a crime she didn’t even commit. Prepared to put the past behind her, Grace began to work as a minimum wage earner. She accepted a job in a famous company despite the fact that it’s inside the area of her ex-fiance’s business field. Her suspicions were not wrong, though. Weeks of working quietly as a janitress, she stumbled upon old, familiar faces that brought nothing but trouble. At the same time all of these are happening, she met the odd, intimidating Jason Reed.

Chapter 10

In My Gorgeous Is An Ex-Convict Chapter 10, Grace receives an unannounced visit by her family. News of her released have spread out like a virus and among those who are not in favor are her relatives. Particularly her sister, Evelyn, who’s so petty and immature that she set up Grace to date an old crook. Don’t get the gesture wrong but she orchestrated that solely to get under Grace’s skin. It suceeded but it quickly backfired because an unexpected knight came in to save Grace’s name. Of course, it was none other than Jason Reed.
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Part 3: Thoughts on And a Similar Book

While I’m not a devoted fan of contemporary romance novel, I’d be lying if I say I didn’t properly enjoy the contents of My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict novel.

I was immediately drawn in at the plot. Grace’s criminal record was the hook-up element that I find extremely interesting. For years that we’ve been constantly fed with pure and frail female MCs, it’s quite thrilling to see one that is exactly the opposite.

The themes that had been explored in My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict novel made it more than just a romance book. Every element that had been used was thought-provoking and revolutionary. It’s a good choice to read if you’re up for such a challenge!

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