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Love At Second Chance Story Winning His Ex-Wife Back Review

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is a romantic drama that follows the journey of Aliya, an aspiring actress who has to give up on her dreams as she marries Knox, in an arranged marriage to help her family financially.

Knox cheats on Aliya and calls her collateral. So Aliya decides to divorce him despite the odds. Soon she finds out she’s the heir to the entertainment business and she’s ready to make her husband pay dearly.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is filled with romance, a second chance at love, and drama with crazy exes.

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Part 1: Winning His Ex-Wife Back Storyline

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Aliya Marries Knox

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is a contemporary romance that is set around forced marriage between Aliya and Knoxville.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back begins with Aliya who is just nineteen years old. Her life was filled with dreams and hope to succeed as she aspired to be a famous actress. But her parents force her to marry Knoxville.

To help her family save their business Aliya agrees to marry Knoxville despite knowing he doesn’t love her and has multiple affairs.

Despite all this Aliya hopes to work on their marriage as she tries to be a devoted wife to Knoxville. She envies being a mother and wants to save their marriage.

But she hears her husband having sex with another woman while on call. She’s heartbroken as she hears her husband call her collateral and he only wants her for his pleasure when no one is available.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Knox Cheats

Knoxville’s words hurt her deeply. But what breaks their marriage is when Aliya finds out she’s pregnant and tries to ask Knox how he feels about having a child.

Knox is reluctant to become a father and warns Aliya that he will abort the child if she conceives. Knowing Knox will never treat her as a wife Aliya decides to leave him.

Aliya’s mother tries to convince her to not go ahead with her choice of divorce. But Aliya is adamant. Knox belittles his wife and thinks she is crawling back to him when things get tough as he promises to ruin her family.

However, Aliya’s life takes a turn for good as she meets the CEO of the orange entertainment business, Arnold Stewart who turns out to be her biological father.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Romance

Arnold offers Aliya to take over the CEO position as he wishes to return. Meanwhile, Knox starts to miss his wife and starts to realize his feelings for her.

Aliya on the other hand sets her mind to succeed and not let her husband try to ruin her career again.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is all about Aliya’s comeback as a fierce young woman who is ready to show the world that she’s much more than a billionaire wife. As the rich heiress, she’s going to get her sweet revenge.

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Part 2: Let’s Meet The Main Characters From Winning His Ex-Wife Back

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Heroine Aliya

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Kick-ass Heroine Aliya

Aliya is nineteen years old. She was an aspiring young actress whose only goal was to become an actress and succeed. But her family forces her to marry Knoxville Daniel.

She gets treated like trash by her husband who is nothing but a stranger to her. She puts up with all of the embarrassment to try to make their Marriage work with the hopes of having a child.

When Aliya learns Knox doesn’t want to be a father she decides to leave and divorce him. What I loved about Aliya is how resilient she was. At such a young age Aliya’s character impressed me.

She was vulnerable, smart, kind, and beautiful. Her comeback after divorce proves that she’s a true kick-ass heroine who can seek her revenge.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Hero Knox

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Billionaire Hero Knoxville Daniel

Knoxville who is referred to as Knox in the story is a billionaire. He’s arrogant and selfish. He marries Aliya as collateral for his help to her family. Ever since their marriage, he has treated her like an object to satisfy his needs.

Knox finds no shame as he cheats on his wife and is furious to hear her decision to leave him. He belittles his wife’s worth and tries to win her back. But his wife turns out to be a rich heiress making him regret his choices.

Knox was more like an antihero to me. But he changed his personality and I did take a liking to him as he corrected his past. However, cheating isn’t something I tolerate.

Hence I couldn’t get myself to root for Knoxville’s character.

Part 3: Winning His Ex-Wife Back Story Setting and Review

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Story Setting

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is a billionaire romance set in the backdrop of the modern day which is very close to reality. The story revolves mainly around the arranged marriage between Aliya, an actress, and billionaire CEO Knoxville Daniel.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back depicts a story of a loveless marriage with emotional abuse as we Knoxville cheating on Aliya and showing no remorse. Their marriage is toxic as Aliya is expected to stay in a marriage despite there’s no self-respect for her.

She’s forced by her mother who begs Aliya not to leave Knox as he supports her family business financially.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is a relatable tale of romance as marriage is complicated. It’s a union that involves love and trust with respect. Aliya and Knox lacked all these traits of marriage.

Overall, Winning His Ex-Wife Back by Shyne is a second chance at a love story that will surely impress contemporary romance lovers. Billionaire romance and arranged marriage tropes are currently trending and this novel will meet the expectations.

Currently, the novel is completed with 148 chapters and is rated 9.1 out of 10 by the readers. The chapters are serialized and well-written. Author Shyne makes sure her characters develop along the storyline making Winning His Ex-Wife Back one of the best-selling novels.

Part 4: Book Similar To Winning His Ex-Wife Back

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Novel Recommendation

If you enjoyed reading about Aliya and Knoxville’s story Winning His Ex-Wife Back and want to read more of such romance novels then you should check out The CEO’s Ex-Wife by Vicki Castle

The CEO’s Ex-Wife revolves around Ayla Roberts who leaves her hometown and becomes a popular business icon as she tries to forget her past in her hometown and wishes not to return.

She meets Mathew, the Billionaire CEO, and marrying him seems perfect until she finds him to be cheating on her. So Ayla decides to leave her cheating husband and return to her hometown.

In her hometown, she meets Jay, a broken soul just like her. She starts to form new connections and mend her broken relationships as she starts to fall for Jay.

Mathew is a rich arrogant billionaire who isn’t ready to let his wife go. He argues that he never cheated and makes it his mission to win Ayla back.

Now Ayla has to choose between her marriage or her newfound love Jay.

The CEO’s Ex-Wife is one of the best billionaire romances and Ayla is a kick-ass heroine who is smart, and successful but life doesn’t come easy for her. Her marriage with Mathew is hot, and steamy yet fate has its say.

Ayla’s relationship with Jay takes a plot twist to another level as Mathew is a man who will never give up on Ayla. This embarking on a love triangle to die for.

Vicki Castle makes sure to treat her readers with yet another steamy adult romance with The CEO’s Ex-Wife which is interesting, hot, and happening. Currently, the novel has over 64 thousand reads.

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