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Read Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets Free Online by Joliixis

When Tres Eunice Lazi of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel takes the job of a caregiver in an affluent family, all she planted in her mind was to earn sufficient money so she could save her family from a life-threatening crisis and eventually pull their lives out of misery. Born in countryside and raised with strict traditional values, Tres believes family should always comes first.

Will that remain intact if love begins to cloud her mind?

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Part 1: Synopsis of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets

Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets - Damon and Tres

Being the first born and only capable of surviving a tough environment, Tres Eunice Lazi, the main heroine of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel, has no other available option than taking the risk of living in the wide, dangerous city of Manila. She’s the daughter of a farmer living on the farthest side of the country. Province life was peaceful and good. But even there, poverty exists greatly and sharks disguised as humans are also everywhere. Tres’ family had been a victim of such, resulting to a land lost and predicament that sent Tres to gamble in a place she’s never been on.

Thankfully, Tres’ family knew a woman in the city where she can feels safe and earn money without involving herself in shady business. There, she assumes the position of a caregiver. The scope of her tasks was to take care of the matriarch of the family and only that. This is how Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel will introduce its characters and the life that awaits for Tres, the main heroine of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets free read online.

But her employer sees her potential. Tres is a daring, morally inclined young woman. She’s not afraid of what she is. Not scared to voice out her opinions. Nothing holds her back when speaking the truth and she practices what she preach. That serves as her armor against the next job that her employer proposes.

Her job description?

To take care of Damon, a family friend of her former employer, and his three little devils. Babysitting is easy if the children doesn’t know how to mess up with heads of adults. But Tres, being as strong and fearless as she is, manages to keep them in check. Turns out, all she needs is long patience and honesty. That way, she slips inside the heart of the kids, reminding them the warmth and love of a mother.

Once Tres breaks facade of the triplets and Genesis’ barricade against the people that cares for him, Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel will get more interesting.

Along the way of treating the triplets’ trauma and mending to their craving heart, Tres becomes entangled with their father’s cold-hearted aura and unpredictable mind. Hate becomes the standard emotion they throw off to each other. And Tres is too prideful, too righteous to stoop down on his level.

Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets - Tres and Damon

The more they try to ignore and deny one another, the affection and love that had been established early was too much to hold. Tension grows bigger and intolerable. Even if after the triplets’ biological mother re-assume her position as the mother and wife, Tres remains as whipped and torn as she is from the beginning. Will Tres listen to the whispers of her heart or whims of her heart if the consequences involves the welfare of her family and dreams? Which will come first? Her own happiness or the sake of the people she loves?

These questions will have you flipping the pages for more in the thrilling and fun-to-ride narrative of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets Tres and Damon story.

Set in the crowded and smoky place of Manila, Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel will take its readers on a different kind of adventures, one that no one has set foot before, and one that will leave a satisfying mark.

The target audience of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel are mostly young readers and hopeless romantic adult women. Although the language used in the story includes curses and several terminologies that may come off as inappropriate, it can be bearable and no one will need censorship glasses.

Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets free read novel is told in first person perspective, mainly focused on Tres’ thoughts inner struggles and how she view the world. Which makes it easy for any readers that will jump on it to understand the story very deeply to its core, without stripping the element of suspense and surprise.

That being said, let’s move on to Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets free chapters online.

Part 2: Sample Chapters of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets

Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets - Damon

To give you a head start, here are the chapters of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel that you can find online. It highlights everything that you need before reading it. Because knowledge is better than nothing, we exclusively picked the ones that will leave you intrigued and itching to know more. You can find all of Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets free chapters online through any search engines.

If you don’t want to be spoiled and keep the excitement intact, feel free to skip this and go next to our recommended novel from Dreame.

Chapter 1

In Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel Chapter 1, Tres is off to a good yet gloomy start somewhere. In response to the debt their family had fallen into after selling their land, Tres must leave her home and work on the city. As she pay goodbye to her family and friends, she can’t help but to feel scared and overwhelmed to the uncertain future that awaits for her there. But then again, who’s going to do that except her? Swallowing that in and taking faith on chances, Tres moves out with a heavy yet optimistic heart.

She reached her new home and her job was introduced. Her employer is an old friend of her mother, a kind-hearted woman who treats her like a family. She also get to meet the old woman she’s going to take care of and her employer’s eldest son, Genesis. Tres was immediately put off of his rudeness and extreme handsomeness. What a waste.

Chapter 3

In Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel Chapter 3, Tres is planning to cook the old woman’s favorite dessert when her employer suddenly asks her if she’d be willing to accompany them to overseas. They wished to take the old woman’s treatment to America since the health care and knowledge of doctors there are more advanced and innovated. Knowing she has a lot to lose, and she’s not yet ready to migrate, Tres refused to come along with them, albeit how promising the benefits and how alluring the advantages of it.

But a sudden tragic event happened that suspended all of their plans and ultimately changed the course of Tres’ lives. The old woman died in her sleep, leaving them in shock and ardent loss. Just as they cope up with it, Tres is left to withstand the glaring reality of her situation. Now that the woman has died, how is she going to make a living?

Thankfully, her employer wasn’t fully absorbed in grief and she was able to think of Tres’ welfare despite everything else. To make up for the loss and to provide Tres a new opportunity to prove herself, they recommended her services to a family friend who’s in need for a babysitter. Tres agreed and her life has just found its new direction.

Part 3: An Alternative Book from Dreame

Liking the book so far?

If you’re a fan of billionaires, cute devilish kids, and a plot that revolves around families, love, sacrifices and survival, the Babysitting the Billionaire Triplets novel might do the job of entertaining you.

But if you wish a book that contains all of the mentioned themes, only, it’s delivered well and written descriptively, The Billionaire Escort will and surely provide you that kind of experience.

The Billionaire Escort by JN is a contemporary romance novel, published on Dreame, and can be accessed without spending too much.

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