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Overcoming Ghosts From The Past: My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict

At first glance, Grace from My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict is a strong character. She comes to terms with the fact that everyone betrayed her trust and abandoned her when she most needed her friends and family.

But there is more than meets the eye. As you dive into this wonderful novel, you’ll get acquainted with Grace who is seeking for love, affection and, most of all, trust.

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Part 1: My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict Storyline

My gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict has an abrupt beginning, immersing the reader right into the story.

After spending three years in jail for a crime she never committed, Grace is finally released. She is haunted by the memories from all the beatings and humiliation she suffered while being detained, knowing that all the abusive treatment was demanded by her two former protectors.

What’s worse is that harsh treatment caused her miscarriage. She didn’t even get the chance to tell her fiancee the happy news before the tragic events happened.

She barely got a breath of fresh air when she noticed Sean Stevens, her ex-boyfriend waiting at the gate along with Jacob, her childhood best friend. Both of them abhorred the woman when the accident happened. They were the only people in the world she expected to back her up and believe her innocence, but they sided with her oppressors.

Grace stopped in her track and turned around, asking the guardians to let her get out through the back door.

Before the accident when Jennifer died, Grace was a respected attorney and fiancee of the wealthiest, most gorgeous young man in town, Sean. She had all she could ask her. After that fatidic day, she lost everything. She wasn’t allowed to practice anymore, her family disowned her and her lover despised her deeply.

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict Grace

Furthermore Sean was engaged to be married to Lily, the woman responsible for Grace’s grandfather demise. If she hadn’t instigated her dog to attack her grandfather, causing his health to rapidly deteriorate and end up in the hospital, Grace wouldn’t have gone to the woman that day and demand an explanation.

As Grace was fighting with Lily, that woman’s sister, Jennifer, intervened and started chasing the girl with her car. Soon enough, a terrible accident happened and Jennifer lost her life, while Grace was sent to jail.

Unfortunately, an ex-convict doesn’t have many job opportunities, thus the girl had to settle for janitor activity. Despite the tough conditions, living in a small apartment and gaining a small salary, Grace was happy to start fresh.

After being scolded by her family for not wanting to ask Sean for money to help her sister Evelyn in her acting career, Grace learned just how lonely she is once again. One night, as she was sweeping the street, Christopher, Sean’s friend, tries to have his way with her but the girl is saved by a gorgeous, homeless man, named Jay.

After saving her from imminent abuse, Grace takes Jay home, warms him up, cooks for him and invites him to live with her permanently. He could be the brother she never had! The man agrees, keeping an eye on her and permanently coming to her rescue whenever there is danger lurking around.

Unbeknownst to Grace, Jay was actually Jason Reed, the man who was engaged to be married to Jennifer before the car crash. He knows who the girl is, but what are his plans with her? Is he also keen on getting revenge for murdering his fiancee or does he believe in her innocence?

My Gorgeous Ex-Wife Is An Ex-Convict will keep you entertained, as you’ll find yourself wondering whether Jason is true to his feelings or he is just a cold-blooded man seeking for a brutal revenge.

Part 2: Let’s Take A Little Sneak Peek Into My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict Novel

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict Lily

While there are plenty of chapters in My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict which are worthy of being detailed here, I will steal your attention with these segments, which I found alluring.

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict Chapter 5

As the chapter from My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict unfolds, Grace tries to dismiss Director Curtis, refusing his compliments and his drinks. The man got infuriated by being rejected by an ex-convict and slapped the girl hard, then grabbed her jaw, forcefully opening her mouth and pouring the bottle of alcohol.

The girl couldn’t fight the man off, he was much stronger than her. Plus, Evelyn grabbed Grace’s hands and held them back so she couldn’t struggle at all. Her focus was to get more screen time and for that she had to sell her sister. The girl tried not to choke and soon enough she lost her sobriety.

Just as Director Curtis was about to have his way with Grace, his phone rang and the man stiffened. He was told to let the girl go, or else there would be serious consequences for him and his film company.

Grace stumbled through the door, trying to get away from her abuser, but Evelyn was right behind her, stopping her. Just then, Curtis came and yanked Evelyn’s hand away, allowing Grace to get away.

As the girl was about to faint, strong arms scooped her up. Jay found her and took her home, where he took good care of her bruises. The slap left a serious mark on Grace’s beautiful face.

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict Chapter 21

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict Jay

Grace tried to get away from Lily and Annabelle, who were keen on tormenting the girl, but to no avail. Lily was very upset for the fact that the ads with Sean proposing to her, which were displayed all around town were taken down at the request of Jason Reed, no less.

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict Grace always believed that Jason was one of the people who ordered her constant abuse in prison, it seemed incredulous for him to do something for her benefit.

As the girl tried to get back to sweeping, Lily instantly devised a plan to humiliate her. She pretended to have lost a ring, making Grace look through the garbage in order to find her precious piece of jewelry. As she was literally buried in a dumpster, Annabelle took pictures. The women were planning on keeping Grace in these dumpsters until late at night. They knew she wouldn’t find anything.

As soon as the news of Grace being humiliated once again hit Jason, he sent over the police to investigate the matter. The men made Annabelle and Lily stand in the middle of the pile of garbage in order to identify the ring, if found. Greeting through her teeth, Lily had to obey the police’s request.

I must say, My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict definitely raised the bar for romance novels.

Part 3: Final Thoughts On My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict

Letting go of the past and embracing the future without remorse or guilt is never easy. It’s amazing how Grace managed to keep her purity and remain so kind after being bullied by her loved ones.

My Gorgeous Wife Is An Ex-Convict novel lead character Grace Cummins represents the epitome of the badass female lead character. She doesn’t easily give up. Even though her enemies keep piling up and throwing her to the ground, she still stands and smiles, while being grateful for her life.

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