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Maybe a Love Story: Melinda, President Fox’s Love

The tale really sheds light on how the world doesn’t always revolve around sex or money. In Melinda, President Fox’s Love, we try to guess the thoughts of the main characters but come up short. We can only wait and see just where the story will take us. But one thing is for certain, it’s going to be entertaining.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of Melinda, President Fox’s Love

Melinda, President Fox's Love: Stanley

Melinda, President Fox’s Love follows Melinda, a young woman who gets forcefully taken by a strange man. He tells her words that are meant to assure her, but such a thing is impossible in that situation. He takes her all night and the next morning sees the damage he’s done to a girl that most certainly was a virgin before their encounter.

Before he leaves, the man makes sure to put his ring in her palm, so she could recognize him and understand that he’ll give her anything she wants. However, when she wakes up, Melinda recognizes the ring as belonging to Stanley Fox, a wealthy and powerful man, but she doesn’t want anything to do with the man.

The two people, in this way, lost connection for years. But when they finally stood before each other, the uncertainty of their future could not be ignored.

In six years, a lot changed, and two lives were brought into the world through Melinda. With this unmistakable link that will forever be between them, it will be harder to keep each other separate from their lives.

The plot of Melinda, President Fox’s Love has a cool rhythm and undertone that is enjoyable. If the author could do such a good job of enticing the reader’s emotions, we wonder just how far things could go.

The story of Melinda and Stanley is going to start rough before it gets amazing, but that’s just the right amount of excitement that it should contain.

Part 2: Main Character of Melinda, President Fox’s Love


Melinda, President Fox's Love: Melinda

As a woman, suddenly faced with a dilemma as Melinda is, there is a number of reactions and responses that would generally work in that situation. Truly, who wouldn’t want a man to take responsibility for his actions? But now, here we are.

Melinda is a young woman with a life that wasn’t entirely her choice. However, she would never regret it, because her life was blessed with two wonderful children.

In Melinda, President Fox’s Love, she is a resourceful and intelligent woman who realizes how different everything would have been if she’d called Stanley Fox after their night together.

Taking responsibility is easy to say and also has its benefits, but there is also the ‘after’. Melinda, like so many smart women, understood that Mr. Fox came with a lot of drama. She escaped the drama and found herself with her two children, in a perfect living environment.

But the children do need their father. How long could she have avoided it? They were bound to be curious at some point. However, it happened a bit too sudden.

So, there Melinda stood in front of Stanley Fox, and the next hour she watched her kids get taken away by the man.

Melinda, President Fox’s Love makes you feel very on edge with everything that seems to happen at the same time.

Overall, the author does something like perfection with this complicate love story.

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Part 3: Complete Review of Melinda, President Fox’s Love

Melinda, President Fox's Love: Melinda and Stanley

Melinda, President Fox’s Love doesn’t open with an easy-to-digest scene. Rather, we’re on our toes with anxiety. The author explores a triggering theme in the first scene and that quickly sets a tone for the story. It’s not a story of materialism or superficiality. The author thoroughly projects a world that is uncomfortable because of the powers of the rich and the helplessness of those caught in their web.

At the first pages, it’s easy to wonder why the main character makes the decision not to call the person who took a vital part of her away. It’s also very easy to wonder why the person who robbed another didn’t seem to have much of a reaction.

But then again, this is the way society works. If you’ve got power and wealth, everything can be solved. Nobody takes into consideration the amount of damage they can do to another’s mind with actions that they think are minor. However, despite the potential for a very chaotic future, the main character still turns out alright.

She takes herself far away from the toxic environment that would only bring endless trouble, but then the trouble follows her. Now, there must be a compromise.

The author forks over a hot plate of drama. This here is a good binge-worthy read. The tale isn’t dull or steady, rather it’s exciting and bumpy.

The first scene grips the reader so easily that they can’t help but see where it leads. Yes, some of it is cliché, but it all smooths out perfectly.

Part 4: Interesting Chapter from Melinda, President Fox’s Love

Melinda, President Fox's Love: Can't Run

Chapter Six

Stanley took the children to Emerald Harbor. He couldn’t contain the softness that leaked out of his expression when he looked at the children.

They came out of the car and the children saw two mobile cars waiting for them. Stanley let them play, then turned to the butler who assured that everything was in order for the children. He put the hairs in his hands into the specimen bags provided by the maid and soon drove off once more.

Stanley arrived at the residence of his personal doctor, Taylor Cohen. He gave the samples to be tested and waited for the results. When they came, he saw the 99.99% compatibility very clearly.

Meanwhile, Melinda was back at her home waiting for her children to be brought back. She tried to contact them with their mobile watches, but Stanley had taken and turned them off. Melinda feared that he could be threatening her children. Maybe he didn’t want to let them come back, maybe the children wouldn’t want to come back.

Jaxon tried to persuade Melinda, but it was pointless. She made up her mind to go to her kids. She already knew Emerald Harbor was her best shot.

If he didn’t want to let them go, she decided to take them back secretly.

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