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Working Relationships: A Life Debt Repaid

When something happens that seems like a coincidence, it’s only prudent and commonsensical to question it from start to finish. In A Life Debt Repaid, I like the idea of fate and destiny, but some things are so messed up, it would be stupid to call it fate.

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Part 1: The Story of A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid: John

A Life Debt Repaid follows Cordy who has not had it easy in seven years. From unexpected pregnancy to a broken marriage, this girl has had it tough. It’s not like she didn’t have any family or blood relatives, but the one she was blessed with is a complete disappointment. A father has never made me want to stab him this much.

Anyway, in A Life Debt Repaid, this is what Cordy had to deal with. Without anyone reliable by her side, she became the only person she could depend on. Everyone leaves, but she will always have herself. Her life will not be over just because the world chose to abandon her at a critical moment.

Just like that, seven years was spent away trying to get up off the ground. She lost the unreliable husband to her sister but gained someone far better. It’s times like these that you really want to believe that karma exists.

John shows up in her life with his beautiful son, and he clearly doesn’t want to go anywhere.

A Life Debt Repaid is uplifting and full of dark moments which will make you understand the necessity of hope.

Cordy will have to adjust to the presence of a man like John, but how hard can it be to accept a man that’s basically promising a lifetime of devotion? Who am I kidding? The woman has been burned enough. Goodluck John.

Part 2: Main Characters of A Life Debt Repaid


A Life Debt Repaid: Cordy

She is a strong and capable young woman who has nothing but patience to deal with fools. Cordy really is an exemplary woman with wonderful prospects. The only thing that holds her back, time and time again, is her trashy family. As if her life wasn’t already hard enough, the man she got married to, decides her sister is more emotional.

I don’t understand, is he looking for a chihuahua or a wife? A pet or a life partner? Well, since he decided that the dumb succubus was a better choice, he gets to appreciate all the problems that come with her.

That bastard Kyle really looked at the protagonist and thought her sister was better?

Cordy is someone who takes disappointment in stride. Honestly, I’d fault her for being unfeeling too, if I didn’t know her personality that is. Knowing Cordy, it took a while to finally let another person in. She’d seen her life crumble to dust without anyone to provide any real support. Yet, she found it in her to allow that idiot Kyle in.

The disappointment is only for a while. Her future has a hunk in it. Not to mention he’s the most eligible bachelor in the country.

But something is peculiar about the man and his son. In A Life Debt Repaid there’s much to find out and a whole lot of drama in store.

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Part 3: An Analysis of A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid: A Happy Couple

What exactly are we looking at here? Well, in front of us we have a woman whose life was ruined by her stepsister’s machinations. Not only that, she finally found her footing, but the same stepsister does not hold back from ripping away stable ground. We can’t call the protagonist incompetent or useless. No, what we can call her is self-sufficient and independent. It’s not always a good thing, that’s for sure. Since it made the husband she married, abandon her for her stepsister.

It’s nobody ‘s fault. To be honest, if I were in the protagonist’s shoes, maybe there would be a lot less girl boss and a lot more self-pity than should be allowed. The protagonist is such a mood and an iconic character. It’s not just her experiences, but how she manages her emotions. You let her down, she’s disappointed but won’t shed a tear for your stupidity.

Not all that need you are good for you. Lechers do exist. They only seek gains and when you are no longer useful to them, it’s a one-way ticket out of their life.

Now, about her father. The man is despicable and unreliable, choosing a secondary family over his eldest child. At least have some shame. Even the level of hypocrisy when he scolds his child is embarrassing.

Part 4: Hot Chapter from A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 15

A Life Debt Repaid: Cordy and John

Hank Rogers didn’t hold back his disapproval of Cordy as he tried to belittle her into the role of a macro manager because it would be ‘easier for everyone.’

Noel laughed to herself as Hank mocked Cordy openly. She knew Cordy wouldn’t have it easy after she reclaimed Starstream Group. Besides Stephen Lang, the rest of the directors were hers and her father’s lapdogs.

Hank continued to sideline Cordy until she stood up. They thought she would storm out, but instead Cordy produced a USB flash drive which she plugged into the conference room laptop. The slides she showed them were all Starstream fashion lines over the past two years.

Cordy criticized the work that Noel had done, and merely scoffed when the latter tried to defend herself.

Cordy was ruthless, only because she could not bear with what Noel was doing. The wench had stuck to a single draft and milked it for two years. Her work lacked inspiration. Once Cordy exposed her in front of everyone, Noel had no retort.

Cordy tore into them so brutally. She basically called them all incompetent fools and demanded that they submit the summaries she’d asked for by nine the next morning.

With those parting words, Cordy walked out. Stephen followed her while the others were left stunned.

The author creates a deep and familiar world. It’s a world of pain and betrayal, distrust and disappointment. But in that world is also happiness and love. Warmth can come unexpectedly to cloak you completely.

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