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Another One for the Binge: The Ex and Her Riches

A woman who doesn’t let a man walk all over her, is a woman with self-respect. Basically, here is a perfectly fine young woman with good character and a lot of love to give. However, her whole self is shaded in uncertainty and mystery.

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Part 1: The Story of The Ex and Her Riches

The Ex and Her Riches: Maverick

The Ex and Her Riches follows Gwendolyn who is married to a stupid bastard with few redeeming qualities. What? Was I too harsh? Don’t care.

Anyway, this bastard can’t get over his first love. It’s not even like he’s trying to hide it. He doesn’t give a rat’s arse about whether or not anyone knows. But the problem really is that he’s married to a sweet and kind young woman who has to put up with snide remarks and belittling comments that are thrown her way.

If the husband doesn’t cherish the wife and treats her like dirt, the whole world takes a cue from him, and they treat the poor woman like crap.

Maverick is such a douche that he never fails to remind his own wife of the first love that waited just around the corner.

Well, Gwendolyn finally had enough of that crap. It only took the bastard calling the other woman’s name after sex to open Gwendolyn’s eyes to her complete and utter naivety.

The next morning, the bastard woke up to a divorce.

If only it was that simple to cut herself off from that toxic man. But sadly, it will only prove harder because promises were made. Not to the idiot of course, but to his grandfather who hoped that Gwendolyn would take care of the company.

Finally, Gwendolyn doesn’t have to hide her true self anymore. Sure, she lost the best. But what exactly did she lose? Three years of her life, that’s what.

Part 2: Main Character of The Ex and Her Riches


The Ex and Her Riches: Gwendolyn

She’s an enlightened young woman, from a prominent background but having a necessity to hide her upbringing. Gwendolyn’s family is in the top 1%, yet she stooped low in order to secure a love that would only dig out her fragile heart.

Gwendolyn made a bet with her father for the period of three years to capture her love. Unfortunately, it was a love that wasn’t made for her. She suffered insults from her husband’s family, his friends and even acquaintances, only to come to the realization that there was nothing that could move her foolish husband’s heart.

There’s nothing wrong with her actions, but Gwendolyn really didn’t need to suffer to such a degree because of that man.

The protagonist goes on to dish out just a small measure of the nonsense they caused her. It does not matter the number of obstacles in her way, the universe always answers just in time. However, the pesky rats that can’t seem to take a hint, are hidden everywhere.

The comedic factor of The Ex and Her Riches is in the rendition of a society overtaken by greed, envy, lust, and wealth.

The characters are flawlessly written into a colorful story that holds nothing back in its juxtaposition with reality.

The author is predictable but gives us all the feelings. Looking for more drama? See the next book.

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Part 3: A Few Thoughts on The Ex and Her Riches

The Ex and Her Riches: Simple Love

She opened her heart to one man and one man only, but what she got in return was a life of hardship and humiliation with no room for growth. What exactly was she waiting for though? Did she think that the bastard who took her for granted would suddenly wake up one day and confess his undying love to her and beg for forgiveness? Yeah, that was not going to happen. The only thing she can do to make him wish he’d cherished the best thing in his life, was to leave.

Our female lead is quite the character. Like this, she experienced life under the shoe of the elite socialites. They disregarded her because she had no status or prominent backing. Her life was hard and painful, but it served its purpose.

In The Ex and Her Riches, the journey of the protagonist is fun to watch, but even more thrilling is the concocted drama, the anticipation of revenge and how quickly all those who looked down on her will lose it all.

To be honest, while certain characters appear blameless in their actions, it’s inevitable that the triggers lay in the others.

Part 4: Hot Chapter from The Ex and Her Riches

Chapter 5 – Give You an Epic Gift

The Ex and Her Riches: Gwendolyn and Maverick

Maverick strode into the living room, going over to Natasha and helping her up from the ground. Then, he turned a disappointed gaze on Gwendolyn.

He rebuked Gwendolyn for pushing Natasha to the ground, and Natasha pretended to come to Gwendolyn’s defense. She took responsibility for making the other woman angry enough to push her. Meanwhile, Gwendolyn never touched her once.

Maverick demanded that Gwendolyn apologize to Natasha, and this really ticked the woman off.

A spark of anger flickered in Gwendolyn’s eyes as she mulled over Mavericks demands.

After passing her gaze between the couple in front of her, Gwendolyn beamed. Then she gently tugged at Natasha who was in Mavericks arms.

Natasha expected Gwendolyn to be mighty pissed, and in her puzzlement that it didn’t happen that way, she let her guard down. Natasha let herself be pulled by Gwendolyn, and in the next second, a hard slap knocked her to the ground.

Gwendolyn had put all her strength into the slap, so much so that her palm was numb from it. She wore a smile though. Since the other woman claimed she picked on her, why would she not help make it real.

Maverick didn’t expect Gwendolyn’s actions, and finally reacted. He fumed and spoke with intimidation. However, Gwendolyn shut him down with a nice gift she prepared.

A stack of papers hit Maverick in the face and when he looked at them. From there, he found the true culprit of his drugging incident, Natasha.

We love hidden identities and how they explode in the face of the enemy like in The Ex and Her Riches. See the next recommendation.

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