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Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister By Lady Gwen

Of all the people who disregarded her, Lily never expected that the one who would betray her so badly would be her own sister. Framed for her death, she never expected to face the pack’s scrutiny for so many years.

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister by Lady Gwen is a novel masterpiece about love, redemption and forgiveness. As the truth emerges, the young Alpha James must atone for their mistake of blaming Lily for something she never did.

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Part 1: All About Lady Gwen, Author Of Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister

If you already had the chance to read Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister, you know that Lady Gwen is a promising, talented author. Her popular novel, which gathers more than two hundred chapters has thrilled its readers due to its well-rounded characters and epic storyline.

It seems like Lady Gwen fancies plot twists and leaving us, the readers, hanging as she often sets little traps for us. What I mean is that, throughout the novel, I seldom found myself wondering whether Lily would end up with Alpha Brady or Alpha James.

At some point, I even believed that maybe the novel was polyamorous, yet Lady Gwen’s side note made it clear that she liked to play with Lily’s character a little by offering her another love interest.

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Werewolf Romance

Yet, she never revealed with whom the girl would end up with, making us drool for more chapters.

Another personal touch I liked about Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister is Lady Gwen’s invitation to her readers to voice their opinion regarding the main antagonists of the story. She wanted to know whether anyone had any unanswered questions regarding their reasons for their awful deeds.

After all, keeping contact with your readers is important and actively involving them in writing the story is an amazing idea.

Lay Gwen wrote most family interactions with her personal background in mind, adding that personal touch we all love in books. She created the epitome of a werewolf romance story by putting together two different, yet just as strong characters who were always meant to be together.

Part 2: Lily’s Tormented Life In Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister By Lady Gwen

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister werewolf novel follows Lily and James, fated mates who are separated by a terrible mistake.

James used to date Stephanie, Lily’s sister, and he honestly believed that the girl is his mate, thus he had her start her Luna training before her twentieth birthday.

Overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for an entire pack and wishing to live a careless life a little more, Stephanie frames Lily for her death and runs away to consume her relationship with Antonio.

Stephanie chose Lily’s birthday to do the awful thing, not caring about ruining her celebration. The amphitheater that was set up for the girl’s birthday became the venue for Stephanie’s mourning. The place was already decorated and all happy ornaments were replaced by pictures of the girl who was supposed to be the pack’s Luna.

Seeing the beautifully decorated place and the numerous people coming from other packs to mourn Stephenie prompted James to believe that Stephanie was very loved. He never considered the idea that the people who came were actually guests for Lily’s birthday party or that the venue had actually been prepared for a celebration, not a mourning.

As everybody was focusing on Stephanie, Lily had to go through her first shift all alone. Things just kept spiraling down after that night. Her mother started beating her, her father kept ignoring her, the future Alpha was waiting for the perfect opportunity to take his revenge and everybody in the pack was blaming her for Stephenie losing her life.

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Lily

No one ever questioned her about that night, no one listened to her side of the story, they simply blamed her for being a troublemaker.

Lily never gave up her dream though and pursued a career in medicine. She hoped that she would meet her mate one day and take her to another pack, where they would live happily ever after.

When she learns that James is her mate, for one second, she hoped that he would accept her, yet upon seeing him still hung up on Stephanie, she rejected him. The Moon Goddess had different plans for her though and prompted her to still harbor feelings for James.

To make things a bit more complicated, she meets Alpha Brady, a hot young wolf who also rejected his mate and now he likes Lily. She seems to reciprocate his feelings, yet she still feels drawn towards James, making her reluctant to start a new relationship.

When Stephanie came back, I half expected her mother to repent for her mistake, but the woman seemed to honestly hate Lily. The girl was the Beta family’s unloved daughter while Stephanie, no matter the chaos she had caused when leaving, remained their cherished offspring.

Lily never expected her sister to be so cruel. Yes, she kept her childhood tormented by Stephanie, but she always loved her and, even though she felt that her older sister was no Luna material, she still supported her.

She mourned her sister, yet she could never grasp the pack’s obsession with her by renaming the streets and premises after her, celebrating the day of her death and even calling her Luna Stephanie.

Even James seemed to hang to his past, always partaking in those festivities and holding an endearing speech of how great his mate used to be and how cruel was life for snatching her away from them.

Part 3: Apart From Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister, You Also Need To Read This Book

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister James

Another marvelous novel that you can read online, apart from Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister, is You Rejected Me, Remember?

This phenomenal story depicts Miles and Cassandra’s tumultuous love. After losing his mate, Miles doesn’t want to have another mate, yet the Moon Goddess pairs him up with Cassandra.

Upon seeing her, Miles, who is also the Alpha of the pack, orders her to run away from the premises and never show her face again. He soon regrets his words but it’s too late now, Cassandra is far away, trying to rebuild her life.

Years later, Miles and Cassandra meet again, with the Alpha trying to win her heart and make her his Luna. Cassandra is reluctant though, as she never forgot the way he rejected her. Even more, she has gathered all the wolves who have been cast out from their homes and formed her own pack, becoming an Alpha herself.

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