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When Charlie started dreaming about her ideal lover, she had no idea he could ever be real, or her boss and fated mate in the goddess and the wolf. After finally getting her dream job, Charlie meets the CEO for the first time only to find out he’s the man who has fulfilled her every sexual desire in her dreams.

This delicious, muscular , perfect man has been haunting her dreams for months, showing her everything she had always wanted but never thought she could have until she met him. It turns out that him being her boss is just the tip of the iceberg in what becomes an insane adventure of her discovering the supernatural is real, her true parentage, and a world she had no idea existed.

All the while a sinister force is looming over her and her Alpha lover , threatening to destroy the world as she knows it. He love s the noises she make when she go down on him, it turns him on and she taste like honey.

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Part 1: Main Story of The Goddess and The Wolf

The Goddess and The Wolf Strong lady

She never could have imagined she would end up where she was, the reality that everything in her life had been leading to the fight, which was beyond her comprehension in the goddess and the wolf. If she hadn’t been watching the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, fighting to protect her, she might have tried to pinpoint the moment that set her on that path. Instead, all she could do was helplessly watch every blow to his body, and silently pray it would be his last.

Her family orchestrated the events of her life to get her where she was, she had no clue, but it didn’t matter, only surviving did. She desperately tried to pull the power she knew was inside her out, but without knowing how it worked, she could only stand by, and watch the people she cared about fight the seemingly endless number of creatures that overran the small town.

She watched in despair as more and more of the witches fell as they fought the monsters that had attacked them. Her cry gave away her position, and she was staring at a dozen of the monstrosities, they crawled over the walls, to find a way past the defenses to get to her.

The Goddess and The Wolf Cozy Time

It was one of the greatest dates of her life, but it was more about the guy than the activity. It was a beautiful day. The wildflowers were providing an amazing scent, almost as well as him, and she was lying with her head resting on his chest completely content in the goddess and the wolf.

He pulled the lace cup of her bra down, and wrapped his mouth around her hard pink nipple, he sucked it until her panties were soaking. He enjoyed the pleasure and noises he could invoke and would make her pay for teasing him. But when his hand slipped under her dress, she lost the ability to care. He pulled her panties aside and used the tips of his fore and middle fingers to tease her wet folds, as his thumb drew little circles on her clit.

His left hand ran up the length of her leg, from ankle to thigh, and his right hand cupped her breast, teasing her nipple as his thrusts increased speed. She was practically panting as her orgasm built, he lowered himself onto his elbows and bit down on her nipple, it pushed me over the edge. She felt her pussy tighten around him as her orgasm ripped through her violently, her moans turning into screams as the waves of pleasure rolled over her.

Part 2: Free Chapters of The Goddess and The Wolf

Chapter 2 of The Goddess and The Wolf

The Goddess and The Wolf Lady Sobbing

She woke up and immediately started sobbing in chapter 2 of the goddess and the wolf, for four months the dreams had tormented her and had shown her the perfect man, who gave her the greatest pleasure, in the most amazing places, but it always had to end.

She quickly got out of bed and headed into her bathroom; she turned the shower on and we wiped her eyes, desperately tried to pull herself together as she stepped under the water allowing the heat to ease her knotted shoulders.

Maybe, she should think about seeing a shrink? Or she has just so sexually deprived her brain that it has been forced to create a dominant that is actually satisfying. After her last break up she went on a little sexual reawakening and discovered that she was submissive, a brat to be perfectly honest, but none of the Dom’s she had spoken to were worth pursuing anything with.

She felt like she had discovered everything she had been missing but it was just out of reach, just like her dreams. Why is it so difficult to find someone willing to reign in her bratty behavior and take control?

The Goddess and The Wolf job hunt

She couldn’t go into an interview depressed and preoccupied with her sex life, or lack of it. She had been out of school for almost six months and everywhere she had interviewed either they didn’t understand her designs, or the male boss’ egos were so easily deflated by a woman with more knowledge than them in chapter 2 of goddess and the wolf.

But she was determined to land a job at Appletree Engineering and Architecture, a perfect fit for her Eco-friendly designs. While her fully self-sufficient home was still more theory than reality, she was sure once the technology caught up, Appletree would be the perfect place to make her ideas mass marketable. She just needed to convince them her designs could work.

She arrived at the frankly enormous skyscraper that housed Appletree’s head offices, excited but positive that it was the perfect fit. She entered the lobby and marched to the receptionist’s desk with her back straight. They all had a good laugh at her design ideas, it wasn’t so funny when she was ranked first in their class and won the Stephenson Grant for Inspiring Designs. It left her with a healthy bank balance to live off while she tried to convince a company to employ her.

Chapter 3 of The Goddess and The Wolf

The Goddess and The Wolf Good work

She took him through the rest of her designs in chapter 3 of the goddess and the wolf, why they differed, why mine were better, and why in thirty years she believed all houses would be a variation of her design. After nearly an hour they shook hands, and she left his office feeling confident that she had won Ben Summer over.

She was escorted back to Elaina by Mrs Michaels, thankfully she left quickly, and Elaina wasn’t on the phone, so she saw her through the window to give her number. Before she had a chance, she came out from around the desk and linked her arm through her. She barely dated in pre and post-grad, she only had two real relationships in the whole eight years and about seven first dates that never went anywhere. It’s not that she was prude or anything, she just didn’t see the point in prolonging the inevitable, and so if the first date didn’t go well there wasn’t a second.

The Goddess and The Wolf Coffee time

She decided to treat herself to a coffee on her way home, and a creamy mushroom, brie and pancetta croissant from her favorite bistro, way too fattening for a regular treat, but she was celebrating.

Mr. Daniel Summer was detained and wasn’t be able to meet with her as was previously hoped until next month at the earliest, but if she impressed the heads of departments like she did, then even the CEO won’t be able to deny her a job.

When she got home a little over an hour later, she was ecstatic, if she could pull that meeting off, she would finally have her foot in the door and could make the world a safer, cleaner place. She could help so many people like her mother, who struggled for most of her life to pay our bills. She hoped she could one day pay her back and set her up with a life without those struggles.

Part 3: On Dreame, Find Similar book to The Goddess and The Wolf

The Goddess and The Wolf mate

Clover Basket was the future Delta of the Sulfur pack. She was not a popular pack member and was due to take her oath in a few days’ time. She became an orphan during the Dark War and her unknown heritage was an issue for many pack members. When her wolf goes dormant, she is faced with an agonizing decision when she hears the word ‘mate’.

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