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Read Hot Chapters from Let Me Stay The Night Novel

Christina woke up to a strange man sleeping next to her. She was in pain, not knowing that she had been drugged overnight and used by a man, the same man who she woke up next to. Sulking in pain and thanking her stars that the man was still asleep, Christina hurried out of bed and tried to put on her clothes but realized that they were torn. The man had been so rough with her overnight and tore all of Christina’s clothes. Seeing that, she had to quickly grab the man’s shirt, put it on, and hurried away from the hotel.

According to Let Me Stay The Night Novel, Christina Steele was married. Yes. Her family, the Steele family had taken advantage of Christina because her mother was sick in the hospital and Christina needed assistance in sorting the finances, the Steele family asked Christina to get married to Nathaniel Hadley who was rumored to be a hideous and ugly man and attracted no single woman his way. Due to that fact, the Hadley family had a reward for any family that would give out their daughter to get married to Nathaniel Hadley, and it was a rich reward that the Steele family could not ignore.

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Part 1: Hot Chapters Of Let Me Stay The Night Novel

Chapter 1

Let Me Stay The Night Chapter 1

Christina Steele wakes up to see the strange man beside her. Nathaniel Hadley had literally just ravished Christina overnight, after she had been drugged and entered his room unknowingly. According to Let Me Stay The Night Novel, Christina hurried out of the room when she realized what must have happened between her and that man overnight. She grabbed the man’s shirt, put it on and hurried out of the room.

“Check the footage from the surveillance cameras. I want information on the woman who was in my room last night.”

Nathaniel Hadley eventually woke up and saw the state of his room. It was so scattered, he could tell that he had a wild night, so he called on, and ordered his assistant to investigate the woman that he was with in the night.

Following the order by Nathaniel, his assistant was shocked. It was also rumored that Nathaniel Hadley was allergic to women and had been receiving treatment abroad to cure him of such ailment to no avail. Now he suddenly claimed to have been with a woman overnight. How?

It is important to note that Christina lived in her husband’s house even though she had never met him before since they got married. Now, as Christina returned home after her wild night, her intrusive thoughts prompted her to realize that her husband might suddenly appear, but she was quick to wave it aside as an intrusive thought that it was. Nonetheless, while she was relaxing, the butler came to her with news. Mr. Hadley had returned.

Chapter 4

Let Me Stay The Night Chapter 4

So, there were rumors that Christina was cheating on her husband. Mrs. Hadley would not see to it that the woman the Hadley family married for their son was out there cheating just because her husband was not living with her, so she visited Christina in her son’s house in his absence and harassed her a bit. In this chapter of Let Me Stay The Night Novel, Nathaniel Hadley’s assistant informed him of the fact that his mother was at his house giving his so-called wife a hard time.

Also, before now, Nathaniel Hadley had sent a divorce document across to his wife. He was no longer interested in being married to her, especially after the one-night stand, he had with the woman of the previous night.

“Revoke the agreement.”

Things took an interesting turn in this chapter of the novel. Nathaniel received news that after he divorced his wife, the Steele family did not even budge nor complain as to why he had done so, it took him by surprise. Nathaniel had desperately flipped to the last page of the divorce agreement and noticed that his wife’s name was Christina Steele. At this time, he suddenly caught an understanding of what entanglement he had been in. The woman he had slept with the previous night was his wife, so he wanted the divorce revoked.

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Part 2: All About Let Me Stay The Night

Let Me Stay The Night Novel

Nathaniel Hadley didn’t know the grave mistake he had made when he sent a divorce agreement across to his wife. He had slept with a certain woman the previous night and woke up to her absence. Somehow, Nathaniel was interested in her, so he asked his assistant to investigate who she was. Christina Steele had been drugged on the day of her graduation party according to Let Me Stay The Night Novel and found herself in the room of a man that she had never seen before.

Following her escape from the room as soon as she woke up and saw the man still asleep beside her, Nathaniel asked that his assistant found out about her, and word soon reached Nathaniel that the woman was called, Christina Steele, and that she was a married woman. Nathaniel was upset, but what he did not know was that Christina Steele was his wife. Laughable right? How could a man get married to a woman and not identify her if he saw her on the same bed with him? Well, the Steele family offered Christina Steele as the woman that the Hadley family were looking for. The Hadley family needed a wife for Nathaniel given the compromising position that they were in.

Christina was forced by her father and stepmother to get married to Nathaniel Hadley, whom they all thought was an ugly and hideous man. Well, that was the rumor spread about Nathaniel, so who were the Steele family not to believe it. Even though Christina had a stepsister that should have been the person to get married to Nathaniel, her family used the fact that she needed money to pay for her mother’s hospital bill to take advantage of Christina. That was how Christina became the wife of Nathaniel Hadley. The story gets more interesting after Nathaniel suddenly asked his lawyer to send a divorce document to his wife.

According to Let Me Stay The Night Novel, after Nathaniel Hadley had the one-night stand with Christina, he divorced his wife whom he had never even met before. For whatever reason there was, Nathaniel Hadley was done with the marriage, claiming that he got married to impress his grandmother and give make her dying wish come through but now that she was dead, he could do away with the forced wife that his family gave him. Nathaniel did not know that he was making a big mistake.

Nathaniel’s assistant came to inform him that the woman he had over night was called Christina Steele, and that she was a married woman. At that point, it still did not register to Nathaniel that he had slept with his unknown wife in a supposed one-night stand. It was not until he received word that his mother had gone and harassed his wife at his house, claiming that she was cheating on him that Nathaniel realized that the Steele that his assistant informed him of was the Steele family he married from, and that Christina was his wife.

It was such a deep entanglement according to Let Me Stay The Night Novel. Nathaniel quickly called his lawyer and asked him to revoke the divorce which Christina had already signed. It was a shocker to Nathaniel Hadley that Christina agreed to divorce him without asking for anything nor making any trouble whatsoever. He became interested in her, and hearing that she was the one he had slept with and that his mother had practically sent her away, Nathaniel went to the home of the Steele family to claim his bride, and to everyone’s surprise, the Nathaniel Hadley whom they imagined was an ugly and hideous man, was the most handsome man in the city, as well as the wealthiest as far as having access to the Hadley family’s fortune was concerned.

It should not be new to web novel readers that Christina’s stepmother immediately regretted the fact that she had made a mistake. The woman, according to Let Me Stay The Night Novel, was so sure that Nathaniel Hadley was a hideous man, and so she did not allow her daughter to be the man’s bride when the Steele family made a request for a bride. It would have been a double win if her daughter had gotten married to such a fine and seasoned man, as well as receive the benefits that was in store for the family of any woman that would get married to him.

Part 3: Author’s Thoughts And Conclusion Of Let Me Stay The Night

Let Me Stay The Night Read Online

The author of Let Me Stay The Night Novel offers a decent plot and gives the readers enough room to imagine what could happen, and what they hoped would not happen as well. That is to say, suspense, intrigue and cliffhangers were generously distributed all over the novel. The author was fully armed as far as making the novel a commercial success was concerned.

As if that excellence was not enough, the author made sure to narrate the novel in as clear as possible grammar and properly constructed sentences to make sure that the readers were not left behind at any point in time while reading the novel because of a vague plot or a scenario that they could not relate with. The novel is nearly perfect.

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