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Like a Boomerang: Alpha Osiris

Alpha Osiris is a cool story of growing up different. It thoroughly explores the black sheep point of view, going into the highs and lows of teenage life, the insecurities and the hopes. There’s no way to predict how far a person can go. The main lead probably won’t forget this grudge for a long time.

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Part 1: Main Characters of Alpha Osiris


Alpha Osiris: Lily

She is a feisty, no-nonsense, curly-haired young woman who feels she has been dealt a really bad hand in the looks department as compared to her sisters. Lily is unable to stop her insecurities, and this makes her quite blind to the true state of things. Despite warnings, Lily would still end up losing her heart in a bad way.

Nevertheless, that is what it means to be a teenager; we let our hopes up, thinking that the world truly revolves around us, even though we know deep down that it doesn’t. It’s unfortunate that we realize it too late. The damage is done before we know it and we’re left wondering where it all went wrong. However, it is still a learning experience for every person. It’s a big world and there are really bad people everywhere.

Lily’s character in Alpha Osiris is strong. Her protagonist halo is also apparent in almost every situation she’s faced with and that is quite an amusing factor about this piece. The author really favors their protagonist, and we can understand that.

Lily isn’t some foolish child who has no idea how the world works, rather the problem that she had to face was her own insecurity and impulsivity. Her victim mentality is quite strong and with good reason too. However, it becomes a bit overbearing when it starts to take up every part of her being. A clear mind cannot be attained if your thoughts are toxic to your being.

Alpha Osiris

Alpha Osiris: Osiris

He’s a man of few words, except when he wants to criticize you behind your back. Alpha Osiris is a respected man with a fearsome reputation. But that all could be subject to more scrutiny because really, no one truly knew how the alpha was like. Did he take nonsense from anyone? No. Did he care for chatty girls? No. But maybe he should have paid a lot more attention this time.


A hormonal little brat who can’t control his lower half long enough to gain common sense. This young douchebag is quite popular and obviously, that popularity went to his head. I still want to ask the men who are like this brat just how much value they get from strutting about and thinking the world owes them gratitude for their attention. Lily obviously didn’t care to see clearly, otherwise she would have noticed much.

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Part 2: Plot Summary of Alpha Osiris

Alpha Osiris: Lily and Osiris

Alpha Osiris follows a young girl named Lily, who is quite unsatisfied with her appearance as compared to her siblings. Honestly, it was something that couldn’t be helped considering the type of environment she was raised, as well as the expectation and culture of her people; it was inevitable that she would compare herself to others.

Lily was born to her Alpha father, fifth out of six others. Her parents had two girls and then started trying for a boy who came after Lily. Out of all her sisters, only Lily looked different. So, how could she not compare herself to others? Then, we look at the mating custom of the werewolves; every alpha who was someone, wanted to see if the daughters of alpha Edward would turn out to be their mate, however, they were flocking to Lily’s sisters and ignoring Lily herself.

It was in this situation that Lily met alpha Osiris, a cold man with a dark reputation and a well-known intolerance for insolence. He didn’t know the girl who talked to him nonstop until she got the hint that he was not interested in conversation. Yet, he had very strong opinions and didn’t feel shy about expressing them where anyone could hear. Alpha Osiris felt disrespected by the fact that the family had sent the ugly duckling of the bunch to come and entertain him.

Lily heard all that he had to say and came out to state her name which was not ugly duckling, but Lily.

After that encounter, Lily found herself in a dilemma. She had no idea why she was dreaming about a man she really disliked, much less seeing herself in compromising positions with him.

There’s a lot more mysteries to unravel for the two people. What exactly is going on?

Part 3: Some Thoughts on Alpha Osiris

Alpha Osiris: Noah

Alpha Osiris is a spectacular piece and I think it owes its peculiar charm to the main lead’s perception of everything. Lily has a nice way of viewing things and truly its admirable, but underneath it all, we can see something growing and the possibility is very much the cause for anxiety.

Alpha Osiris explores themes of loneliness, teen depression, family expectations, fear of growing up, etcetera. While all these seem quite intimidating, they leave a pleasant after tase when mixed with the dark humor and comedic encounters of the two main leads.

However, there is one area of criticism; the book seems too mundane for the world of the werewolves. I can understand that it’s easy to fall into the trap of clich’s but in this case, the predominance of the usual tropes makes the book miss a special quality that it should have had.

Fortunately, the author seems to save us from a bad tale by sweetening it to an unimaginable degree. The main leads are the perfect driving force for this story. Their thoughts and personalities are well suited for the roles.

Also, while the story seems like a mundane and simple tale, the darkness still lurks at the edges. The tension between the major packs takes a position in the background at first, but the fragile peace makes it hard not to be on edge.

We can clearly see the reasons why the werewolves are a fearsome species. Alliances are the only way for a pack to have something of a sure path of stability. It’s a world were strength rules and dominance are necessary.

Maybe the simplicity of the plot arrangement reduces the severity it could have, or it could be the prevalence of the love story between the main characters.

Part 4: Amazing Chapter from Alpha Osiris

Chapter Five

Alpha Osiris: Handsome Osiris

Lily saw Noah wave her over to his table, and she smiled. She got to the table and sat down, amongst everyone. She didn’t understand why there were others around. She’d thought it would be a date with Noah.

At the end of lunch, Noah put his arm around her shoulder and invited her to sit with him the next day, but Lily missed her friends and didn’t want another awkward lunch. She made an excuse and that was that.

However, during the last class of the day, Noah pulled Lily close to him. She blushed as she heard him ask her to do something after school. Lily agreed and got home, very eager for their date. She asked her sister, Angelina for help, but the latter was reluctant.

Angelina warned Lily that Noah was a player only out for sex, but Lily refused to believe it. She lashed out at her sister and called her jealous.

When the bell rang, Lily headed out the door. Noah took her on a walk through the woods and they talked on their way. He asked about her interests and when Lily mentioned her love of painting and nature, Noah said it would be a good hobby to have when she was mated, and her mate was out working. Lily had opinions about this but stuffed it down.

When they reached a clearing, Noah suddenly kissed Lily and when she heard his reason, Lily smiled. He kissed her again and she responded by kissing him back. His hands soon began to roam her body and Lily even felt his erection. She didn’t want to go fast however, and this was her first kiss.

Teenage boys are so… ugh! Maybe the next book will give us a migraine.

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