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A Good Life: The Consortium’s Heir

The Consortium’s Heir is about a man who is stepped on, disregarded and ignored for his low status and income. But how can that be the same forever? Life is the most unexpected thing. We have to be careful of those we meet and offend. Ah, what an existence.

It’s a cool story and there’s no denying that. If you like it, then see the next recommendation.

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Part 1: Main Character of The Consortium’s Heir

Darius Reid

The Consortium's Heir: Darius

He’s quite the man really. Despite his limited income, Darius was able to get into a prestigious school and provide income to support himself.

in The Consortium’s Heir, Darius grew up as an orphan and when he turned 18, there was no one to support him anymore. This young man has been the only one taking care of himself and he was doing so well. This was the part about him that attracted that wench, Sarah.

I’m sure that most of us felt the blow he must have suffered when the whore looked down on him in front of the rich man whom she’d traded him for.

In terms of Character, Darius does not disappoint. A steadfast personality and a penchant for assuming responsibility, those are all amazing traits. The author makes us feel so much in the first few chapters. Why do good people like Darius wind up dating snakes like Sarah?

It seems that the universe was taking care of Darius all these years, because finally he got the big break he needed. Maybe we shouldn’t call it that. Whatever, our man finally made it and nothing and no one could tear him down again.

I love a good karma-slap, there’s nothing quite like it.

I’m not superstitious or anything, but it’s not hard to imagine that the universe keeps people like Darius safe until they can finally take the many blessings that are surely coming their way.

Don’t laugh, I’m being serious. Alright, just think about it.


The Consortium's Heir: Sarah

She’s the ex-girlfriend of Darius. The same girl who thought she was too good for whatever Darius had to offer. Sarah is textbook gold-digger; her life revolves around what others have to offer. It’s normal to look out for yourself, but principles are what make a good woman. Discipline and loyalty are wonderful traits. A two-timer doesn’t live peacefully after hurting others. Repaying goodness with filth, Sarah only wants to enrich her life, but somehow, she deludes herself that she genuinely gets feelings for those people who provide her with luxury.

Well, if only she’d waited a day more, Darius could have taken her far above expectations. But of course, this is still good. It all worked out well for our dear Darius. He didn’t expect such a big destiny awaited him, and everything he’d thought important before would later feel inconsequential.

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Part 2: The Plot of The Consortium’s Heir

The Consortium's Heir: Darius and Sarah

The Consortium’s Heir follows Darius, a young male who is still in college. Darius is faced with an unexpected problem when the girl he has been seeing is proposed to on livestream. This is the same girl who told him that it would be better not to reveal their relationship yet. On the livestream, she was smiling from ear to ear as she accepted another man’s marriage proposal.

Darius could hardly be expected to sit still at the sight of this. Before his dormmates could stop him, Darius was already at the hotel, and they were watching him through the livestream.

Darius’s dormmates found out about the relationship between Sarah and Darius through this livestream, and they were helpless as they watched their friend get into a physical fight with the rich dude before getting dragged away by security.

That was the day that Darius couldn’t have felt worse about his situation. Sarah had said it to his face and on livestream that he couldn’t afford a $100 meal. The woman disliked him for being poor, and that was something he couldn’t control.

Darius was just feeling dejected when he got the strangest phone call. He had no idea that his life was going to change faster than he could snap his fingers.

Honestly, I don’t blame Sarah for wanting a better man or a better life. However, I can blame this wench for two-timing a man that was completely devoted to her. She just sought out the better option, and when she found him, she dumped the other. She’ll regret treating him like an object.

With just that one phone call, everything that was missing from Darius’s life, came back to him.

Part 3: Thoughts on the story of The Consortium’s Heir

The Consortium's Heir: Capable Darius Reid

The Consortium’s Heir takes us through the fantasy of billions of people. A lot of us have had that daydream of suddenly striking it rich. We’ve thought about that ‘what if’ a lot. ‘What if I’d been born rich?’ ‘What if someone knocks on my door right now and hands me a check of a million dollars?’

Babe, you and me both. A million dollars could take care of a lot of problems, but in our protagonist’s case, a million doesn’t matter. He returns to his long-lost family and inherits the family business. He made it into the big leagues by birth, and now he can reclaim it all.

I’ll say really quick that the plot does have lots of elements that are similar to other books of its particular genre, however we must conclude that the representation and characters make it wildly different. There is a new flavor to this piece that isn’t copied from anywhere else, and if it is, please forward me the title and link.

The author still plays with the usual themes. There is the betrayal, the revenge, desire, ambition and regret. There’s a lot of others, but these are enough for you to get the central idea that the book is trying to portray.

The structure of the plot works very well for the story, but something is absent. I love the characters of Darius, his grandfather and Bruce a lot. Something about those three characters just inspires that feeling of trust and reliability. It could be the honest devotion to the Reid family in the case of Bruce, or the unbending will of old master Reid, or as well, the tenacious perseverance that never seems to fade from Darius’s personality.

The Consortium’s Heir is nice and perfect for a nighttime read.

Part 4: Awesome Chapter from The Consortium’s Heir

Chapter Seven

The Consortium's Heir: David and Sarah

Darius stepped inside the room and entered what seemed to be a study. Behind a huge and neat mahogany desk, sat an old man. He seemed to be going through a bunch of documents littered on the table before Bruce had knocked.

Darius had imagined a completely different person as the master of this wealthy estate, but instead it was a simple old man who you’d probably feel obligated to help cross the busy roads on the street.

As Darius stared at the old man, the latter did the same. After a few seconds of studying Darius, the old man turned to Bruce who had just entered and asked if the man was Darius Reid. Bruce confirmed it and the old man’s eyes shone brightly. The man stood up from his chair and excitedly checked Darius. The latter was uncomfortable at first but decided not to move the old man away from him. He could tell this was a very important moment for him.

The man didn’t care about Darius’s poor clothes as he held his hands and exclaimed his happiness at having found him. Darius didn’t know himself was missing and was confused.

The old man read his confusion and explained that Darius had been lost since the accident that claimed his parent’s lives. The old man was his grandfather.

Darius’s grandfather apologized for not finding him sooner. He’d heard from Bruce about the tough life Darius had been living. Darius consoled his grandfather.

The old man nodded, feeling a weight lifted. Then, he told Darius what came next; it was time for Darius to claim his proper place as the Reid Consortium’s heir.

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