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The Wallace family had taken care of Janet Jackson for eighteen years until her real parents found her and sent for her. As the original daughter of the Jackson family, they decided that Janet moved in with them even though they already had a supposed daughter called Emily Jackson. However, as much as there was really nothing they could have done, the Wallace family, especially Poppy Wallace who was the madam of the Wallace family, frowned at the fact that supposed strangers were just going to take Janet from them after they had looked after her for eighteen years.

According to Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Novel, a ransom of five million dollars was brought forward by the messenger that the Jackson family had sent to retrieve their daughter. The name of the messenger was Ms. Cook. Ms. Cook sensed the countenance of the Wallace family when she arrived to pick Janet up, and with mockery in her tone, she revealed to the Cook family that she was not there to take Janet away for free, but that the Jackson family were honorable enough to over a compensation of five million dollars for Ms. Cook.

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Part 1: All About Genius Wife Is Naughty Again

Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Janet Jackson And Mason Lowry

Eventually, Janet Jackson followed Ms. Cook into the car, and Ms. Cook introduced herself as the maid of the Jackson family. The ride to the Jackson family house was an interesting one, especially for Janet Jackson because of the attitude that Ms. Cook showed. Ms. Cook was arrogant, and talked down on Janet most of the time, trying to tell her that she would not be able to make it in the Jackson family as she was a country bumpkin who knew nothing, however, trust Janet Jackson to put her in her place.

While Janet Jackson was in that position, no one knew, and nothing even her foster parents, the Wallace family, knew that there was a lot more to Janet Jackson than met the eye. In fact, Janet Jackson was incredulously wealthy, and she was a secret member of a very powerful financial organization. Janet arrived at the Jackson family home to see the family embracing their false daughter affectionately. Before then, Emily Jackson who was the so-called daughter of the Jackson family, was sad that Janet was returning, stating that the entire attention of the Jackson family would be removed from her and placed on Janet. It was a dramatic scene between Emily and the Jackson parents until Janet stepped in.

Seeing the affection between Emily and her parents made Janet cork an eyebrow as she knew at once that her return was strenuous. According to the novel, Mrs. Jackson was so attached to Emily, she openly preferred Emily to her own daughter whom she had abandoned for her entire life. Even though it was absolutely no fault if hers, the fact that Mrs. Jackson was meeting her own flesh and blood and somebody that she actively birthed via her womb and vagina should have made her to show some reverence for Janet when she entered the building, instead Mrs. Jackson still held on to Emily dearly. If one is being honest, that is a slap on Janet’s face, and that is in fact, why sue smirked.

At least, Mr. Jackson was more reasonable. He welcomed Janet amiably and put himself in front of her to help her get acquainted to her new environment, and what would be her new life starting from that very moment. While the Jacksons were welcoming Janet, Mr. Jackson’s eyes fell on the necklace she had on. Everyone in the elite class knew that necklace to be the one that was recently auctioned off at a very high price. What was it doing on Janet’s neck? Mr. Jackson suspected Janet but soon waved it off, claiming that it might be a replica. It was the same reaction Mrs. Jackson also had when she saw the necklace, she claimed that she had really failed as a mother as Janet struggled to keep up with the higher ups just to save face. According to Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Novel, the woman and her daughter, Emily were really disgusted at the sight of Janet.

While Janet was going through all this, she was being disturbed by her colleague at work for an auction that was due that day. Lee was fond of auctions with Janet, one would later find out what the craze for auctions was about, but they always partook in auctions and made sure they won whatever was up for grabs. On this occasion, Janet needed a break from the Jackson family house which she had just arrived in, so she agreed to attend the auction with Lee even though she had declined earlier.

Lee was excited. Of course, by the time the auction was over, Janet was going to go home with the prize, but the compere was not done just yet as he announced another auction. Even though Janet and Lee were surprised that there was something else up for grabs, they decided to sit back and partake in the event, however, Lee was worried because he could tell that Janet was at her limit. Janet being at her limit was not enough to stop her from doing what she loved, so she was ready to go headfirst unless there was a hitch.

Unlike other auctions, the commodity up for auction this time was a human being. A handsome man in a cage was revealed by the compere and bidding began. Janet was shocked, so she stared at the man to express how shocked she was. As soon as she did that, this captured man mouthed something to Janet, and what was that which he mouthed? “Buy me.” The man was up for auction and in the entire crowd, he would only wish that Janet bought him. Why? Janet asked. The man replied that he was going to double the amount she spends on him as soon as he’s out of that cage to become her property.

The bid started and Janet bought the man and of course, he returned the money just as he had said he would. What was supposed to be a new life for Janet started to brew as soon as she moved into her original parents’ home, and love was in the horizon. Janet deserved every relief she felt after leaving the country, not like she was under any form of hardship anyway as she was a multi-millionaire, but new experiences paved the way for her to shine her brightest after she left the Wallace family.

You're Mine(Arranged Marriage Of The Two Genius)

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Genius Wife Is Naughty Again

Chapter 2

Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Chapter 1

“Emily, I don’t want to sound blunt, but do you know that earlier tonight the necklace around Janet’s neck was this season’s latest auction item in Markovia? It fetches about ten figures.”

Just as her elite husband had noticed Janet’s necklace, Mrs. Jackson also noticed it and also assumed that it was a replica. There was no way on earth Janet could afford something as expensive as that, that necklace was worth 5 million dollars according to Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Novel. Mrs. Jackson looked down on Janet so much that even when Emily voiced her thought about if Janet might have been sleeping around with numerous men to afford that necklace, Mrs. Jackson claimed that there was no way Janet could ever meet a man of that status. It was a flat ‘no’ for her, the necklace was fake.

“Ten figures…?”

“How could Janet own a piece of jewelry that costs ten figures…?”

“Is Janet a kept woman?”

Emily was asking her mother questions about Janet since she said that Janet had an elite necklace on, and that was what led Mrs. Jackson to say that Janet cannot even afford a man of that status even if she offered herself for free. To think that Janet was Mrs. Jackson’s own daughter, flesh and blood, was bind bugling.

Chapter 3

Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Chapter 3

The chapter of Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Novel where the famous auctions take place. First it was a famous Bronx Ox Head that Janet bought for 80 million dollars, before the item that would change Janet’s life and reality surfaced. As the lights went dim, the auctioneers brought in a cage, and when it was revealed to everyone, they gasped as they saw that a handsome man was inside. The name of this handsome man was Mason Lowry.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Genius Wife Is Naughty Again

Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Read Online

The author of Genius Wife Is Naughty Again Novel ensures a seamless reading experience for the readers. The plot twists and multiple characters of the female lead proposes an in-depth plot full of suspense, cliffhangers and what may have been, or will be. The author of the novel ensures that readers are sublimed deeply in the novel, hereby experiencing the characters firsthand.

You're Mine(Arranged Marriage Of The Two Genius)

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