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King of Battle and Blood By Scarlet St.Clair

King of Battle and Blood is a fantasy, fiction, romance series, which King of Battle and Blood is the first book. With vampires, witches, and other monstrous evils which either eat human flesh or crave Blood. With a strong, butt-kicking female lead who have you rooting for her from the start.

The description used by the author allows you to visualize the scene playing out before you as if you are there with them. When the female lead, Isolde, meets a Vampire for the first time you feel every part of the scene as if the emotions are your own. The confusion, lust, disgust, anticipation, and excitement.

There are steamy scenes in this book and again you feel the emotions of the characters in these scenes, the frustration, and the need for a climax. The chemistry between the characters is felt and you want more of it.

I am enjoying this book very much, the development of the relationship between King Adrian and Isoldes is intriguing, both characters have such strong beliefs that are opposites of each other, drawn together by their lust for one another, kept together by the rejection of her people.

I am drawn in and just have to find out where their relationship leads. Which is the real truth of the past? Why is King Adrian the way he is? Does Isolde give way to her monster belief? I have so many questions that I just need to keep reading to find answers to.

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Part1: King of Battle and Blood A Deeper Look

King of Battle and Blood description

King of Battle and Blood Wedding of King Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev and Princess Isolde

The vampires have been steadily taking over the 9 Houses of Cordova. It is said the vampires came when Adrian angered Dis the goddess of spirit and she cursed him with a blood curse, leaving him craving blood. Some humans survived the bite and so turned to vampires while others were drained and died, but returned undead as Strzyga. We are left questioning if this is truly the case as the

relationship between Queen Isolde and King Adrian develops. The world had feared the vampires for 150 years locking the gates of the cities after dark, learning to fight was as important as learning to walk.

After many of the Houses of Cordova had fallen The King of the House of Lara takes a different approach, instead of trying to fight the Vampires he arranges a meeting with the Vampire King instead, to discuss terms for surrender. The Vampire King asks that in return for ensuring the safety of the people of the House of Lara Princess Isolde become his wife and queen.

To spare the fighting Isolde agrees. But what do her people expect of her? That she can now get close enough to kill him? That she is a traitor who has turned against her people? Do they know of the sacrifice she made for her people? Does The Vampire King expect she will go along with his plans to rule all of Cordova?


King of Battle and Blood House of Laras Castle
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Part2: King of Battle and Blood Meet the Characters


Isolde also known as Issi, is the King’s daughter and the female lead of the story. Isolde doesnt fit the mold of a princess, she isn’t a prim and proper lady, often described as untamed, wild, and spirited, however, no one dared say this to her after the last man say she needed to be tamed and found

himself looking at the point of her dagger. She has a bit of a reputation because she will not settle for any many who would want to control her. Love was a risk, one she would only take for her father, handmaid Nadia, and her people. Isolde is highly skilled as a warrior, having been born during these dark times being able to fight is the most important skill, for anyone.

Despite her obvious ability with a sword and daggers her father still orders her to be escorted everywhere, which Isolde repeatedly escapes.

Vampire King

Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev the Vampire King. Once believed to have been a mortal human who angered Dis goddess of spirit, who cursed him with a thirst for blood and began this time of fear for humans.


His feasting is the reason for the birth of Vampires and many other monsters who also feast on humankind. Unknown to Isolde the Vampire King is the first Vampire she meets, this meeting in the forest is what prompts King Adrian to ask for princess Isolde as his wife and queen as part of the deal for not harming their kingdom.

King of Battle and Blood - King Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev the Vampire King

Part 3: King of Battle and Blood – Sneak peek.

Chapter 4

In chapter 4 Killian, commander of the Royal Guard enters Isolde’s room as she is about to pleasure herself. Knowing what she is doing he offers his services, and Isolde demands that he leaves.

In agitated tones, he reveals how her father the King had promised him Isolde’s hand in marriage if he was successful in assassinating the Vampire King. As much as Isolde loathes the idea of being married to either man or a vampire she tries to stop Kilian’s plan and reassure the safety of her people even if one man strayed from the treaty against orders.

This chapter is filled with the sexual tension between Isolde and King Adrian, upon finding him at his camp alerting him to the stupid plans of one of the Royal guards, Isolde wonders whether she could get close enough to kill King Adrian herself, but did she want to?

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