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Hot Chapters of Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother

The Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother Novel begins with the lead female, Qin Xiaoguo, serving at a diner after the zombie apocalypse that separated her from her family and friends. It started three years ago, while she was in school living a normal life.

She was on her way back from a graduation trip with her mates from the Agricultural Science and Technology Department when a zombie apocalypse started in the city. That was the beginning of her woes. She lost contact with everyone she knew, and happened to be rescued by the army, and put in a camp for survivors of the apocalypse.

Her family was wiped out from her reality. It was a severe case of a survivor of the fittest during the apocalypse because some people had developed super powers as a result of the apocalypse. But Qin Xiaoguo did not develop any super powers yet, unfortunately. It bothered her. Bullying was the order of the day outside the camp as those with super powers preyed on those without them.

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Part 1: Main Story of Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother

Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother

During this time of farming and everything essential, the only thing that saved Qin Xiaoguo was her skill in Agriculture and farm produce.

She learned a lot in that aspect practically from her father, and brushed it up with the fact that she studied Agricultural Technology at school, so, while everyone else was wailing and crying in lack because of the famine that the apocalypse had caused, Qin Xiaoguo, the Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother, was busy growing crops from scratch, and within a short while, she had enough produce to start a restaurant.

Due to this, everyone in the town depended on her for food, and she cooked and cleaned, and served all by herself. Talk about multitasking. By the way, after three years of looking for her parents, Qin Xiaoguo received word that her parents were found, but they were whacked to death because they had turned into zombies themselves.

Probably, they had been bitten. Qin Xiaoguo had to continue her life alone in the world.

Fast forward to the first time that Qin Xiaoguo was transmigrated as a mother, she had gone to bed after the day’s work, when suddenly she seemed to be in a trance. She couldn’t open her eyes, then she heard a child-like voice calling her- ”Mother-Mother.” All this happened while everywhere seemed to be quaking around her. The state that she was in was akin to having sleep paralysis.

Ever had sleep paralysis? You are aware that something is happening to you, but you cannot come out of it, you cannot move a finger, not to talk of opening your eyes from the paralysis. You are stuck between being deeply asleep, and being awake. This was what was happening to Qin Xiaoguo. Then she managed to ask the voice. ”Who is your mother?”.

This was the beginning of the Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother. She felt as if she was in a dream, and was taken way back to 3000 years behind the current time when she had sleep paralysis. She found herself in 42 BC (42 BC. ”BC” is an abbreviation for ”Before Christ”) She found herself in a village called Peach Blossom Village, married to a man called Jiang Danhe.

A handsome man, tall and cute, and was every girl’s dream. On the very night of her marriage to Jiang Danhe, the army came to take Jiang to war. Whatever the case was, able-bodied men were required to recruit into the army by force, and on the very night of Qin Xiaoguo’s marriage to Jiang Danhe, he was taken away amidst tears and sufferable feelings from his mother and wife.

However, Qin Xiaoguo had been with their child after her husband left for war, so she was lucky to have given birth to a son after a while. It was normal practice for the army to send money to the families of living soldiers that were at war. If you received money from the army, it meant that your male family member was alive, and Qin Xiaoguo received this money until after some time, the money stopped coming.

It was then believed that Jiang Danhe had died. As a result of this, Jiang’s mother fell sick and died too, leaving Qin Xiaoguo with her new-born son. The struggle started for Qin Xiaoguo again. She had to go far into town to buy food, which was very expensive, and living daily was just a big deal.

One morning, she wanted to go and look for food, and she slumped and fell. Qin Xiaoguo woke up somewhere else and met another child calling her mother again. This child did not look like her son with Jiang, as the child was black in complexion.

However, he bore the same name, as her known child Jiang Qingwen. He even had the same pet-name Zhuan Zhuan, as his grandmother, Jiang’s mother used to call him. So, after much speculation, Qin Xiaoguo accepted the child as hers. Thus, she fully became The Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters of Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother

Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother

Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 1 & 2 of the novel, tells us how Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother. Qin Xiaoguo could be seen at the beginning of the book, serving food at her restaurant to customers inside the camp. Apparently, the apocalypse had happened, but there was still grave danger outside the walls of the camp.

It was easy to see that the entire populace depended on her for a decent meal, as there was famine, and she was the only one available with the skill of growing food. The apocalypse had wiped out nearly everyone after all. Further down into chapter 1 and at the beginning of chapter 2, Qin Xiaoguo had her first transmigration.

She was asleep, and had a weird feeling at first, being pulled between intense sleep, being awake, and hearing a child call her mother. She was a fourth-year student at school before the apocalypse happened, so where on earth did she ever have a child?

But she fell into a dream where she was tossed way back in time, where she got married to a man called Jiang Danhe, and gave birth to a son for him, even though he had left for war and most likely died during the war. Read the book to know what happened in detail.

Chapter 4

Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother

Chapter 4

In this chapter, Qin Xiaoguo, the Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother, discovered a ring sewn to her dress. Surprised at first about the origin of the ring, she later remembered that it was given to her by her husband Jiang Danhe in the first timeline she had transmigrated to. By the time Qin Xiaoguo discovered the ring, she had already crossed into yet another timeline.

This ring came in very useful for her. In fact, it is safe to say that the ring saved her life because, with this ring, Qin Xiaoguo could teleport into different timelines that she had transmigrated to in the past, easily.

She used the ring to go back to the eras when there was food, she would collect the food from her kitchen in that era, and teleport back to the real-time era that she was in. It is safe to say that Jiang Danhe was her guardian angel by the mere thought and action of giving her this ring.


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