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This is a story of Mankind, which had developed things that brought a revolution to the world but their best invention was fully immersive VR games that became advanced over time. Mankind had a happy world but the gods weren’t happy they discarded theirs hence the creation of Gods` impact online, this was for the doom of mankind.

They could create new worlds in virtual reality, that were more beautiful and profound than the real world they lived in. Upon seeing how Humankind started discarding the world created by the gods and embracing the fake world created by humans, the gods were enraged.

Thus, gods transmigrated the souls of all the VR game players into the game created by gods called Gods’ impact, which was unlike any VR game. How will Zach, who just happened to try out the VR game for the first time, only to be transported into God’s impact, survive?

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Part 1: Main character of Gods` Impact Online


Zach Gods` Impact Online

Zach is an 18 years old guy in God`s impact online, he has black hair, and golden eyes is a little bit taller than teenagers of his age, has a perfect body build, plus an attractive smile as well as an arrogant smirk. He shared a home with his mother and younger sister. His school reports were above average but not exceptional.

He appeared to be a typical high school student, but he was concealing a major secret from the rest of the world. He had no life goals other than to care for his sister and mother.


Shay - Gods` Impact Online

Shay is a 17-year-old guy in God`s impact online, has brown hair, and brown eyes. He is skinny, and he wore glasses. He was the son of the richest man in the city, and he was spoiled to the core.

He looked innocent on his face, but he was a playboy. He has played all the VR games available in the market. Some might call him a professional VR gamer, but Zach always thought of him as a gaming nerd. His dream was to become a game developer.


Kayden - Gods` Impact Online

Kayden is an 18 years old guy in God`s impact online, he has dark brown hair and black eyes, and he is a bodybuilder. He was Zach’s childhood friend. But unlike Zach, he was popular because of his sturdy build. He was going to inherit his father’s tech business.

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Part 2: Free chapters of Gods` Impact Online

Chapter 1 of Gods` Impact Online

Chapter 1 of Gods` Impact Online

Zach lost his father at the age of seven in a natural disaster. However, his body was never found, so he still had hope that he would return one day to Gods impact online.

“How much money did you get in your bank account after all the tax and stuff?” Kayden asked with a curious yet calm look on his face. “Around 6 million, I guess,” Zach replied honestly. “I am not wasting 3 million on some stupid game,” Zach uttered in a solemn voice. “All right. No need to be so annoyed.”

After walking for a while, Shay couldn’t help himself. He glanced at Zach from the corner of his eyes and uttered, “How about we go to the ‘VR center’ store?” The VR-center stores are where you can play a VR game of your choice for a limited amount of time. It’s like renting a VR game. Although, we can only play at the center.

Chapter 1 of God`s Impact Online

And if you enjoy the VR game, then go ahead and buy it. “No way, they are so expensive.” You do know that your father has left us enough money to survive without you working a job?

Shay turned to the man and asked, “How much for three days?” “Our charge is 5000 per day, but since you have chosen three days, I will charge only 10000,” the man answered. “What?!” Zach exclaimed. “10000?!”

He turned to Shay and shouted, “You said it will be cheap!” “It is cheap, the cheapest VR center I have ever been to in my life,” Shay shrugged his shoulders and continued, “And 10000 is nothing. Heck, you can’t even get a decent phone in 10000 nowadays.”

After pondering for a while in chapter 1 of Gods` impact online, Zach sighed, I will play.”

Chapter 2 of God`s Impact Online

Chapter 2 of God`s Impact Online

Zach’s eyes were open, at least he thought so. But he couldn’t see anything. Everything was dark. Suddenly, a bright light enveloped Zach and blinded him in chapter 2 of God’s impact online. After opening his eyes, Zach found himself in a garden. He looked to his right to see Shay and Kayden standing beside him with puzzled looks on their faces.

“Hey Shay, I think we are in the wrong game,” Zach stated. “But that’s impossible! I have never heard of a game named Gods’ impact before,” Shay proclaimed. “Maybe it’s a new game that just got released?” Kayden wondered.

A black matter appeared in front of them and took the shape of slime. I am the mascot of this online world. And I am here to give you information about this game.

Chapter 3 of Gods` Impact Online

Chapter 3 of Gods` Impact Online

When the Gods’ impact online occurred, souls of the people from all over the world who were playing VR games at that time were teleported to the game. However, not everyone was teleported to the same place. Some were teleported into the town, some into the forest, some into another town, and some into another kingdom. All 43,941 players were scattered all over the first realm.

Furthermore, not everyone logged in at a perfect time like Zach and others, who thought they were in the wrong game because the store worker linked their capsule with a wrong VR game by mistake. People who were playing other VR games suddenly found themselves somewhere in a totally different place.

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