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Blurb of It takes only one night

One night, Annabella Hudson made the decision to go out dancing with her closest friend in order to forget the suffering she witnessed in her brother’s eyes as he battled for his life. Someone noticed Annabella’s body swaying to the left and right—César Del Mar, to be precise. He lusted after her physique and had a dark, hot expression

It takes only one night Chapter 1


I wrapped the waist-length leather jacket even tighter around my body to shield from the dropping temperatures that hit unexpectedly. Letting out a hefty breath, I made a turn on my right, hailing the cab on the other side of the street.

I quickly opened the back door, slumping my body while staring at the middle-aged man who frowned as he looked down at my white dress. “You ok miss?” he remarked, before he turned around.

“267 Natty Ave, please,” I whispered while looking down at my dress. I placed my oversized handbag on the dress, covering the stains. Holding in my tears, the cab driver took off.

What was I thinking? So stupid and naive, I should have known better.

“You know, I have a daughter your age. You don’t look a day older than sixteen. What’s your name and are you in need of help? Should I take you to the hospital?”

Why doesn’t he mind his own business and just leave me alone.

“I’m fine, just take me to that address.” Looking through his rear view mirror, his eyes held a desperate ‘let me help you’ call, but I didn’t need it. It was I who got myself in this mess, so I have to live with it for the rest of my life.

Staring out the foggy glass window, I started to cry. The cab driver huffed while saying, “Please let me help you. Why are you bleeding? Did someone hurt you?”

The cab stopped at my destination, throwing a fifty dollar bill, I got out and ran up the stairs to the apartment complex where my grandmother lived as quickly as I could until reaching the second floor.

Banging on the door over and over, hoping she would still be up at this time.

Mentally breaking down on the inside. I fall to my knees, letting out a cry for help. “Nana, open up, please! Help me!”

The neighbor that lived across from grandma’s apartment opened their door and watched me as I cried. A elderly woman came out and stood behind me while I continued to cry my heart out, “Deborah, open up,” she said, but no response.

After a couple of minutes, the lock on the door did a double turn before opening wide, revealing a startled old woman whom I called grandma. “Anna, what happened? Oh my goodness, what happened?”

I was pulled up from the floor by the kind woman who walked me into grandma’s apartment.

How was I to tell her what had happened to me? Would she even understand why I did so?

I had no words to utter, only loud cries that caused a worried look from both women standing before me.

“Here, drink this.” The woman held a glass of water for me which I drank.

“Anna,” grandma spoke but the woman held her hand up. “Let her breath so she can develop words to speak. Greg, go back inside, I’ll be there in a minute.” The woman said to the man who was standing near the door in shock.

“I’ll leave you two alone. If you need any help, you can come to me, my dear. I’m Patty, by the way. I hope everything is fine with you.” She patted my hands before leaving.

Locking the door behind her, grandma sat me down beside her while holding me close to her chest. I missed her warmth, her loving touch, her caring eye’s. Even if she wasn’t my real grandma, she made me feel as if she was.

“What happened, my dear? Why are you covered in blood? Talk to me Anna, do your parents know you’re here. You’ve come a long way from home, how?”

All these questions and not a word could I form to speak. “I f****d up nana, I f****d up big time. I don’t know what to do or where to go, so I came here. My parents will kill me, my entire life is ruined. I ruined it with my own hands and selfish acts.”

“It’s OK, sweetheart, just calm down, and tell me what happened.”

I pulled back from her embrace and held my stomach, staring down at the bloody dress.

“I’m pregnant.”

A gasp came from her as she stared at me, “How? When? Who? My god, Anna, look at what your rebelliousness got you into!”

My tears never seemed to end, I knew I had f****d up and f****d up big time. Sighing out loud, she pulled me in her arm’s, “Calm down, and tell me everything.”


Four months ago….

“Come on girl, let’s go dance the night away.” My best friend Kristen said while paying the taxi driver.

We were dressed in our hottest outfits, heading out to a club in New York City. It was for the rich and famous, somehow Kristen had two tickets to get in. “You’ve got your fake ID, right?” she whispered lowly.

Nodding my head, she giggled. “But I have to be back before midnight, my parents think I’m studying for our test we have tomorrow.” She shook her head while running her hand through her long chocolate hair.

“Ugh, live a little Anna. They won’t know a thing. They’re probably fast asleep by now, let’s just enjoy ourselves. Can’t wait to see Mike, omg girl, he’s so hot!” she gushed.

“And old,” I remarked.

“Whatever, older guys are way more hot than those wannabe swag teenage boys we see everyday at school. I want a man, not a boy,” she declared as the cab came to a stop.

“You’ll get in trouble if he finds out you lied to him about your age. You’re freaking sixteen, not twenty-one.”

“Yay-yay! Whatever, let’s go!” she exclaimed while getting out. I followed her trail to the front of the line, the bouncer looked us up and down before letting us in. “Tickets and ID ladies.”

We handed him our IDs that he inspected carefully before pulling up the red leveler. “Have fun, VIP is up the stairs to your right.”

We entered the club, greeted by neon lights. Music blasted loudly, the scent of alcohol and musky mixed perfumes hit my nostrils hard. “Smells weird in here,” I whispered in Kristen’s ear as she held my hand.

Walking up to the second level was easy; people danced while others drank the night away. “You wanna drink or are you gonna be a good girl as always?” She chuckled.

“No, I’m good! Just go easy on the booze. I’ll be on the dance floor. Let’s hope I won’t be groped by an ugly guy,” I said as she laughed.

Making her way to the bar, I made my way to the dance floor. All I wanted to do was dance and forget my pitiful life, my parents marriage, and my sick brother that was in the hospital for the past month. s*x and alcohol were the last things on my mind. I just wanted release from the pain that captured my heart, the pain that I was about to lose my brother to cancer.

I came to party on my own,

Don’t need nobody in my song,

I get down to the beat I lose control,

And indeed I was. I didn’t want anyone or anything. I just wanted to dance, forget, get lost, be somewhere else besides that damn hospital room, watching my brother fight for his life.


César Del Mar…

Looking down at the beauty as she dance alone enlightened something in me. I never was a man to not get what I want and I wanted was this beauty with long golden hair and a thick curvy body dressed in a tight, short black dress.

Who was she and why was this the first time I saw her here, in my club? I knew who I invited and where they lived. Only the richest and most known people were invited; whose daughter was this? I needed to know, needed to have her near.

“She’s looks young don’t you think, boss?” Mike said while looking down at the beauty I was staring at.

“Bring her to me, I’ll be upstairs,” I whispered to my right hand man before he took off.



“Well, well, well! You actually came, what’s up princess? My, you look f*****g sexy in that dress.” His rough, deep sexy voice whispered from behind.

I gladly spun around to greet him with a big kiss, “I told you I’d be coming. Thanks for the tickets. My friend over there needed to get out and forget,” I said as he looked over to where Anna was.

His eyes trailed up to the third floor where a sexy man stood watching Anna dance away. “That’s my boss and owner of this joint, wanna come up or stay here? You can tell your friend to come up as well if you like, even though she won’t be seeing you a lot. You know, I have a room I want you to see, maybe stay alone for a while and have our own kind of fun.”

“Sure, let me go grab her.”

“I’ll wait for you here,” he said while I moved through the crowd. Reaching Anna, I grabbed her hand.

“Let me be, I don’t want to be bothered,” she hissed out before looking back at me.

“Thank god, I thought you were one of these guys.”

I chuckled at her remark while pulling her hand.

Walking over to the sexy masterpiece, I stood straight. “Anna, this is Mike. Mike, my best friend, Anna.”

He eyed her up and down before turning around to grab the bottle of champagne. “Nice to met ya, Anna, you look pretty young. How old are you?” he curiously asked.

I wouldn’t blame him, Anna had a baby face while I looked like a fully grown woman with t**s and a round ass. “She’s nineteen, she’s looks like a baby I know.” I giggled nervously.

“Let’s go!” he said but Anna spoke.

“Where to exactly?”

“We’re going upstairs with Mike. It’s much cooler than here. So, let’s go, Anna,” I said while pressing down on her hand. She checked her watch to look at the time, “For a little while only, we have to go home early. Remember?”

“You have a curfew? Or is there somewhere you have to be?” Mike asked while raising his eyebrow.

“Um, college. I have a class early in the morning, so does Kristen,” Anna said while smiling.

“Ah, you can take the day off tomorrow. A little fun never hurt nobody. Come on, the best seats in the house are upstairs. You might see a couple of celebrities,” Mike said while winking at her.

She seemed nervous but I pled with my eyes to go up with me and she gave in. “Let’s go!”

“There you go, you’ll have fun. I promise you will.”



The halls were empty as we followed Mike. Room after room we passed by that were each locked. “This is our Secret VIP lounges, ten grand for each room. You get the full VIP service in one of those room’s, oh, I forget to tell you. My friend is waiting for me, we’ll meet him in the room were heading off too, is that OK with you girl’s?”

I was about to protest but Kristen voiced in before I could. “No problem, maybe he and Anna can chat while we hang out.”

What was wrong with her? I let out a breath as we reached the end of the hall. Mike opened the door.

“After you, ladies.” Kristen got in first and I followed behind. The room was empty, mirrors surrounded the oval shape room, a dancer’s pole was in the middle.

My heart started to beat quickly, sweats started to form against my forehead. I was regretting my decision to come up here.

Mike’s tall frame scared me a bit. His dark brown eyes and handsome face were appealing to the eye, but his demeanor held this strong power that made me fear the unknown.

I sat on the other side, facing Kristen and Mike who were getting cozy with each other. I wasn’t really the person to tell you what was right and what was wrong, but I still voiced my opinion.

Kirsten knew I didn’t like that she was with a much older guy when we were only sixteen. She was lying about her age, heh, so was I, but I didn’t deceive anyone, especially to get a man’s attention.

“Wanna go have some fun, babe?” I heard Mike say while Kristen hummed.

The door opened as I locked eyes with a breathtaking man. His gray orbs met my dull blue ones, and he was tall, I mean really tall compared to my 5’4 self. He was definitely over 6’3, buzz cut dark hair, sharp nose, and defined jaw line. His wide shoulders and big arms cried out for help in that black dress shirt he was wearing. Matching his silk black slacks and dress shoes, he stood tall and proud while never once breaking eye contact with me.

The tip of his tongue licked his lower lips as his two front teeth bit down hard in the middle of his luscious lips.

Omg, he was beyond sexy…

Mike and Kristen got up, “Anna, this is my friend, César. You two get to know each other while I show Kristen something, we’ll be back in no time. Have a drink and loosen up. The night is still young.” Mike chuckled before leaving me alone with hot stuff.

“Anna? That’s your name?” His soothing calm voice asked while he placed his hands in the pockets of his dress pants.

“It’s better than César salad.”

The hottest chuckle I’ve ever heard escaped from him, while he walked over to have a seat across from me. Reaching for the bottle of champagne, he poured himself a glass. “Care for one?”

I shook my head and leaned back into the leather seat, “Come on, one glass wouldn’t hurt you,” he said while handing me the one he just poured for himself.

I didn’t want to be rude, so I took it from his hand and held it tightly in mine. The silent awkwardness between us was thick, I wasn’t a bubbly person like Kirsten was. I was the complete opposite.

“Drink and relax, you seem so tense.”

And I was, so bringing the glass to my lips, I took a small sip. It tasted like raspberry but with a hint of spiciness to it that burned my throat. I watched as he stood up and came to sit besides me, carefully extending his arm around the leather seat, slowly draping it upon my shoulder.

“Let’s get to know each other Anna-”

“It’s Annabella,” I cut him off, while pouring the drink I had in my hand down my throat in one go. c*****g his head to the side, he was taken back by my action. I was nervous, he was making me nervous. His strong musky scent intoxicated my aroma, so much so, that I had to move away from him just a bit.

He handed me his drink to which I didn’t know why I accepted. “I think I should go, I–”

“You’re not going, Annabella, you’re staying. We’ll have fun, just relax,” he whispered, before suddenly pulling me close to his side once more.

This night isn’t going to end well.

It takes only one night Chapter 2


She was beyond drunk. I watched her body move from left to right as she danced against the pole. I was lusting over her, I wanted nothing more than to pull her down and be one united.

What was this feeling?

It could only be lust. I needed to get in her before I go crazy. “Annabella, come! We can finish somewhere else in private where no one can bother us,” I said as I stood up and held out my hand for her.

She leaped into my arms, her legs wrapped around my waist. I pushed her down against my member so she could feel the effect she had over me.

“Someone is up, we should go put him to bed. Have any ideas César?” she whispered seductively. Everything about her was beyond words, her blue innocent eyes, soft luscious pink pouty lips, small pin-up nose, and a round face that gave her an appearance of a baby girl. Everything about her was flawless, she was even thick with wide hips. So f*****g perfect, so f*****g mine.

I gripped her butt firmly and walked towards the door. Opening it wide so I could get out, I holstered her even closer to me. Feeling her heated core against my bulge was causing my member to throb. Reaching my office, I opened the locked door with one hand as her tongue licked my neck until she reached below my ear.

“Salty but yummy,” she mumbled while I shivered.

I entered the office and kicked the door shut with my foot.



“Mike, please! It’s two in the morning, we have to leave. Go get Anna for me, knock damn it, before I do,” I hissed at him.

We were standing in front of César’s office. My mind was going crazy. Did she have s*x with him? And if so, did she use a condom? f**k, this wasn’t very good, and it was all my fault.

The door opened unexpectedly. Anna ran past us in a rush.

“Anna!” César shouted angrily. He faced me with a murderous look. “How old are you?” he asked while cornering me against the wall.

Mike pushed him away, “What the f**k, César, don’t talk to her like that!”

He turned around and punched Mike in the face out of nowhere, “They’re f*****g teenagers! f*****g SIXTEEN, YOU i***t!” César roared loudly.

“I f****d a minor, f*****g hell, I f****d a minor,” he uttered while glaring at me. “Get the f**k out! Get out! Leave!” he yelled while pushing me.

Mike had a look of disgust and shame on his face, “Why? You lied, I would– you lied?” he said in a hurt tone.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-”


My eyes filled up quickly but my legs were even quicker. I ran down the hall, down the stairs. The club was still very much alive. I got out to the cold air. looking left and right until I found Anna crouched down on the side of the building.

I ran towards her, kneeling down. “Are you ok? Did you at least use a f*****g condom? f**k, talk to me, Anna. How did he know our real ages? Did you tell him? What happened?”

“I want to go home and clean myself, please,” he cried out while pulling herself up.

“You two…”

“Yes, we f****d! Happy now?” she yelled out while hauling a cab. Luckily for us a cab stopped, but I entered it first. Before she could get in, she was tugged back to face an angry César.

“Don’t ever come back here again, you hear me. I’ll have you arrested for false identification, you two can do some jail time. So don’t come back.”

She pushed him away and got in the cab. I looked back at Mike who was staring at us while the cab took off.


Current time….


“We didn’t have any money for the cab, so he let us go when Kirsten gave him her mother’s ring. Our purses were back at the club. I went into the closest CVS and stole that pill you take after unprotected s*x, but I got caught and security had to call our parents.

It was a mess Nana, everything was falling apart. I wanted to tell mom so bad but she was already under enough stress from Kyle’s state. I went home and Googled everything on how and what to do, salt bathes, clean tampons dipped in lemon, I mean everything. I thought I was ok, that I wasn’t going to get pregnant. That it was all in my mind, two weeks passed by and we get a call from the hospital. They… they said that Kyle was sick… I… I didn’t go. I locked myself in my room until that evening, dad came in and said he was gone. He died… and I didn’t go see him… god….why… I.. just. I broke down, hurt and lost, my lungs felt like they were on fire when it was my heart that was melting away.” I cried against Nana’s chest.

“I was there, I remember. Why didn’t you tell me then, why, Annabella, why?”


Annabella, two months ago…

I stared at the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, until I reach the tenth one. All were positive, I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t feeling any symptoms of pregnancy, the only thing I noticed was my missed period. I sat down on my bed and opened my laptop. Google was probably my only best friend at the time. I searched for a place where they performed abortions, I got the number and called right away. I didn’t know what I was thinking, all I knew was that this baby had to go away. I’m sixteen for crying out loud, I didn’t want my life to end when it hasn’t even begun. A woman answered right away, the first thing I asked was if it was confidential, she replied with a yes, I asked her if I had to bring a guardian, she said if I was over the age of sixteen then no, but if younger, then yes. I asked how much, she said around five grand. That’s when I knew I was at a dead-end.

She asked how far along was I, that I didn’t know, she asked when was the last time I had s*x, I told her about six weeks ago. She told me that after 24 weeks they can’t perform, that it would be hard, and that I could lose my life and could be an act of murder on the unborn child.

My knees went weak, I dropped on the floor and cried out while she was still on the line. I had no money, dad and mom were broke from all the medical bills that piled up from hospital expenses, and we’re still grieving over Kyle. What was I to do? She booked me in and said that everything would be alright.

I hung up and called Kristen, she was the only one who I told that I was pregnant. She came up with the idea to go back to the club and ask for money for the abortion. It was a stupid idea, but it was my only hope.

The following day, her and I went to the club around ten in the morning on a Saturday. I couldn’t believe I was there, and couldn’t believe that they let us in. César and Mike walked down the stairs, I felt nauseous for the very first time and wanted to throw up. So I did, all over the floor.

He eyed me suspiciously, then cursed out loudly. “Look, we don’t want any trouble. She’s pregnant and needs money for the abortion, you won’t see us ever again,” Kirsten said while Mike walked over to her.

She backed away from him and faced me, “Talk Annabella, say something.”

But I couldn’t, I was getting dizzy. A man behind me pulled a chair out so I can sit, that’s when César spoke, “How do I know that’s it’s mine and you’re not trying to rip me off.”

I felt like killing him, throwing a dagger look towards him. “You asshole! I’m not just some b***h walking around having s*x with any guy I see!”

He walked upstairs, then came back after a couple of minutes. Walking towards me with a bottle in his hand, he handed me a stack of money.

“That’s 20 grand, keep the change and never f*****g come back. I want that baby dead. Mike will come to make sure you got the abortion so you won’t come back asking for money. I never wanna see your face again, you hear me?”

I took the money and left without a word. Mike followed us, but Kristen told him that the appointment was in two-weeks, so she gave him the address and left.

Two weeks passed by and the day came, Mike was waiting in his jeep when we arrived there. I signed the form and waited for my name to be called, my legs were shaking, my hands were sweating, and my head was spinning. I didn’t know what I was doing, or if it was the right thing to do. All I knew, was that I couldn’t handle having a baby.

“Annabella Hudson,” the nurse yelled out and I felt a wetness between my legs. Looking down, I cried that had I just pissed myself from all the fear I had in me. The nurse rushed to my side and calmed me down. Mike just stood there at the door, looking at me while I cried out in a room filled with women who were there for the same reason I was. Some cried while others ignored. Kirsten held my hand. I felt like I was walking to my death.

“Sorry, no one is allowed in the room but the patient. You can have a seat, I’ll call you when she’s done.”

The room was cold as the nurse helped me undress. I slipped on the gown and sat on the chair, waiting for the doctor to come in. “You know, I can stay if you want me to,” the nurse said.

I nodded my head while crying. “Please stay, I don’t want to do this alone.”

She held my hand and calmed me down, fifteen minutes later the doctor walked in. She was in her fifties. She pulled out the ultrasound and said she needed to see the baby. The cold gel hit against my lower abdomen, I didn’t want to see what she was seeing so I looked up at the nurse who was smiling down at me.

I don’t know what caused me to look back at the doctor, but I did, and I wish I never I did. It was a blob, it was a baby and I was going to kill it. I broke down and yelled at her to close the damn thing.

She pushed it away and spread my legs apart. Clicking sounds caused my heart to stop, I got up and looked down at her. A set of tools were by her side, that’s when I knew I couldn’t go through with it. “No-no, no, no, noooooooo, no! I don’t want to, please, no, I can’t, I…..”

“Hey-hey, it’s ok, it’s ok. Breath, I won’t do anything if that’s what you want. Calm down, and think about it, I’ll go see my other patient while I let you think it through,” the doctor said before leaving.

I bawled out, crying some more as the nurse stood by my side calming me down. “They’re out there, waiting for me to prove that I went through with this, please help me, I beg of you, look, I’ll pay you, I’ll give you some money, just help me, please,” I begged her.

“I can’t do anything for you, I’ll need the doctor’s signature for proof. Maybe if you talk with her, she might help you.”

“Ok,” was all I could say. She went out to call the doctor once more, luckily for me she hadn’t went in to see the next patient.

The doctor locked the door and I told her the whole truth, everything, she had a heart and signed the papers for me. “This is just to show that man who got you pregnant that you no longer are. You’ll have to act like you’re in pain when you walk out of here, if they find out the truth, I could be facing a lawsuit. I’ll have the nurse pour kool-aid on your dress from behind and the front to make it seem likeyou bleed a lot after the procedure.”

“Thank you, thank you so much. I’ll pay yo-”

“No, keep the money. You’ll need it more than I do, you have a baby ahead of you to care for. Find the right people who will help you through this ’til the end. Good luck!” the doctor said while she hugged me.

“I’ll take your dress to the back, and drip some red kool-aid on it, and I’ll be back with some vitamins. You can tell them that it’s a prescription for meds, I hope everything works out for you. I remembered your voice, I’m the same nurse you called asking all those questions,” she stated while smiling sweetly.

“Thank you!”

She left me alone in the room. I placed my hand on my belly and rubbed it while crying. “I had a way out, I had one but choose you. I’ll be, or try to be, the best mom ever, I promise little one,” I told myself or more like told my little one.

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