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Playing On The Love Field: The Luna Choosing Game Read Online

In a fantasy world where couples usually derive from mate bonds granted by the Moon Goddess, The Luna Choosing Game shows a different kind of match making.

The story forwards the intriguing laws of a society where the future king must choose his queen among the smartest, purest and strongest she-wolves in the pack, without considering love whatsoever.

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Part 1: Major Themes In The Luna Choosing Game

Mainly, The Luna Choosing Game novel centers the concept of self-sacrifice. Piper is without a doubt a selfless woman who puts her niece’s happiness above her own.

Her world shows the exact flaws of a real society where single mothers must strive in order to meet her child’s needs, while trying to cope with a handsy, lecherous boss who even threatens to fire Piper if she doesn’t surrender.

Of course, Piper could easily have the life she wanted. She was a promising young, with a rich, handsome boyfriend and a bright future ahead. Yet, she gave up everything to protect and raise Elva.

She could have easily carried on with her life, but she chose to embrace motherhood for a child she didn’t ever bear. Furthermore, she gave up Nicholas as she knew that her and her kid would only be an impediment in his life as the Alpha King.

This is why Piper never told him the truth about the reason she separated him. She put his happiness above her own and decided that Elva was her burden to bear, while Nicholas deserved to have a real Luna and Queen.

The Luna Choosing Game Piper

Another theme in The Luna Choosing Game is pride. Nicholas, unaware of Piper’s secret, feels like he needs to restore his manhood somehow and punish the girl for breaking up with him years ago.

His wounded ego never let him overcome the fact that Piper was the first and only woman to ever abandon him. And the fact that he believed that Piper had slept with another guy right after their break up only added more anger and determination to get back at her.

As the story moves forwards, love and redemption become central themes of the novel. Nicholas realizes his mistake and tries to atone, Piper admits that she still has feelings for him and the two of them must find a way to be together as their relationship is forbidden.

Part 2: Intriguing Chapter From The Luna Choosing Game

Throughout the novel, there are some interesting and entertaining plot twists and misunderstandings that make the reading more enjoyable.

The Luna Choosing Game chapter 6 depicts one of those moments when a misunderstanding causes an awkward situation between the characters and, as always, one of them doesn’t quite offer the real explanation for the unsettling error.

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 6

Sounding jealous, Nicholas questions Piper about the time she conceived Elva. Giving the girl’s age, according to his calculations, Piper had jumped into a man’s bed within two or three weeks after their separation.

Without waiting for her response, the prince quickly asked her why she even bothered applying for the contest as it’s not like she stood a chance to win his heart back. He figured that the child’s father had abandoned her and now she wanted to secure her future.

The Luna Choosing Game Nicholas And Piper

Seeing Nicholas so cold made Piper reminisce about the time when he would get lost in her eyes and kissed her gently for hours on end. Now she had doubts about her memories being accurate.

She assured him that being in the contest was a mistake that she planned to correct as soon as possible. Nicholas agreed and stormed out the office. Surprisingly, he didn’t slam the door on his way out, he slowly closed it to not disturb the sleeping Elva. This small, yet considerate gesture prevented Piper for resenting the man.

She actually wished that Elva was her and Nicholas’s child, but this dream would never come true. Daydreaming about how her life would be she actually fell asleep next to Elva.

When one of the maids woke her up, Piper tried to exit the contest explaining to the King that her friend had submitted her application without her knowledge. She tried to go to her room to pack her things when the King stopped her and told her that she had to remain in the contest. And Elva too.

Part 3: My Remarks On The Luna Choosing Game Novel

As you know, The Luna Choosing Game online novel can be found on various platforms, with multiple chapters available for free reading.

One of the things I liked about this novel is the fact that Nicholas and Piper’s love story stands out among other love stories that I have read so far. Their relationship follows an intriguing, yet exciting path, as they love each other, they want each other but there are rules and protocols that prevent them from being together.

I think that their struggles throughout the novel, and I’m only referring to the love aspect of their relationship, gets very close to our mundane tussles. The prejudices and turmoil that Piper experiences for being a single mother as very much the same as they are in real life.

A positive aspect of this storyline that caught my attention is Nicholas’s capacity to accept a child that wasn’t his and even start caring for her. He is a remarkable positive example of a step-father who is willing to provide a loving family to child who is not blood-related to him.

Part 4: Check This Novel Out If You Liked The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game Werewolf Novel

A story, similar to The Luna Choosing Game, that you can also read online, on Dreame, is The Claiming: His Mate.

Raphael is a mateless ruthless Alpha. He is not friendly, he doesn’t really care about romance, yet he needs a Luna. In order to help him get a worthy mate, the elders come up with a game: The Claiming.

All unmated wolves must meet and the men must choose one unmated she-wolf and claim her as his.

Elsa is a single she-wolf who still hopes to meet her fated mate one day. When she is summoned for The Claiming, she hopes that she could escape all the wolves looking at her with lust. Among all the males present, there is one pair of eyes that gaze at her intently and those cold eyes belong to Alpha Raphael.

As soon as she gets a chance, Elsa runs away only to have Raphael chase after her. He is determined to get the pure beauty for himself even it means starting a war with the other packs.

What will Esa do when she ends up in Raphael’s arms? Will she fall in love with the handsome, yet beastly Alpha?

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