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Hot Chapters of The Tragedy Of The Villainess

It was not stated clearly in The Tragedy Of The Villainess, how the current Seria Stern transmigrated into being Seria Stern. The book doesn’t even state the name of the lady that became Seria Stern, though it states that she was a graduate student. It just starts off with a transmigrated Seria Stern.

Seria Stern, the original Seria Stern was a very vile woman in the romance novel that the new Seria Stern transmigrated into. The Tragedy Of The Villainess Book starts by narrating the changes that Seria Stern had started to go through.

First of all, her sleeping pattern had changed drastically as the original Seria Stern would stay awake all night, hopping from one social event to another in her glistening and elegant skin. It was stated in the book that even though Seria Stern was a very wicked and vile woman, she was as pretty as Snow White.

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Part 1: Main Story Of The Tragedy Of The Villainess

The Tragedy Of The Villainess Book

The original Seria Stern was an outcast. In her home as the maiden lady of the Marquis Kellyden family, she had a different life from her older brothers. They were not of the same mother as Seria Stern’s mother, who was just a commoner and an actress.

There was a vivid change in the way Lady Seria, as she was fondly called, had started acting. She had become so calm, and less heartless. Unlike what everyone knew her as before.

On the occasion I am speaking of, she was glancing across the terrace when she saw her fiance, Kalis, with another woman. This other woman was said to be Saint, Lina. Lina was said to have dropped from the sky. She was without an origin.

Lina was the major heroine of the original novel. Seria Stern, following her humble descent was treated differently at home. Her brothers were noble from birth, as they were sons of a high-ranking officer, so they displaced Seria. Seria Stern, however, was said to have special powers, but when she was a teenager, she took the title of Stern from the temple and left her family to go and live luxuriously in the capital city.

It was stated that when Lina, being a multidimensional human who existed in different dimensions, fell from the sky, she immediately attracted the attention of Seria Stern’s fiance Kalis and Seria Stern’s brother. Read similar book

Following Seria Stern’s anger because of the fact that her fiance was interested in Lina, and as a matter of fact abandoned her one week after their wedding, Seria Stern would hate Lina deeply, and as a result of this, caused Kalis to slit Seria Stern’s throat in a bid to protect Lina. This was what the current Seria Stern was trying to avoid.

In the original book, she died after Kalis slit her throat, so she was bent on not allowing such a tragedy to happen to her again. There was no way that the current transmigrated Seria Stern would allow The Tragedy Of The Villainess to happen to her again.

Several times while Seria Stern was sleeping, she would have a nightmare. In this nightmare, she would see herself being killed either by Lina or by Kalis her fiance. It was as if Seria was constantly reminded that she had to do everything she could to revert The Tragedy Of The Villainess that she had now become.

One would have thought that for the fact that Seria was such a villainess, her looks would be devious and she would be unattractive, but that was not the case at all. Seria Stern was a pretty lady, and as pretty as she was, everyone fell at her feet for various reasons until she met her tragedy. But a new Seria Stern had been born. Read the book to know how The Tragedy Of The Villainess was reverted.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of The Tragedy Of The Villainess

Chapter 1/Prologue

The Tragedy Of The Villain Seria Stern

At the beginning of The Tragedy Of The Villainess Book, Seria Stern is seen in her room with her maid. At this time, the transmigration had already happened. This chapter also explains the nature of the life of Seria Stern. The original one. She was an illegitimate child, and her mother was a commoner, so she didn’t fit into the home of luxury that her half-brothers before her were used to. As a result, she became distant, and later on she moved out of her house. She was said to have powers, special powers which one can only come to meet while reading the course of the book.

In general, the first chapter and prologue of The Tragedy Of The Villainess talk about the early times of the transmigrated version of the notorious villainess. Also, in this chapter, something about Kalis, the fiance and one-week husband of Seria Stern is also revealed. Kalis has one arm rotten. Want to know how and why? Read The Tragedy Of The Villainess to find out.

Chapter 2/Part 1

The Tragedy Of The Villainess

The Tragedy Of The Villainess Kalis

In this chapter of The Tragedy Of The Villainess, Seria Stern had a nightmare. She saw Lina slitting her throat. During the course of her transmigration, she kept on seeing such realities in her dreams, and it only made her do the most to ensure that she did not make the same mistakes that the original Seria Stern made that warranted her death in a pretty gruesome way.


Part 3: Evaluate The Tragedy Of The Villainess

The Tragedy Of The Villainess Full Book

Books like these are hard to come across. Yes, properly written books with suitable authors are rare, especially in a highly competitive space. So, I think the book would have been easier to read if the girl, lady, or whoever it was that transmigrated into Seria Stern, had a name.

The book just starts with the transmigrated Seria Stern, so sometimes it is difficult to tell when the author deviates and starts narrating about the old, original Seria Stern. Apart from that, the book is decent. I like the plot, it is gripping and is definitely going to allow readers to wander away in their imaginations while reading the book. Read similar book

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