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[Must Read] Insta Millionaire Hottest Chapters

Alexander Ambrose accepted his fate for the next seven years of his life, and at a point, he started to get used to being a poor person. Originally from a rich home, Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose was required to undergo a seven-year period of lack.

He was of age to take on his family”s wealth, but because he was not eligible, he had no access to his share of the wealth of the Ambrose family. This was deliberately done by his family to get him as prepared as possible for the tax ahead of him.

One fateful day, something remarkable happened to Alex. His girlfriend cheated on him in the most heartbreaking and humiliating way. At this point in Alexander Ambrose’s life, he had started to lose touch with the feeling of being a wealthy person from an elite family, as he was always picked on, humiliated, and insulted for the mere fact that he was a poor person.

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Part 1: Hot And Intense Chapters Of Insta Millionaire

Chapter 1

Insta Millionaire Chapter 1

“Alex, we need to break up.” Cathy, Alexander Ambrose’s girlfriend had said to him abruptly when he caught her in a hotel room with another young man called Billy. Alex had been on the job, delivering items to buyers on orders.

He had just received a phone call to deliver a box of condoms and tissues to a particular room in a particular hotel according to Insta Millionaire Novel. If only Alex knew that the hotel he was going to deliver in had his girlfriend with another man inside, he would not have bothered to venture into the sale.

Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose set out to do this delivery, and to his greatest shock, his very current girlfriend came to open the door.

Both of them were stunned to see each other. Of course, what followed for Alex was humiliation. Billy, the young ma that his girlfriend was with, quickly came up to the door when he heard the tension, and seeing Alex standing there, Billy did not spare the young man a tongue lashing.

After a review, the Ambrose family has decided that their son, Alexander, has met the conditions required for entitlement to his inheritance. From today onward, control of his property will be returned to him.] Insta Millionaire had finally been free from the hands of poverty. The ban on him accessing his family”s wealth had been lifted, and he could now access his money and other properties that belonged to him under the Ambrose family name. He was no longer poor.

Part 2: Main Character Of Insta Millionaire

Alexander Ambrose

Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose

Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose went from rags to riches in the twinkle of an eye. He was the son of a very wealthy family, but according to the tradition of the family he was from, he had to be put to a test before he could have access to his share of the family”s wealth.

This was not a surprising compulsion for anyone from the Ambrose family, considering how much wealth whoever was made to undergo that training would amass in the twinkle of an eye.

Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose started out his life as a poor boy and attended college where he had to live from hand to mouth and undergo different forms of insults and humiliation just because everyone felt that he was a poor boy.

Only Alexander Ambrose knew the truth about who he really was and had started to even lose touch with his wealthy and elite side. However, he scaled through, passed the training that he underwent from the Ambrose family, and became the Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose.

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Part 3: Main Plot Of Insta Millionaire

Insta Millionaire Full Story

A young man, wealthy by blood, and elite to the bone, was faced with a life that he had to do a lot of getting used to. Alexander Ambrose was a twenty-year-old college student who had been going through a training process compulsorily met on him by his family. Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose had to do what he could endure life without a penny from his family for seven years.

Due to this, Alexander Ambrose was a laughingstock in his school. Nobody knew or suspected that such a dejected-looking young man could ever be from the same Ambrose family that they all knew to be stinkingly rich.

As far as they were concerned, his surname was just a coincidence. Alexander Ambrose literally had just a pair of clothing in his possession, and everyone knew him to be a delivery boy from a petty store by the corner.

Things took a drastic turn for Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose when he received a certain phone call. The caller asked for him to deliver a box of condoms, and other lewd items to a hotel and room number. Alexander Ambrose, of course, carried out his job as expected, but he was met with something that he did not expect at all.

His girlfriend, Cathy, was the person that the caller was going to use the condoms on. When he knocked on the door of the hotel room that he was directed to, out came his girlfriend to accept the ordered items.

“Cathy, what are you doing here?” Alexander Ambrose had asked his girlfriend in shock. This happened in the first chapter of Insta Millionaire Full Story. Cathy asked him the same question, stunned to see him. Immediately, she broke up with Alexander Ambrose.

After all, she had already been caught in the act, so why did she have to hide back the fact that she was ashamed of their relationship? Alexander Ambrose left, feeling dejected and humiliated, up to the extent of forgetting to take his payment for the order that he had just delivered.

Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose eventually came to the end of his seven-year of lack and hardship training met on him by his family. He received a message that he was now eligible to access his wealth, and his countenance immediately changed into a happy one. Alexander Ambrose quickly went to the bank to claim his wealth.

Part 4: Conclusion Of Insta Millionaire

Insta Millionaire By Robert

I love the plot of this book, it”s exciting. It felt good to see the way Alexander Ambrose watched everybody treat him like dirt while he saw more money than their entire generation will ever make.

Insta Millionaire Alexander Ambrose must have scoffed fifty times in his mind anytime someone said or did something undermining. I just love how exciting the book is. Kudos to the author. I recommend this book ten out of ten times to online romance novel lovers and readers.

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