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Hot Chapters of The Defiant Mate Novel Read Online

Alpha Nathan of the Blood Moon pack banishes Jay-la for things she does for his mate, while Jay-la’s intentions are only to protect herself and the pup in her womb.

So, Jay-la flees to the human world to finish her degree, work as a divorce lawyer, and nurture her pup. She also tries her best to get away from Nathan’s sights.

Now that Nathan feels determined to bring Jay-la, The Defiant Mate, back, will this she-wolf succumb to him?

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Part 1: The Core Story Of The Defiant Mate Novel

The Defiant Mate Novel

Jay-la Freeman has befriended Nathan of the Blood Moon pack since they were children 20 years ago. Since then, none of these two MCs of The Defiant Mate novel ever thought of having each other as a mate. The relationships were casual and playful until Nathan decided to have Jay-la as his mate and cared for her.

Such a thing persists for Jay-la and Nathan for two years. Then, again, their relationships are nothing but casual, light, and playful. If Nathan ever harbored loving feelings for any woman, that one lucky woman is Sophia, his Goddess-chosen mate.

Neither Nathan nor Sophia cared about Jay-la’s feelings. Furthermore, Sophia also intended to harm the pup inside Jay-la’s womb that the latter girl has produced in her casual relationships with Nathan. So, Sophia stages a scene where Jay-la’s wolf’s fangs claw upon her face, while skipping the parts where she strikes Jay-la first.

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Seeing Sophia’s hurt triggers Nathan’s instincts to banish Jay-la from the pack. Fortunately, Nathan isn’t the Alpha yet. Nathan has to consult his father to make Jay-la a rogue, which he doesn’t do. Six years have passed since Jay-la’s banishment from the Blood Moon pack, and she lives peacefully as a divorce lawyer in the human world after she finishes her law studies.

The Defiant Mate Jay-la now has three pups, and the human society acknowledges her presence as equal and harmless to them. All of a sudden, she receives an envelope that she believes belongs to the Blood Moon pack, the pack where the future Alpha had banished her six years ago.

The Blood Moon pack has been ordered for Jay-la’s return. Who else, if not Alpha Nathan, is the werewolf behind these scenes? Further chapters of The Defiant Mate suggest Nathan will stop at nothing until Jay-la returns.

What will happen to the human and werewolf world when Jay-la returns to the Blood Moon pack? Will Nathan hurt Jay-la the same way he used to do six years ago? What happens to Sophia?

Part 2: The Memorable Chapters Of The Defiant Mate Novel

Chapter 1

The Defiant Mate Chapter 1

The stories of The Defiant Mate Chapter 1 happen after the Prologue, in which the Prologue tells stories about Jay-la Freeman’s life six years ago in the Blood Moon pack. Now, Jay-la lives in the human world after Nathan, the future Alpha in her former pack, who also happened to be her casual lover, banished her.

Just as Jay-la is about to enjoy her new life as a well-known lawyer and single mother in the human world, she receives a letter from the Blood Moon pack, demanding her return in one week. Convinced she would receive the same mistreatments in the pack, Jay-la sends the letter back with a note of “Not in this address”. Unfortunately, Jay-la forgets werewolves don’t operate the same ways as humans.

Chapter 8

The Defiant Mate Chapter 8

The Defiant Mate Chapter 8 describes Jay-la’s deteriorating physical condition after the wolfsbane and handcuffs impact her. Not only does she get disconnected from Kora, her wolf. She also no longer possesses the ability to recognize her mate.

Nathan, the very Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, is not only supposed to be Jay-la’s mate, but he is also her second-chance mate. Unfortunately, Jay-la’s boss in the human law firm accuses Nathan of imprisoning and torturing Jay-la. As a result, Nathan and the Blood Moon pack personnel are on the verge of having humans’ special police forces chase after them. Now, it’s up to Nathan to explain what happened and what he did to Jay-la.

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Part 3: An Analysis Of The Defiant Mate Novel

The Defiant Mate Book PDF Free

Jay-la Freeman has “The Defiant Mate” as her official nickname in this book. I believe it happens not only because of her last name that has ties with freedom and being a defiant woman. It also stems from her resilience in living in harmony in a human world and her readiness to mingle with beings that don’t belong in her species.

In some countries, becoming a single mom means subjecting oneself to society’s labels. As a she-wolf, Jay-la’s physical features and mental abilities are different when compared to humans. Yet, Jay-la makes her way through the law firm and becomes one of the most successful and competent employees in the Stanton & Co Law Firm.

The only problematic party I see in The Defiant Mate novel is Nathan. We have seen how severe Jay-la’s wounds that he caused six years ago. Yet, Nathan bombards Jay-la’s inbox with threatening letters requesting for her return. I’m sure Nathan would do this part on purpose if his nature was that evil.

Interestingly, Nathan doesn’t prove himself that way as the stories of The Defiant Mate novel progress and as Sophia, Nathan’s ex-mate, slowly vanishes from the background. It indicates Nathan’s previous under-influence state. In this case, Sophia was Nathan’s negative influence, and I am glad Nathan and, eventually, Jay-la, can get through these horrible scenes in the past.

Overall, The Defiant Mate novel doesn’t only showcase Jay-la’s inner strength as an independent woman. It also presents two different POVs, which deepen the MCs’ characteristics and emphasize their importance in keeping the story’s pace throughout the chapters.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks Of The Defiant Mate Novel

The Defiant Mate Book Read Online Free

Stories about kickass heroines are always interesting to read, and Jay-la Freeman’s stories in The Defiant Mate are no exception. Jay-la has displayed an unusual level of resilience since the first chapters. It’s not easy for her to fall in love with a male werewolf, and we can see in how the author describes her initial relationship vibes with Nathan: Casual, playful, and light-hearted.

Jay-la’s progress in the human world as a divorce lawyer and her ability to manage her work times with me-times with her children are astonishing signs of her kickass side. The letter-sending part in the middle of her work also enhances the interesting points I see in The Defiant Mate novel.

Forget all about the usual scenes where one of the MCs throws away the letter without consenting the others. The Defiant Mate presents scenes that involve Nathan’s obsessiveness to Jay-la in a different light. Here, he wants to showcase his superiority over Jay-la by sending a letter to the human world.

No werewolves would be as dedicated as Nathan in demanding the returns of The Defiant Mate! It goes the same way even when I compare Nathan’s behaviors to average Alpha werewolves. That’s why, you should put this novel in your collection and read it!

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