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All About The Broken Wolf Novel by Sarah Skuld

“Powerful” and “muscular” are two common adjectives to describe werewolves. Sadly, it doesn’t apply to Molly. Hence, she becomes The Broken Wolf, who suffers from low self-confidence.

As a result, Seth should comfort and reassure Molly that he sees the wolf within her. It doesn’t matter if others never wanted her, because he wants and loves her.

How will Seth’s acts recover Molly’s confidence in The Broken Wolf novel?

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Part 1: The Memorable Chapters Of The Broken Wolf Novel

Chapter 1

The Broken Wolf Chapter 1

The Broken Wolf Chapter 1 discusses Molly’s life in the Lunar Falls pack. She is extremely sure she is a wolf, and others can validate how she smells, too. Around two decades have passed since her time in the Lunar Falls pack and she hasn’t shifted yet. However, Robert, her younger brother, takes the older brother role once he shifts and takes over the Alpha position.

Molly’s parent’s disapproval of her life choices due to her wolfless and less powerful physical state causes her to lose her self-confidence. Starting from here, Molly regards herself as “The Broken Wolf”. All she does in the packhouse is to do Omega jobs, such as preparing meals. Yet, this time, she has the chance to dress up for a meeting with another pack.

Chapter 12

The Broken Wolf Chapter 12

“A vulnerable she-wolf” is the most accurate phrase to describe Molly, at least, until The Broken Wolf Chapter 12. Molly’s low self-confidence affects her physique as she struggles to use her legs’ powers to step on the muddy places and keep up with Seth’s pace. As a result, she sits on the ground by herself while keeping herself alert to the conversations between Seth and both parties’ parents.

At some points in The Broken Wolf Chapter 12, Seth blurts out the words, “I can’t reject her,” which triggers Molly’s insecurity as she screams back, “You can’t reject me?” Molly is too sure that her powerlessness will drive other male werewolves to reject her. She has had enough rejection in the past, and she wants to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen anymore.

Part 2: The Story’s Summaries Of The Broken Wolf Novel

The Broken Wolf Molly And Seth

The Broken Wolf Molly comes from an Alpha lineage, which makes her a definite she-wolf. Molly has resided in the packhouse within the Lunar Falls pack area since the first years of her adoption. In The Broken Wolf novel, Molly’s mother hands her child over her Luna Queen best friend when Molly was only six.

There, Molly doesn’t only live with her adoptive parents. She also has a younger brother, whose name is Robert a.k.a. Robbie. Robbie might only be one year younger than Molly, yet, he gets his wolf first. On the other hand, Molly doesn’t seem to hear her wolf despite her parents’ “beliefs” that someday she would develop the wolf’s senses.

The Broken Wolf Molly’s parents’ patience eventually hits its limit after Molly reaches over 20 years old of living. Not only that they only allow Molly to call her younger brother “Alpha Robert” instead of “Robbie”, but they also send Molly to do Omega jobs in the pack. One of the most well-known Omega jobs where Molly gets herself placed is cooking.

The Broken Wolf Novel Molly

Molly suffers from a low self-confidence level due to her state of being wolfless. Not only does she feel less powerful, but she often skips training sessions, believing she is “The Broken Wolf” a.k.a. the type of wolf who deserves rejection and any form of mistreatment.

Molly only dresses up when her parents or Robbie are prompting her to do so. Then, again, Molly’s low self-confidence in her wolf abilities also results in her isolation from other werewolves outside the Lunar Falls pack. Fortunately, Molly has Oliver, the Omega cook, who supports her.

Oliver doesn’t only become the Lunar Falls pack member to lift Molly’s confidence in her cooking skills. He also helps Molly identify Molly’s mate in her brother’s Alpha crowning ceremony. Later, it turns out that Molly’s mate’s name is Prince Seth, and he has been watching Molly this whole time.

Seth is a good man despite his Prince title. He never stops reassuring Molly that she is not “The Broken Wolf”. He repeatedly affirms to her that she is okay the way she is, well-loved, and accepted by other people around her.

Yet, how far will Seth keep up with Molly’s low self-confidence level, particularly when the “weakling” label has sat in her head for a couple of years?

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Part 3: Some Thoughts And Impressions Of The Broken Wolf

The Broken Wolf Free

Royal werewolves don’t only possess superior looks and powers than ordinary werewolves. Their populations are also scarce, which means mating any werewolves to them is a terrifying experience. In The Broken Wolf, Molly has got enough mistreatments from the King and Queen who has adopted her since she was six years old.

It’s not unusual for royal werewolves to look down upon their ordinary werewolf counterparts due to their immense superiority. Molly’s wolfless condition intensifies her vulnerable physical and mental states, especially in the first few chapters of The Broken Wolf novel.

Then, again, based on my observations, readers often associate the term “wolfless” with other name-calls, such as “pathetic” or “weakling”. The Broken Wolf novel’s stories might not explicitly mention it, but I believe, at some points, the Lunar Falls pack also unconsciously accepts the misperception.

After all, Molly’s “wolfless-ness” erodes her self-confidence. On the other hand, I can see the possibility of Molly being a higher-ranked wolf, which means her slow-downs in getting her wolf. If what I was guessing was also correct, I guess that thing explains why the Moon Goddess constantly blesses Molly with loyal supporters and a kind-hearted Prince as her mate.

At the same time, “love” and “self-acceptance” are two inseparable themes we constantly see in The Broken Wolf novel. The more you immerse yourself in this novel’s chapters, the more you will find these two intertwining themes entertaining. After all, it enriches The Broken Wolf novel’s stories and can lift your spirit as you navigate through life’s struggles.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks About The Broken Wolf Novel

The Broken Wolf Free Read

I love reading The Broken Wolf, as it is an inspiring novel. This book is a writing piece that doesn’t only remind me that the word “love” doesn’t only mean beauty and invokes positive feelings in a person. It can also erode a person’s self-confidence, particularly when we constantly feel the urge to prove anything to anyone, just like Molly in the first chapter.

At first, Molly blames her wolfless state, which causes her confused behaviors toward other werewolves. She feels unworthy of decent treatment, which I find relatable to my expressions of feelings in my daily life.

I acknowledge Molly’s difficulties in restoring her self-confidence throughout the chapters of The Broken Wolf novel. When we read the novel, we might identify with Molly’s great qualities. Molly will shine the more the author of The Broken Wolf novel permits her and other characters to showcase her inner beauty.

Overall, The Broken Wolf novel inspires us to read more chapters. I see many parts of the novel’s story that we can relate to. So, don’t wait any longer, and read this novel!

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