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The Luna Trials Novel Read Online Free Now

Savannah has refused to feel anything since her mate attempted to kill her brother. Meanwhile, the Lycan King of the Northern Kingdom has conspired with her brother to make her his wife.

Yet, Savannah should undergo The Luna Trials, a competition in which the winner will be the Luna to the Northern Kingdom’s Lycan King.

What will happen when Savannah’s ex-mate reappears, and she falls in love with a stranger in the middle of the competition?

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Part 1: The Fantastic Chapters Of The Luna Trials Novel

Chapter 1

The Luna Trials Chapter 1

Princess Savannah Stormhold used to be a happy woman before Zack Morgan, her beloved mate, made her a breeding machine while attempting to assassinate her brother. Since the moment Zack doesn’t accept Savannah’s rejection, Savannah always experiences weird dreams about Zack.

Let’s not forget The Luna Trials Chapter 1 also notes Savannah’s immunity against feelings and the mating concepts. Yet, here is she now, in the Northern Kingdom with its weird hospitality and huge, dark, and menacing architecture. Kai Fionnlagh, the Lycan King who rules over this Kingdom, has agreed with Savannah’s brother to have her as his mate when she was a child.

Yet, there is a requirement that Savannah needs to pass: The Luna Trials. She would only be the King’s mate when she won the competition!

Chapter 9

The Luna Trials Chapter 9

There’s no way the royals would grant a gardener entry to a prestigious party like the ones Savannah and other contenders attend. Early parts of The Luna Trials Chapter 9 suggest the gardener smells and dresses up like he should be when he’s working. Yet, his discussions with the Northern Kingdom personnel are signs this man’s gardener identity is only a disguise.

Later, in The Luna Trials Chapter 9, Savannah figures out the gardener is King Kai himself. King Kai is playing with her feelings by not consenting to her before he does anything to her. So, Savannah uses all of her leftover energies to dance with the King and inform him about her discomfort.

Part 2: The Core Stories Of The Luna Trials Novel

The Luna Trials Book

The Luna Trials doesn’t stop as the novel’s title nor the competition’s name in this book. Instead, it also becomes the central topic in this novel. It all starts when King Kai Fionnlagh, the fearsome Lycan King of the Northern Kingdom, collaborates with Savannah’s brother to have the sister join his kingdom as his Luna.

Savannah herself is the Princess of the Western Lycan Kingdom. She was still around five years old when King Kai proposed that way to her brother. An underage child can’t give consent, which renders the Lycan King’s proposal questionable, as the Lycan King slowly fades from the Western Kingdom personnel’s sights.

Without any memories left from the King’s ridiculous proposals to her brother, Savannah then dated Zack Morgan, a male werewolf who seemed like a nice guy at first, until she heard his plans of assassinating her brother and making her a breeding machine.

Zack’s early torture of the Lycan Princess didn’t stop there as he never accepts Savannah’s rejection. Yet, such a torment doesn’t faze Savannah. She shortly finds herself in the presence of Northern Kingdom personnel. Here, Savannah starts to have flashbacks of her childhood memories with the Lycan King Kai.

The Luna Trials Free Online

At the same time, Savannah is shocked to find out the King was not serious in his proposals. His original intention is to have her participate as one of the contenders in The Luna Trials. The Luna Trials is a competition where Savannah has to face twelve other contenders in the kingdom.

All contenders wear masks to disguise their identity for the sake of elevating the game-like experiences. The winner in The Luna Trials will be the Luna to the Lycan King.

At first, Savannah doesn’t want to involve herself in The Luna Trials. After all, her traumatic past with Zack causes her to regret feeling anything to anyone. Still, the Lycan King seems to have more than a thousand ways to make her fall for him. In the meantime, Savannah finds herself having a strange attraction to a mysterious gardener.

Who is this gardener? What is his significance to the Northern and Western Lycan Kingdoms and The Luna Trials? How will Savannah continue her love life with King Kai? Will King Kai take her seriously?

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Part 3: An In-Depth Analysis Of The Luna Trials Novel

The Luna Trials Free Online PDF Download

“Surprise” is the key word in understanding the stories happening in The Luna Trials novel. King Kai’s early proposals to Savannah through negotiating it with her brother already craft a one-of-a-kind opening to the storyline. More interestingly, this scene doesn’t only happen in one chapter.

I don’t usually love repetitions unless their purposes are to emphasize the scenes that become the novel’s main themes and elements. Yet, I make an exception for the King’s so-called requests in The Luna Trials. Had this scene never been repeated, King Kai would only be another Lycan King in the Kingdom’s universe.

I wasn’t aware of Savannah’s Princess status until I read the middle and last parts of Chapter 1 of The Luna Trials. Her ways of facing her mating trauma and communication patterns are non-stereotypical when I compare them to the typical princess characters. Yet, this part becomes one of the most lovable parts I witness in Princess Savannah of the Western Lycan Kingdom.

“Masks” and “the mysterious gardener” are two other things I associate with the keyword “surprise”, apart from the King’s early proposal to Princess Savannah. All contenders wear masks, yet, they seem to recognize each other. Perhaps since all of them are female, they can peek into other girls’ rooms when they don’t wear their masks.

The mysterious gardener appears as an ordinary person at first. I can see Savannah is sure this stranger is not an Omega, just because he disguises his aura. He seems reserved, yet, his voice tones are full of authority. It doesn’t surprise me when I read further chapters of The Luna Trials that the gardener in disguise turns out to be the King himself.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks Of The Luna Trials Novel

The Luna Trials Novel Free Download

With the competition of the King’s contenders and the royal werewolves as the story’s backgrounds and elements, The Luna Trials novel presents one-of-a-kind competitive vibes to the entire storyline. It also makes The Luna Trials a recommendable novel for any of you who think love is equal to competition.

The Luna Trials also take an arranged marriage scene to an entirely different level. King Kai was already a Lycan King when Savannah was still a little Miss Princess. His ways of taking advantage of the underaged Princess by bypassing the rules add to the dramatic parts of the arranged marriage scenes in The Luna Trials.

Savannah’s blurt-out remarks of her being a political victim are not only congruent to the nature of The Luna Trials competition. These scenes also make the novel’s stories more entertaining and thought-provoking to read.

What if the King had determined the winner of The Luna Trials before the competition ended? What if the King planned to do everything in disguise to surprise Savannah?

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