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Hot Chapters from The White Wolf’s Brother

Perhaps the popularity of werewolf stories can be connected to the truth that many cultures are familiar with these mythical creatures. And from folklore, werewolves becoming book characters are now sweeping even modern literature, and the latest trend online are these werewolf novels, like The White Wolf’s brother.

Lots of books whose main characters are werewolves have emerged online but most of their main characters are female. How about a werewolf novel with a male lead? That sounds different, right?

As an author of a male-lead novel, reading such male-lead werewolf novels excites me, and makes me excited to know how the male charm can be incorporated into this genre. So, let’s find out what this novel, The White Wolf’s Brother has for us.

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Part 1: White Wolf’s Brother

The White Wolf's Brother Story

The White Wolf’s Brother is a sequel to My Abuser My Mate but you can read this book as a stand-alone. The White Wolf’s Brother tells the story of Todd, an 18-year-old wolf who was abandoned by his father. Todd of The White Wolf’s Brother was remorseful about the kind of life he was living.

He took responsibility for taking care of his sick mother while witnessing how her mom was despised by her father’s family, and worst, he had a father who was the same as other werewolves.

His father rejected her mom after he found out that her mom was pregnant with him. Thus, he grows up hating his father and his family. When his mother died, Todd of the White Wolf’s Brother set them on a quest for revenge.

The White Wolf’s Brother as I mentioned a while ago, is a male-lead fantasy werewolf drama, whose plot centers on family conflict, romance, and fated mates. There are a few werewolf books with a troupe such as this The White Wolf’s Brother.

So, reading this novel is kind of new and intriguing. Okay, so the question here is now, his reason for living is to find and kill his father, not knowing he’ll be caught then in the middle of conflicting emotions within himself. Will he be able to live the life he dreams of?

Part 2: Todd Wilkins Main Protagonist of The White Wolf’s Brother

The White Wolf's Brother Todd

Todd of The White Wolf’s Brother is the typical nice guy. He is responsible, an ideal son, soft and caring. At one glance, you can’t see the tough badass werewolf in him, for in the first scenes he was projected as the caring son who was drowning with the responsibility he has towards her mother.

Also, you can sympathize with his struggles and motives here in The White Wolf’s Brother. You can feel his pain from the rejection and ill-treatment he got from his father’s family, and how hurting he felt looking at her suffering and heartbroken mother.

So, here in The White Wolf’s brother, we have been given a male lead character who is promising to rise into power, One who is introduced as weak, bullied, and typical at first, but then we’ll get to see Todd’s ferocious personality in the middle as he searches for revenge.

But what honestly intrigues me about Todd of The White Wolf’s Brother is his reaction when he finally gets to meet his estranged father. Will he forgive him? Or will he kill him? Or does the father have valid reasons why he abandoned them? What about his father’s family? Well, that can only be answered if you will read The White Wolf’s Brother.

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Part 3: Engaging Chapters of The White Wolf’s Brother

The White Wolf's Brother Family Drama

As an honest review of The White Wolf’s Brother, I would say that the book is engaging to read. Its kind of storytelling isn’t striking at first read, but you will find yourself flipping to the next page once you read it. So, if you haven’t read The White Wolf’s Brother here is a glimpse of its hot chapters.

The White Wolf’s Brother Chapter 1 – The Beginning

This is a building-up chapter of The White Wolf’s Brother. I would say that this chapter is engaging for here we got a detailed background of our male lead. So, he is Todd Wilkins, living a not-so-comfortable life with his mom and his grandparents. And although they aren’t rich we can see here in this chapter of The White Wolf’s Brother that Todd is a nice guy.

He is family oriented. He loves his mom, and his grandparents have been his role model. And to add he has a beautiful wolf spirit in him whose name is Dion. Also in this chapter of The White Wolf’s Brother, we see how difficult Todd’s life is.

His grandmother died in a car accident. And his grandfather followed while he was left with a sick mother to take care of. Good thing there is Carie, the beautiful nurse who helped him take care of his mom.

The White Wolf’s Brother Chapter 3 – Saying Goodbye

The White Wolf's Brother Saying Goodbye

This is a sad chapter of The White Wolf’s Brother, but this is the turning point of Todd’s story. Just then Todd was thinking about how he faces life without his mom, that’s then when he loses her. It seemed quite an ordinary day for Todd except that her mom isn’t eating anything, even her favorite salad, instead, she just listens to her favorite music.

Todd didn’t mind the strange situation yet he just realized how odd her mom had been behaving that day when the next day his mom didn’t wake anymore. At the funeral, while Todd was grieving at the cemetery, his grandmother from his father’s side came.

His grandmother feels offended by his cold treatment so they both end up arguing, while Todd blames her for the kind of life he and her mother had since his father rejected his mom.

The White Wolf’s Brother Chapter 7 – A Roll In The Hay

The White Wolf's Brother Revenge

At this point The White Wolf’s Brother, Todd already made up his mind about his new life purpose which is revenge. So, after his mother’s funeral, he arranged everything, sold the house, packed his things, contacted some people he knew who could help him, and left the town. He then began to search for his father.

We get to see a sudden shift in Todd’s character after his mother’s death. Now, in this chapter of The White Wolf’s Brother, we get to see a bolder and more determined Todd, daring enough to go through dangers. Here we see our male lead, Todd Wilkins’ character slowly developing from a weak nice guy in town to an aggressive hate-fueled guy.

Part 4: Overall Conclusion Of The White Wolf’s Brother.

I’m not fond of the drama genre, especially books that center on family drama, but The White Wolf’s brother got me. I would say that having a male lead here in this werewolf book is what makes The White Wolf’s Brother unique. Plus, the character here is lovable. They are the type, particularly Todd Wilkins, they are the type whom one could relate to and could fall in love with. That’s why this story is trending.

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