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Hot Chapters from His Mate or His Girlfriend

If you are an avid werewolf bookworm, I am positive that you have encountered situations where the Alpha rejected his mate. It is not uncommon. Sometimes a mate is unwanted for various reasons such as her weakness, her heritage, or even her appearance.

What makes His Mate or His Girlfriend a different story is that Alpha Xavier wants to reject his mate Rose, but can’t. The author twisted a little bit the normal course of such narratives and made the chosen Luna the powerful one. She is the one who holds the ability to keep Xavier as Alpha or bring someone else to take his position in the pack.

Between games of denial and rescuing one another, Xavier and Rose will go through multiple entertaining situations that sometimes will bring them together and sometimes break them apart. You won’t be able to guess the outcome until the very last chapter.

The novel is very descriptive. You get a clear picture of the events and, as the narrative progresses, things heat up and you get more hooked by the story. Xavier, Rose, and Alyssa’s characters are well-written and described, they create an interesting love triangle that will maintain your curiosity at a very high level.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of His Mate or His Girlfriend

Rose is a young girl who lived with her aunt, Maria, for as long as she could remember. For all she knows, her parents died in a plane crash when she was a little girl. The day she turns sixteen, she learns that her father is alive and her mother died during childbirth.

Even more, she is half werewolf and her birthmark is the sign that she will be Luna of the Crimson Phoenix pack.

His Mate or His Girlfriend Rose

Her father, Thomas, comes to retrieve her and take her to the pack, to protect her and prepare her for becoming the pack’s Luna and the mate of Xavier, their Alpha. Neither of the two fated mates, the Alpha, and Rose, wish to become an item, especially since Xavier already has a girlfriend and wishes to make her Luna of the pack.

Xavier doesn’t find Rose appealing at all, she looks bland, unlike his girlfriend, Alyssa, who has the right curves in the right places. Rose wishes for someone to love her and only her and is interested in Jake, a high school friend whom she helps now and then with school projects. He is one of the most popular boys in town and many girls drool over him.

A year and a half later, when Xavier returns from college, he finds a very grown Rose. She was now a sexy she-wolf, with enticing curves, long hair, and beautiful legs. Jealousy starts to eat him alive, watching Jake and other men crave her body. But he still wants Alyssa. He fights with all his might for the mate bond.

Unbeknownst to them, while trying to stay away from each other and make their separate lives with Alyssa and Jake, fate will bring them together again and again. Things get even more complicated when Xavier learns that he can only be the Alpha of the pack if he completes the mating ceremony with Rose.

He will be torn between his girlfriend, who has been there for him when his father died, and Rose, his destined mate and future Luna of the Crimson Phoenix pack. He is attracted to both of them and this will tear him apart. Will he remain faithful to Alyssa or give in to the mate bond and passion and choose Rose?

His Mate or His Girlfriend by Rubik12 depicts a bewildering love triangle. Xavier will have to fight his inner demons to decide which one is the right girl for him while also battling unknown enemies, who threaten to kill his given mate, Rose.

Part 2: Main Characters of His Mate or His Girlfriend

His Mate or His Girlfriend Alyssa


Rose is a beautiful, late bloomer teenager, with mahogany curly ringlets and a baby face. She is the average high school girl, who studies well, wishes to become a doctor, and has a crush on the most popular boy, Jake.

When turning sixteen, she learns that her parents didn’t die in an airplane crash, as she was originally told. Her mother perished right after childbirth and her father was still alive. Her aunt, Maria, had left everything behind when Rose was a baby to protect her from the werewolves who attacked their pack to take Rose away.

To her surprise, Rose learned that the strawberry birthmark on her arm meant that she was a werewolf, destined to be the future Luna of Crimson Phoenix Pack and mate to Alpha Xavier. Both she and the alpha reject the idea of being mates, Xavier even choosing his girlfriend, Alyssa to be his future Luna.

A year and a half later, when Xavier returns from college, he finds a very different Rose. Her figure changed a lot, being curvy and delicious now. Rose will try to stay away from the Alpha, but her body will ache for him.

She is destined to become Luna of the pack, whether Xavier will be the alpha or not. Rose will have to figure out if she wants to be with Xavier, while also fighting the enemies that will come after her.

Alpha Xavier

His Mate or His Girlfriend Xavier

Xavier is the Alpha of the Crimson Phoenix Pack. He is tall and his body is muscular and lean, which makes him the perfect dream boy. Xavier has a relationship with Alyssa and wants to make her Luna of his pack but his plans are turned upside down when he learns that he is betrothed to Rose, a young girl who wears the Luna mark.

At first, Xavier is adamant about his decision not wanting to mate with Rose and is committed to his relationship with Alyssa, thinking very highly of the latter. Even more, he doesn’t even find Rose appealing. Things take a huge turn when Xavier returns from college and finds a very different Rose, sexy and all curvy.

Xavier will get to know the real meaning of jealousy whenever someone approaches his mate. The mate bond will get stronger and stronger but his feelings for Alyssa will also be there, in his heart. An inner battle will consume the Alpha while trying to do right by both girls. His path will cross multiple obstacles but in the end, he will choose the right Luna for him.


Alyssa is Xavier’s girlfriend and the daughter of the Alpha of a neighboring pack. She has blonde hair, and shining blue eyes and she strives to be a lawyer one day and Xavier’s chosen mate.

Whenever she comes to Xavier’s pack, she brings goodies to the pups and even volunteers at the local orphanage. She believes that a wolf woman should be more than just a mother and pack caretaker, she should also have a career and aspirations.

Alyssa is very disturbed when learning that the Moon Goddess had mated Xavier to Rose and even tried to convince the girl to reject her boyfriend. Her path hits some rough impediments in the novel, but her strong character will manage to overcome those barriers, and, every time she seems to get alienated from Xavier, she finds her way back to him.

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Part 3: Some Hot chapters from His Mate or His Girlfriend

His Mate or His Girlfriend chapter 8

Fade into view

His Mate or His Girlfriend story

Xavier shakes Alyssa’s hand off his shoulder, determined to follow the source of the delicious smell he felt. In the diner, in a booth, there was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, together with his cousin, Jake. Her sexy figure made Xavier go mad with jealousy and he couldn’t stop but growl “Mate”.

When the girl turns, Xavier is shocked to see that the sexy woman is none other than Rose, who now had the right curves in all the right places. She tries to excuse herself, saying that she had no idea that the Alpha would be returning from college so soon.

Rose realizes that Josie, Xavier’s mother had prepared her for his coming back. She made Rose go to the hairdresser, blow dry, go to the salon, and even get a wax. At first, she believed that Rosie was helping her get ready for her date, but she made a rose beautiful for Xavier.

Alyssa tries to get her boyfriend out of the diner but the Alpha will not leave without his mate, especially now that everyone there had already heard him call Rose his mate. He makes Alyssa take his car home, while he gets a ride with Rose.

Xavier is startled by the mixed feelings he gets and the jealousy that eats him alive. This is a new feeling to him, one that prevents him from thinking logically.

His Mate or His Girlfriend chapter 9

First Kiss

Xavier is impatiently waiting for Rose to get in the car. He grabs the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles hurt, but inhaling her sweet, floral scent calms him down.

Looking at her, he gets a glimpse of the crook of her neck, right where his mark should be and the urge of marking her floods him. Mentally, he scolds himself and calms down. He resents the way she is dressed, revealing all her goodies for everyone to see.

After an awkward silence, Xavier scolds her for not listening to him and staying within the pack’s territory. In return, Rose says she did follow his orders but, for the night, she decided to go out with Jake because, after all, she needs her life and to get her first kiss finally.

Xavier was thrilled at the news that no one touched Rose and that no one in the pack showed any interest in her and he grabbed the back of her head, crashing his lips to hers. Bolts of electricity flooded both their bodies while making them feel aroused.

This was all new to Rose, but she enjoyed every moment. Triumphant, Xavier asks her what she thinks of her very first kiss.

His Mate or His Girlfriend chapters

His Mate Or His Girlfriend chapter 25


After attending the frat party, Rose found out just how popular her Alpha was in college because their pictures were all over social media pages. Jake approaches her, knowing she must be very upset after he revealed to her that he only talked to her in high school to get help with school projects.

Rose pretends she isn’t upset and fails to tell him that she asked their professor to switch lab partners. Jake insists he wants to be friends with her again and confesses that he used to study all night to not look like a moron in front of her.

After learning that Rose and Xavier aren’t an item, even though they had gone to a party together, Jake kisses her. Even though this kiss didn’t compare to the one with Xavier, Rose still enjoyed it very much.

As soon as she was in her car, Xavier called to check on her, and see whether she was ok. Not long after she started driving, she noticed that she couldn’t control the car and had to stop. She had a flat tire.

Soon after, Rose is attacked and left unconscious by a huge wolf who dragged her into the woods. Her phone dropped and there was no way Xavier could get a hold of her. He has no idea where she is, but he feels that her kidnappers haven’t harmed her yet.

He promises to find her and keep her safe. Xavier knows that, whoever took her, knew that she wasn’t marked and that they didn’t go through the mating ceremony.

Part 4: His Mate or His Girlfriend Review

His Mate or His Girlfriend Rose's kidnapper

If you are looking for a werewolf novel thrill, His Mate or his Girlfriend book is exactly what you need. From the beginning of the narrative until the end, the storyline will keep you hooked. Romantic, intimate, heartbreaking, and frightening scenes, all combined, create a wonderful story, that will break your heart and make it whole again, chapter by chapter.

I admit, at first, I was kind of rooting for Rose-Jake, and Xavier-Alyssa couples, especially after seeing how Xavier treated Rose, but, after persevering with reading, I found myself smitten with the electrical bolts that the Rose-Xavier couple was sending my way.

Each character’s storyline is well constructed, and following them will help you understand the story a lot better. At first, all of them seem tangled in the same loop, but, as the story progresses, you get to untangle them, and find out their true colors. You just need to be patient.

His Mate or His Girlfriend novel by Rubik12 is an enjoyable read. With the risk of sounding biased, I must rate the story five out of five stars. You can find the novel on Dreame platform and even read some of the chapters for free.

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