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Hot Chapters from My Vampire System

If you’re up for a fantasy-action magical novel, read My Vampire System and feel its power. This unique book will bring you a broader view of the fantasy genre. Surprisingly it’s a good read and would make you flip for more hot chapters. There are spoilers ahead but don’t worry, these hot chapters will make you more excited to read it. Before we proceed, let’s take a peek at the main storyline first.

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Part 1: The Main Story line of My Vampire System


Quinn has been an orphan since childhood, so he has had to learn to survive on his own. He was sure he would struggle to fight the Dalki, the human dragons who declared war against humans. As a result, the military decided to put the young ones through the ability test. There are two ways to improve one’s ability. One method was to spend a fortune on a magical ability book.

If you can afford it, you will quickly learn what is inside by simply reading it. If not, you will gradually gain the ability through a level-by-level fight. He was weak and always bullied, and Quinn didn’t have the urge to believe in himself. As a result, he was concerned about how his life would be affected by the war. Quinn chose the second way because he couldn’t afford the first and wanted to be fair to others.

Plus, he thinks that learning slowly is better, so he wouldn’t miss anything. However, his parents paved the way for him to have it. There was this book that his parents had given him before they died. Quinn had no idea how much the book “My Vampire System” would change his life.

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Part 2: Hot Bloody Thirsty Chapters of My Vampire System

Chapter 1 of My Vampire System: Just an Old Book

My Vampire System Book

Quinn returned home from a long day at school. He was bullied at school as usual until the last day of class. Thanks to his friend for saving him. But he wasn’t so lucky because his glasses broke when he arrived home. Quinn attempted to repair it, but the glue was no longer holding it together. Instead, his eyeglasses were completely shattered, with tiny pieces of broken glass all over the floor.

Quinn picked it up and winced as he was wounded by it, causing his blood to drip into the book. It was the book his parents had given him before their deaths. The book he’s not aware of will turn his life upside down. The following event was shocking because the book suddenly lit up brightly. There was this thing he heard ‘my vampire system’ from an unfamiliar voice before he passed out.

Chapter 4 of My Vampire System Ability level

My Vampire System: The War of Dalki

That freaking book made Quinn’s life drastically different in a matter of minutes. Quinn read the book in which “my vampire system” was written. With the mystery thrown at him by the book, the Dalki began invading humanity and harshly claiming their resources. Dalki are like human dragons that invaded humans years ago, and now they’re back again.

Because of his two years of military training, Quinn has the skills to fight back. But when the book opened, his body began to feel strange and uneasy in the sun, so the vampire system limited his time under the sun to eight hours which confused him.

My Vampire System: Changes

It was exhausting him, and he was always thirsty. Fortunately, Von was willing to help. His system, however, informed him that the man’s ability was rejected the moment they shook hands, indicating danger. Ability represents skills for the survival of war against Dalki, and Quinn doesn’t know his.

Chapter 9 of My Vampire System: Quinn’s Real Ability

My Vampire System: Ability Book

To have an ability, the military must first read the ability book. Quinn’s newfound friends began training and studying about it, but Quinn was adamant about not having one because he didn’t want one. He wanted to be fair to others and learned it gradually rather than by purchasing an ability book.

You can buy it if you have the money, and once you read it, you will absorb it as quickly as the wind. Unlike others that couldn’t afford it, their progress was plodding.

On the other hand, their trainer was confident that he would cave in and buy the ability book. But the knowledge within it is interesting in Quinn because when he opened the book his parents had given him, his system declared his ability to be 15/100 without him even starting.

Quinn gained the knowledge that fasts in just a batt of his eyes. Yes, that book turned out that it is an ability book. This chapter of My Vampire System has lots of exciting twists.

Chapter 17 of My Vampire System: Level up

My Vampire System: Hot Chapters

Quinn was delighted in his every task. He aced it and continues to gain more skills. But the task he had to complete with Rylee astounded him. Quinn’s hand broke when he blew an attack because the man’s ability was body hardening.

He winced in pain, but when the system asked if he wanted to level up, he said yes. He had no idea that question would lead him to a permanent and irreversible change. He gradually felt his body ripped from the unbearable pain of becoming a vampire. Quinn’s thirst for human blood would no longer be quenched. So, that is what “my vampire system” book all about.

Chapter 22 of My Vampire System: Lyla’s Request to be a Vampire

Read My Vampire System

Lyla has had her eye on Quinn since the beginning of their ability test. She was fascinated and astounded by the man’s abilities, and Lyla sensed something special about him. Quinn quickly leveled up without breaking a sweat. The ability book is not an excuse because she possesses it as well. Lyla had a feeling there was more.

Until her suspicions were confirmed when she caught Quinn biting someone in a fight and then drinking blood. Lyla blatantly asks Quinn if he is a vampire and asks him to turn her into one. My Vampire System’s book of Quinn’s parents will soon be revealed.

Part 3: What Makes My Vampire System Story Unique?

My Vampire System: Fantasy

It is unique because of its genre and the broad imagination of the author. The powers and creatures in this fantasy novel are complex. It takes work to make such a tale with lots of characters. However, it was done well, detailed, and always in nature. My Vampire System is a perfect choice if you’re going for genre exploring.

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