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Hot Chapters from My Lycan Luna

What was your school love story? I bet all of us have gone through this stage of school romance so I think all could relate to My Lycan Luna. School romantic fiction is popular and is especially appealing to young adults because this somehow reflects common realities among people of this age.

But it’s the feeling of love, the thrilling feeling of meeting the first love, maturation, self-discovery, and happiness that’s worth the journey. That’s why I love books of this troupe, such as My Lycan Luna, for they were not just a love story.

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Part 1: What Is My Lycan Luna?

My Lycan Luna Book

My Lycan Luna is a werewolf romance novel. It is one of the popular books in Dreame app, written by Clavet. My Lycan Luna is a romantic genre that comes with lots of elements like school love romance, soulmates, and weak to strong lead.

This novel will transport you into the intriguing world of werewolves, their unique traditions and practices, and their pack system. So, as it is stated in the novel title, the female lead here is Luna, but she isn’t a werewolf but a Lycan. In the werewolf world, Lycans are normally stronger than werewolves.

Although they may look like werewolves they have slight differences when it comes to physiology. While Luna means the alpha werewolf’s wife. The basis of every alpha werewolf in choosing their Luna is the she-wolf must be his mate. Okay, so looking at all these backgrounds, we expect here in My Lycan Luna, that the female lead isn’t someone to be underestimated.

Part 2: Main Story of My Luna

My Lycan Luna Angel's Wolf Form - Blue Purple Eyes

The main plot of My Lycan Luna revolves around Angel Sanders, a Lycan wolf who came running from her dark past, transferring to a new school and a new town. There she met her mate, an alpha wolf Colin who was sincerely interested in claiming her as his mate. But the problem is, Colin sensed something confusing in Angel.

He is sure that she’s a wolf but he couldn’t figure out if she had not shifted yet or if a wolf raised as a human. On top of that, he saw fear and pain in her eyes. She’s fierce but she’s aloof. And whatever it is, surely being mated wouldn’t just be enough for Angel and Colin to be together. While Angel Sanders of My Lycan Luna came from a dysfunctional family.

Even though she finds Colin safe and kind, still she’s been through hell to just trust someone, and that doesn’t change if that someone is her mate. So, the question here in My Lycan Luna is, will Angel and Colin’s love prevail in the end? Will the mate pull prevail against their resistance?

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Part 3: Analyzing The Main Protagonist Of My Lycan Luna

The Sweetest Revenge Angel And Colin Bike Lovers

Angel Sanders

Angel Sanders of My Lycan Luna is a teenage Lycan wolf who has not yet shifted and was expecting to have her big change once she got 18. In the story, she was depicted as a kickass female, a badass biker, and a fighter. Her personality jives pretty well with Colin since Colin loves motorbikes too.

She has a pretty face and a sexy body, yet she has that stab scar on her stomach which reminds her of that dreadful night she had gone through, and that same scar intrigues Colin about what she is behind the strong personality she tried to put on at school. There’s more to unveil about her character and of her background.

I won’t go into details about the dark past she was hiding for I might spoil your curiosity. You can check out this book instead on Dreame app.

Alpha Colin

I like this male lead of My Lycan Luna because, unlike the other werewolf books I read, at least the alpha here isn’t cold and unreasonable. One thing that I appreciate about Alpha Colin’s personality in My Lycan Luna is that he’s the kind of alpha werewolf who was true to his mate.

Though he had a girlfriend he made sure to save his purity for the mate whom he had been waiting for his whole life. But he never thought that he would be mated with a Lycan whose heart seemed unconquerable.

Part 4: Hot Chapters Of My Lycan Luna

Okay, so you already have a thorough background about the novel, My Lycan Luna. Now, if you’re curious about this and are weighing if this werewolf book is worth your time, here is a glimpse of its interesting chapters.

My Lycan Luna Chapter 5 – Royally Fucked Up With

My Lycan Luna Tamara The Love Rival

This is an action-packed chapter of My Lycan Luna. At this point, Colin is already pursuing Angel. He had shown his interest in her and had told other wolves in the pack that Angel was his mate and that they have to give respect to her as his future Luna.

But Tara, Colin’s ex-girlfriend was jealous and couldn’t just accept Colin’s breaking up with her because she wanted to become a Luna in the first place she made a relationship with Colin.

Some rouges came up nearby the school, so Colin went away to check it for a while only to come back to see Angel having a fight with Tara and her minions, causing a scene, and wrecking the school’s cafeteria. Angel’s combat skills were highlighted in this chapter of My Lycan Luna.

My Lycan Luna Chapter 7 – First Kiss

My Lycan Luna First Kiss

At this point, Angel and Colin are becoming closer, yet Angel’s hesitations are clearly shown in this chapter of My Lycan Luna. She doesn’t want to get attached to Colin. This chapter was also romantic for the highlighted scenes where Angel is kissed by Colin for it was her 18th birthday, and she was brought to his pack house and introduced to Colin’s family.

They were hospitable and nice. Everything was perfect until Tara came and ruined the moment by bringing up her past in front of Colin’s family.

Part 5: Overall Conclusion Of My Lycan Luna

The internal struggles of the main characters in My Lycan Luna are what make the plot different from the rest. It moves the plot forward too in ways that aren’t boring.

I think this is what makes this werewolf novel charming, especially to romance readers, plus the school setting is a hook to young adults too, and the Lycan Luna being crafted with a mysterious and strong personality is a plus point too. So, all in all, I could say that My Lycan Luna is worth recommending. It is definitely worth your time.

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