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Hot Chapters from A Weekend With The Alpha

Zera and Aaron’s story is unlike other romance tales. They don’t meet and greet like other couples. They don’t belong to the same world, as other couples. Zera is mundane, while Aaron belongs to the fantasy world. She is human, he is a werewolf, an alpha.

From the very first chapter, you will feel steam radiating through all the scenes. There is a constant hot, sexy game between the protagonists that will keep you awake, and hungry for more chapters.

There is nothing more thrilling than watching two playful characters put themselves in funny situations, some of them even compromising, all this to make the other one give in to his/her desires.

You won’t be able to tame your nasty thoughts once you get a peek at this story. Your hunger for intimate scenes will keep growing as the narrative develops further. A Weekend With The Alpha novel is funny, and entertaining and takes you to a beautiful world of sexual liberation and zero inhibitions.

Besides sexy time with the main characters, you will also have the opportunity to follow Zera and adjust to the newfound werewolf world. Her entire human existence will be turned upside down once she learns about Aaron’s roots and his duty. He is no ordinary werewolf, he is an Alpha who has to run a powerful pack. Will they make their relationship work?

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Part 1: The Story of A Weekend With The Alpha

A Weekend With The Alpha Romance Book

A Weekend With The Alpha by Glory Tina outlines the story of Zera Adams, a young human girl, who is abandoned by her boyfriend, Owens Pierce, after a three-year relationship. Even worse, Owens breaks up with her in favor of her younger sister, Tatiana, with whom he has been in love since the beginning of his affair with Zera.

It is no surprise that Zera feels betrayed by her family since her sister stole her boyfriend and her mother supported her decision completely and made her maid of honor at Owens and Tatiana’s wedding.

Just four weeks after the separation, Zera’s sister and her new fiancée get married, with Zera walking Tatiana down the aisle. Betty Adams, their mother, warns her older daughter not to make a fool out of herself during the reception, which throws Zera over the edge. She holds an exquisite toast, exposing her former boyfriend as a liar in front of everyone.

Alone and disowned by her family, Zera finds her way to a bar, drowning her sorrow in booze. Trying to get rid of Kevin, a customer who was coming on to her, Zera pretends to be accompanied by a sexy stranger with a white long-sleeve and blue pants.

Overhearing her pitiful excuse, Aaron comes to her rescue and even takes her to his home when Zera passes out in the bar. In a perfect twist of events, she is forced to stay in his house during the weekend. Nasty thoughts come to her mind, all of them involving Aaron, and she leaves all her chastity aside and begins a seduction game.

Aaron, werewolf, and Alpha, plays her game using his own rules. He has an upper hand due to his werewolf abilities, which are unknown to Zera. What could be the outcome of such a game? Will a two-world relationship even work and is it possible to have a human mate? Follow Zera and Aaron as they do everything within their power to make sense of the new feelings they have and the sparks they feel whenever they are together.

Part 2: Leading Characters of A Weekend With The Alpha

A Weekend With The Alpha Aaron Hart

Zera Adams

Zera is a young girl who is forced to get through a breakup the hard way. She watches as the man who was in her bed just four weeks prior professing his love for her, now marries her younger sister. To add to her sorrow, she walks Tatiana down the aisle and hands her to the one she used to think was the love of her life.

Betty Adams, their mother, has kept a grudge against her older daughter since her husband died. She didn’t treat Zera as her daughter, her affection was only meant for Tatiana and Lionel, her son.

At the wedding’s reception, Zera finally speaks up against her ex-boyfriend, telling her the truth about their relationship. While walking away, she also tells her mother to forget about having an older daughter.

She meets a handsome, sexy man in a bar, who saves her from a suitor wannabe, who becomes pushy with her and even insults Zera. The night ends with her passing out from mixing martini and whiskey and, the next day, she wakes up in a beautiful house, owned by her sexy savior.

Zera feels an immediate pull towards Aaron, she doesn’t just want but needs to be intimate with him. All kinds of thoughts come through her mind, all of them dirty and satisfying. She decides that no matter the consequences, the weekend she spends with the Alpha will be full of nakedness, sweat, and hard labor.

Aaron Hart

Alpha to a powerful pack, Aaron Hart is the epitome of hot werewolves. He dresses nice, with long white sleeves and blue pants, his hair is short and black, wears a short, trimmed beard and shows beautiful dimples whenever he smiles. Also, the Moon Goddess perfectly sculpted his body. No wonder Zera got so smitten with him at first sight.

Aaron sees in Zera a damsel in distress and decides to rescue her from the man who was bothering her at the bar. He had no intentions of things going further with a human since he was a werewolf, but fate brought her to his house for an entire weekend.

His mere presence intoxicates Zera, making her ready to jump his bones at his signal. He tries to stay away from her but can’t. Aaron wants her just as bad as she wants him and he knows that. Once they give into their passion, there is no turning back.

Aaron belongs to the werewolf kind, while Zera is human and is not even aware of the supernatural world. He will have to build up his courage to tell her the truth, especially since he is an alpha who needs to go back and lead his pack.

A Weekend With The Alpha Characters

Owens Pierce

Owens Pierce is Zera’s former boyfriend. He is insanely rich, good-looking with red-brown hair, and sky blue eyes, and, at the time, he made his girlfriend feel seen and wanted. Little did she know that it was all a facade.

He uses Zera from the beginning to be closer to her sister, Tatiana. Owens stays in a relationship with our protagonist for three years until Tatiana is no longer a minor and he can profess his love for her.

He proposes to Tatiana and marries her just four weeks after separating from Zera. During the reception, his ex-girlfriend has an outburst and exposes Owens in front of his guests for being a liar with an annoying voice who snored very loud and had bad morning breath.

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Part 3: Hot Chapters from A Weekend With The Alpha

A Weekend With The Alpha Zera Adams

A Weekend With The Alpha chapter 9

The Claiming

Aaron finally pressed his lips on hers, holding her hands above her head. Slowly, he traced all her curves, making her body jolt with pleasure. He insisted Zera tell him if he hurts her in any way. Pleasure and caution could be read in his eyes. He wanted her badly but was afraid to hurt her.

While telling Zera that she is beautiful, Aaron made love to her, gentle and affectionate. His care made her feel so good that she lost control and started swearing. Aaron loved her vulgar side. He was determined to give her a night to remember. One climax wasn’t enough for Zera. He made sure he offered her a second and a third one until she was exhausted.

Soon after, his climax also came. His disheveled hair and sweet beans of sweat was the most beautiful sight that Zera had ever seen. They remained like this, in bed, finally controlling their burning desires.

Soon after a good night kiss, Zera fell asleep, not hearing what Aaron was trying to say. Nothing mattered anymore.

A Weekend With The Alpha chapter 10

Next Day

Zera woke up the next morning feeling bewildered by the amazing experience she had the night before. Aaron had surpassed all her expectations. He was even better in bed than she imagined. She felt gratitude that Monday was still far away, but Aaron was right there, next to her, in bed.

Looking around the room, she couldn’t help but wonder how many women Aaron must have invited over and slept with. A handsome man like him surely must have had a bunch of conquests.

Soon after having these thoughts, Zera felt disappointed for ruining her good mood so she stood up and headed for the shower. While letting the water cleanse her aching body, Aaron came, not being able to sleep anymore without her in bed.

He confesses that she became like a drug to him, he needed her body to quench his needs. She agrees with him, as he has become the same as her. Right there, in the shower, Zera offers Aaron the pleasure of a lifetime, surprising him even more.

A Weekend With The Alpha chapter 46

A Weekend With The Alpha love story

Aaron was in Zera’s bed, his back to her. He was ready to tell his truth. He had waited for her after their weekend together. He waited for days, months even, but she never showed up. Aaron figured that she must have moved on so he needed to do that as well.

Before their weekend together, he was searching for his soul mate. As Alpha of the pack, he needed his mate and he was convinced that she was the one. Aaron knows that Zera overheard him talking on the phone with Ivan about a potential mate, but she misinterpreted things.

Zera lets Aaron show her how things really happen the day she left him and she learns that he was actually talking about her on the phone with Ivan, she was the mate he had found. Zera feels guilty about believing that Aaron had deceived her as Owens once did and feels the need to kiss him but stops. She had Daniel now, she couldn’t cheat on him.

Aaron tells Zera that she is free to go now, as all truth has been revealed. She is also free to take Zion with her, even though Aaron also has rights as a father. He would never be able to hate Zera, no matter what happened between them.

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