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Hot Chapters from My Jealous Alpha Step Brother

Have you thought about falling in love with someone you are forbidden with? Or like having a crush on your step-sibling? A step-brother or step-sister perhaps. Although step-sibling romance may be forbidden, it is realistic and a successful arch in the romance genre, possibly as a result of the significant obstacles that a love story in this troupe faces.

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother is one book of this troupe. This is the story of Lydia Hansson and his alpha stepbrother. Though this troupe isn’t popular yet it has a huge reader base like this novel, My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother.

The growing attraction between the two main characters as they are forced to live together in one home is an exciting plot to follow, plus the curiosity that builds up all along about how the characters will cross their step-sibling boundaries to romantic ones.

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother has all these enthralling elements that make up one good step-sibling romance. In My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother step siblings relationship here is the type wherein the main characters are strangers who now reside in their home and are not allowed to fall in love with.

I believe one of the primary reasons this type of troupe is so well-liked is that it fulfills the cohabitation cliche. Similar to the contract marriage troupe, the individuals are compelled to live together, which necessitates more frequent contact and more private intimate moments.

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Part 1: Main Plot of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Plot

Lydia Hansson of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother was an Omega of her pack. Being the lowliest in rank, her life was in constant danger but thanks to her beta boyfriend no one dared take advantage of her, but then her life changed when his boyfriend dumped her in the supermarket the day he found his mate.

Just when a group of wolves wanted to attack her, she bumped in with Avery Hale, the popular handsome alpha. In My Jealous Alpha Brother, Lydia’s meeting with Avery was unexpected, much more so when Avery kissed her just to show her ex-boyfriend that she already had moved on.

Lydia thought her life was a mess but the more it became messier when she and her mom moved into the mansion where Avery lives because from then on, Avery Hale, the alpha who sees her as the weak little wolf, is going to be his stepbrother, for her mom had married his father.

Part 2: Main Characters of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Lydia And Avery

Lydia Hansson

She is the female lead of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother. She is an Omega. She has a wonderful mom, a bubbly personality, and a loving family. Despite the fact that she was picked on and bullied at school due to her rank, Lydia was thankful that her stepbrother always came to her rescue.

Avery Hale

Avery in My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother is the perfect example of a hybrid alpha. Tall. Hot. Handsome. On top of that, he knows how to wield magic. So, a weak Omega she-wolf like her step-sister is the last thing he will notice.

Lydia was way out of his league, yet he found his perspective of her changing when she moved into their house. Little did he know he was attracted to her, yet his high and mighty self was preventing him from accepting it. Much more, their complicated relationship, being step-siblings, is what greatly hinders them.

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Part 3: Romantic Chapters of My Jealous Alpha Step Brother

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Hot Chapters

What I like about the plot of My Jealous Alpha Step Brother is that the step-sibling romance here isn’t the extremely forbidden type, for the main characters here had just fallen in love at the time when cohabitation happened.

They weren’t the type who grew up together since childhood, so with that, I found most of the chapters romantic. So, if you haven’t read My Jealous Alpha Step Brother yet, here is a glimpse of its hot chapters.

My Jealous Alpha Step Brother Chapter 2

I find this chapter of My Jealous Alpha Step Brother thrilling in the sense it is in this chapter where Lydia first meets Avery Hale. It turns out that she was a fan of his. But then their meeting that day was quite uncomfortable on Lydia’s part.

Her boyfriend had just dumped her. She was chased by a group of wolves who wanted to bully her. Good thing, Avery came to her rescue. The romantic scene in this chapter of My Jealous Alpha Step Brother is when Avery kissed Lydia to help her show to her ex that she was already over him, but then, in the end, Avery ridiculed her for being weak and little in appearance.

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Chapter 4

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Avery Hale Wolf Form

This is a romantic chapter of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother for at this point Lydia and her mom moved into Avery’s house. There were some hot sex scenes but I won’t tell much detail about them. So, the bottom line is the reason why this chapter of My Jealous Alpha Brother is romantic for me at this point, Lydia’s attraction to Avery is starting to build up.

Also, this is an interesting chapter of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother, for here we get to know much of Avery’s physiology. It turns out that he is a hybrid, half vampire and half werewolf.

His colliding bloodline is splitting his personality which made Lydia wonder why sometimes he’s sweet and sometimes grumpy. Aside from that he also possesses magic and is currently mastering his shapeshifting skill.

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Chapter 10

My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother Chapter 10

I tell you this is a hot chapter of My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother. Lots has already happened in the previous chapters, but one thing about Avery was his father wanted him to claim a mate when he’s ready despite his hybrid state.

His father wants to keep his vampire side a secret because the pack learned of it, no Luna would want him. They are scared of a bloodsucker creature like him, but not Lydia. She even gives him her blood that day when he introduces his clones to her.

So, at this point My Jealous Alpha Stepbrother, the step-sibling relationship of the main character has been completely taken aside since the two of them never had really looked at each other as step-siblings.

Avery was always there for Lydia whenever she gets bullied, and Lydia, on the other hand, was honest to herself about how she was attracted to Avery until, in this chapter of My Jealous Step Brother, Lydia finds herself giving her virginity to him.

Part 4: Overall Conclusion of My Jealous Step Brother

My Jealous Step Brother is an effective romantic story. The plot has a strong yet light conflict. What will happen to Avery and Lydia when their parents find out about their relationship? Will they stand up for their love? And how long will Avery be committed to him?

Or will another mate thing break them? There are lots of questions hanging. Yet, I will say that My Jealous Step Brother is capturing and engaging. Lydia and Avery’s love story is worth rooting for.

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