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Hot Chapters from I Inherited Billions

What does it feel like to wake up inheriting billions of money? I Inherited Billions by Lion has such a catching premise. Of course, waking up a billionaire I think is every man’s dream, and that premise hit hard on the reader’s curiosity. What will you do then? Let’s see the life of Freddie Lang. Let’s see what he did here in the novel I Inherited Billions.

I Inherited Billions is one of the popular male lead rags to riches stories in Dreame. Though this novel isn’t romantic it stands out in the app because of its catching premise. Besides, male-lead revenge stories such as I Inherited Billions are the current trend in the online reading world nowadays.

Normally male lead stories are appealing to male readers but now even females are reading this type of troupe perhaps because the stories of this troupe are really interesting, and regardless of gender, as a reader, what matters to me is a good story.

Male-lead protagonist stories such as I Inherited Billions are particularly appealing to readers who dislike romance since most male-lead novels rarely have romantic elements rather it focuses on the character’s improvement. As for this novel, I Inherited Billions, the story depicts Freddie Lang’s rise to power. And for me, that is one good, interesting, sustainable storyline.

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Part 1: The Plot of I Inherited Billions

I Inherited Billions Story

I Inherited Billions has a different setting from male lead revenge stories I read. I enjoyed reading this novel where its story was set in school. Freddie Lang is a poor student who was crazy in love with the prettiest girl on the campus and has worked day and night to save for an iPhone so he could win Lina’s heart.

But in a school of the rich where money competition was the basis of one’s worth, Lina didn’t choose Freddie. Instead, he ended up being humiliated and heartbroken. He was always picked on for being poor. While his rich rivals are continuously being praised for being rich.

Freddie Lang of I Inherited Billions is a young man who lived in a world run by money, whether rich or poor, money had its way in the world here in I Inherited Billions. Though it was never a dream of his to become rich, waking up being an heir one day had given him a greater advantage to alleviate himself from being bullied to becoming a person of importance.

But the question is what awaits Freddie Lang in the future now that he is a billionaire?

Part 2: Characters of I Inherited Billions

Aside from Freddie Lang, I noted particular characters you will love and hate here in I Inherited Billions. But of course, let’s start first with the main protagonist.

Freddie Lang

I Inherited Billions Student Freddie Lang

I love his characterization here in I Inherited Billions for unlike with other male-lead revenge stories I read, Freddie was a student, a young man. So, his world is the school and the people around him are his classmates. Freddie Lang of I Inherited Billions is lovable perhaps because he resonates with our realities.

At first, he was introduced as the young man who was working to death, tired and thrift yet still the little salary he got couldn’t change his life, much more couldn’t afford the wants of his dream girl, like he needs to work his life out just to have money for an iPhone whereas his rivals have it easy.

Another thing is, Freddie Lang’s character here in I Inherited Billions will sweep your emotions. You will pity him for being poor. You will admire him for being rich. And you’ll be surprised to see how he turned out to be a good man amidst the people who were willing to lick off the ass for money.


He is Freddie’s best friend in I Inherited Billions. I would say Chris is a friend to treasure. He is Freddie’s only ally. He is poor too like him but he is willing to help Freddie in any way he can despite that he too lacks the resources to do so. He’s sincere and he’s loyal.

Howard Lincoln

He is the underdog of the three rich kids in school. Howard of I Inherited Billions is a puzzle if he is really rich or just pretending to be one. Yet, he is toxic and boastful. He is a bully who likes to take credit for the good stuff that doesn’t belong to him.


She’s the girl who broke Freddie’s heart. Her character is difficult to fathom in the beginning chapters of I Inherited Billions but what is clear is she isn’t the dignified girl whom Freddie had imagined. The moment she breaks Freddie’s heart because of an iPhone, there it was revealed she’s the kind of girl who’s willing to become a rich man’s slut for money’s sake.

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Part 3: Hot Chapters of I Inherited Billions

I Inherited Billions Chapter 3 – Truly As Rich As A Country

I Inherited Billions Rich As A Country

I included this chapter of I Inherited Billions in the list because I find this intriguing. This chapter sweeps the readers beyond their imagination, and it’s fun to read a scenario where poor Freddie Lang stands face to face with mountains of gold, vaults, and money which was introduced to him as just a part of his inheritance.

That is an insane chapter of I Inherited Billions. Reading that makes me too stand in awe. But of course, this is quite impossible to happen in real life, but the author’s extravagant imagination is entertaining.

So, here in I Inherited Billions chapter 3 you will get to see the details of Freddie’s inheritance as he was asked to come as a VIP in a bank where some of his inheritance was deposited.

I Inherited Billions Chapter 5 – The Embarrassment Of Howard Lincoln

I Inherited Billions Luxurious Dining Scene

This is an exciting chapter for me because here we get to see Freddie having a payback time over his bullies. I love the restaurant scene in this chapter of I Inherited Billions. At this point, Freddie was still keeping his billionaire identity a secret. Instead, he invited his classmates to dine in a high-end restaurant and promised he would pay the bill.

His classmates then couldn’t believe it and were laughing at him thinking he would get himself embarrassed in the end. But it was Howard who got shamed for taking the meal and honor that wasn’t for him. He tried to impress his classmates when a meal was served to them with a note that said for the host with an L in the last name.

Since Howard’s last name starts with L, he assumed the meal was for him but it was really for Freddie Lang. In the end, Howard gets slapped by the restaurant owner for eating a meal that wasn’t for him. Now, he gets karma for bullying Freddie.

Part 4: Overall Conclusion of I Inherited Billions

I Inherited Billions Conclusion

I think it’s the world-building that makes this book I Inherited Billions stand out from the rest of male lead revenge novels. It is rare to see a school setting and students as characters in troupes like this.

Nevertheless, the money competition, the clamor for social significance, self-worth discovery, and the rise to power are all fascinating elements that made this story I Inherited Billions a great book. Yeah, I said this is a great book for the story I Inherited Billions doesn’t just give us one worn-out revenge plot but it shows its readers the splendid side of money, its ugly face, and the true measure of a man.

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