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Hot Chapters from How to Get My Husband on My Side

Royal romance is slowly invading the romance world. This is a love story between a knight and a queen, prince, or princess, and having that kind of storyline will bring amazement to the readers. One of those is the How to Get My Husband on My Side novel.

What a long title, right? But there was a meaning behind those words. Hot chapters will surely have you asking for more once you read them, but before we proceed, let’s take a glimpse first at the story’s plot and lead characters.

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Part 1: The Plot of How to Get My Husband on My Side


Have you ever read a novel where the protagonist is also the villain? Confusing? Here’s why. Lady Rudbeckia, the princess of the South, has an evil brother, Cesare, who loves manipulating her by getting her to be married by royalty, the strongest knights, or kings whenever he has a prospect from a powerful town.

Cesare is a trickster, and Lady Rudbeckia loathes her. The woman, however, is powerless to stop him. To be safe, she became her brother’s accomplice in all crimes. After they get what they want, she either divorces or her brother Cesare murders her husband, but not until she marries Lord Izek, the greatest knight in the North.

She was tired of doing bad things to innocent people, so she sought the Lord’s forgiveness for them to divorce early. Lady Ruby wants to be free. She worried that Lord Izek would be angry with her once he found out the truth, so she asked herself, “How to get my husband on my side?” Lady Ruby wants to be honest with him and get far away from her brother after. But it never happened.


Lady Rudbeckia was surprised by how well Izek treated her. Lord Izek listened to her story, even though she had done bad things in the past, the knight did not judge her, far different from how her ex-husbands had treated her. She grew to love Lord Izek over time, and the knight’s sister, Ellain was also lovely to her.

Lady Ruby has found a sister in Ellain. She felt the true feeling of belonging to a family for the first time. She was very happy with how Lord Izek’s family treated her. Lady Rudbeckia’s decision changed from divorcing Lord Izek to falling in love with the knight.

But her brother Cesare was so opposed that he planned a war with the North. Her plan “how to get my husband on my side” turns out victorious, but Lady Rudbeckia knows it would be a bloody fight.

Part 2: The Lead Characters of How to Get my Husband on My Side


Lady Rudbeckia or Lady Ruby and Lord Izek are the lead characters in How to Get My Husband on My Side novel. Their personalities are reserved and royal. From their social standing to the traditions of the fantasy genre in which they were portrayed, they fit the mold of a royal couple.

Lady Ruby’s innocent yet fierce personality perfectly complements Lord Izek’s cold, ruthless, yet caring demeanor. In this story, they will constantly clash, but you will feel their chemistry in every scene.

Furthermore, Lady Ruby’s behavior will put Lord Izek to the test of his patience. When they fought over trivial matters, it was always done in such a regal way that it made the readers smile.

Part 3: The Hot Chapters of How to Get My Husband on my Side

How to Get My Husband On my Side

Chapter 01: Lady Rudbeckia’s Fear


She was a scared queen in how to get my husband on my side chapter 1. In this chapter, fear consumed her all the time, and she served as a prison for her family’s powerful desire. Before her mother’s death, she was a pampered and adored princess, but afterward, everyone in her family changed.

Her cruel brother Cesare and ruthless father always used her as bait to gain a high position in the royal world. To be famous and threatened others. It was her life for years now. As a result of the fact that Lady Rudbeckia was a puppet, she ended up playing the role of the enemy as well.

She had four marriages, but on the fifth, he planned to take her husband’s side. Knowing Lord Izek was a powerful knight of the North, her plan of “how to get my husband on my side” was risky, she was hoping that it will work, and she would finally be able to escape her selfish and heartless family.

How to Get My Husband On my Side

Chapter 017: Quarrel


In how to get my husband on my side chapter 17, Lord Izek and Lady Rudbeckia are in a quarrel. Lady Rudbeckia did something that irritated Freya, Lord Izek’s friend, but she was aware that the girl liked her husband. She just did that because she was jealous.

Lord Izek became enraged due to a misunderstanding between the two. When his husband told Lady Rudbeckia to go home to her family because she was always getting into trouble, she was hurt.

Lady Rudbeckia was also hocked and terrified because she didn’t want to go back there. So, she apologized and promised Lord Izek that she would not do it again. Never in her life would she return to that manipulative family again!

How to Get My Husband On my Side Chapter 29: Kneel in One Knee


Lord Izek and Lady Ruby are at a party in How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 29. Lord Izek’s feelings toward her became gentler and calmer over time. They sometimes laugh and talk about life.

Their feelings for each other are thriving like blossoms, but Lord Izek is the more denialist of the twoHe used to hide her feelings by suddenly being grumpy with his wife. What a lame act!

Lord Izek, on the other hand, has his own way of making Lady Ruby’s heart race with sheer delight. He suddenly got down on one knee and fixed his wife’s shoes, even telling her they looked nice. Isn’t it cheesy?

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