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Hot Chapters from His Luna’s Already A Luna

A mutt. That was the term for a wolf who had no home or pack and was simply a stranger in the forest. When a pack member came across Lucinda, Alpha Nick referred to her as a mutt. But when he discovered that the woman was an expert in hand-to-hand combat, his curiosity was piqued.

Besides that, the latter was once wolfless but was already a Luna. That’s an odd thought for an alpha like him to have. As soon as his eyes locked on Lucinda’s, his wolf no longer wanted to be apart from the woman, and he felt the same way.

The attraction between Alpha Nick and Lucinda grew stronger over time. There was something about the heat that drew them together. Despite their dislike for one another, their bodies speak otherwise. It was their wolf talk that made them crave each other. And the more they denied it, their mate bond put them together. Alpha Nick had no idea that Lucinda was his Luna, his luna’s already a luna.

Before we proceed to the hot chapters, let’s take a quick stab at the lead characters first.

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Part 1: The Lead Characters of His Luna’s Already a Luna

Lucinda, The Moon Goddess

His Luna's Already a Luna: The Moon Goddess

His Luna’s already a Luna Lucinda was the most powerful female lead I’d read in a werewolf romance novel. Lucinda is a moon goddess who married Alpha Matthew of the White Lotus Pack. He was the love of her life, the father of their two beautiful angels, and he was murdered by Alpha Darwin – the Alpha who killed her family was obsessed with her, and claimed her as his mate.

To survive, she stabbed herself and pretended to be dead in front of the evil Alpha, and as soon as the enemy left, she saved the remaining members of the white lotus pack. From then on, her people looked up to her as their Luna, even in the absence of their Alpha.

Lucinda was wolfless for a long time before she had her own. To protect her people back then, she trained herself to be a good warrior with her hands and her knives to beat the enemies.

Alpha Matthew loves the pack so much, that she continues to lead. Lucinda promised herself that she would not fall in love again. But she would eventually eat her words once she met her mate.

Alpha Nick

The Moon Goddess' Mate: His Luna's already a luna

He is the Blue Moon Rising Pack’s Alpha. Because of his smugness, his character will make you grin in wonder. He was outraged when he first met Lucinda because the woman had nearly amputated his head in an encounter with the rouges.

They will hate each other at first, but eventually, their bodies will crave each other’s heat, which is only natural given that they were mates. Alpha Nick will eventually fall in love with him. Luna Lucinda was his mate, his luna. His luna was already a luna before she met the woman.

His patience will be tested because their mate bond was not strong enough. But when Alpha Darwin reappeared, he was given a chance to be closer to Lucinda and protect her.

Their mate’s bond will be tighter as a result. But would that be enough, knowing Lucinda was still in mourning and love with her deceased husband, Alpha Matthew?

Part 2: Hot chapters of His Luna’s Already a Luna

Chapter 4: Invitation to the Mating Ball

His Luna's Already a Luna: Mating Ball

A mating ball is like a party where you can smell or sense your mate, typical of werewolves. In this scene of His Luna’s Already A Luna, the moon goddess invited nick, but he declined.

At first, he was adamant. But when his beta, Jeremy, told him it would be held at the Blue Moon Pack, where they met the ‘mutt’ who nearly lost his head with her fantastic knife skills, he reconsidered.

His Luna's Already A Luna: Luna Lucinda and Alpha Nick

Since that night, that girl had been on his mind every single day. Alpha Nick became intrigued by the woman’s appearance because she wore a black mask. Not a friendly one. So, he went to the mating ball to satisfy his curiosity. Jeremy laughs to his face because Nick admires the woman.

Chapter 29: The first night of His Luna’s Already A Luna

His Luna's Already A Luna by Jennifer Francis

Luna Lucinda is already in the Blue Moon Rising Pack in this chapter of His Luna’s Already A Luna, Alpha Nick’s territory. Alpha Corey and Alpha Nick negotiated for a long time before she agreed to be Alpha Nick’s mate as if she had a choice. She couldn’t do anything because it was for her own safety.

Alpha Darwin was hunting for her, claiming her as his mate. What a crazy alpha! Because Alpha Nicolas is her mate, Lucinda will be safe with him. Alpha Nick will do everything to protect her. It was also their first night sleeping together.

Alpha Nick immediately drew Lucinda closer and kissed her once they entered his room, filled with desire and longing to be mated with her. He had his hands all over her. On the other hand, Lucinda was easily affected by Alpha nick’s heat until they started moaning each other’s names.

Chapter 34: Love and Hate of His Luna’s Already a Luna

His Luna's Already A Luna: BedMate

The heat is still on in this chapter of His Luna’s Already A Luna. Lucinda had been with the Blue Moon Rising Pack for weeks, and Alpha Nick couldn’t get enough of her. They were always under the sheets almost all day.

This chapter is amusing because they were back on love-hate. Lucinda tried to break free from Alpha Nick’s grasp, but they were already in bed, so her chance of doing it was slim. Nick continues to hug her, but Lucinda is determined to push him.

Alpha Nick just chuckled and pulled her more. She was able to separate herself from her mate, but her second attempt to flee was foiled when Nick slid his hands inside her shirt, doing his favorite thing.

What a hot scene!


Part 3: The Author of His Luna’s Already A Luna

His Luna's Already A Luna Jennifer Francis

Jennifer Francis wrote His Luna’s Already A Luna. Incredible as it may seem, her novel in Dreame has been read by over 32,000 people. The amazing twists and turns and the selfless love story of the main characters will astound readers. His Luna’s Already A Luna by Jennifer Francis is a must-read werewolf romance novel.

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