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Smartie Romance | His Chosen Mate Book Review

Cora Williams, the half-werewolf female MC of His Chosen Mate, has never shifted in her lifetime. That part is the reason why she separates herself from her pack. However, His Chosen Mate Cora is a smartie a.k.a. brilliant woman, since she takes a brave decision to continue her study abroad when she turned 18.

Cora found a new young Alpha with his intimidating posture as soon as she continued her study. What’s more, this Alpha known as Noah is not only Cora’s childhood friend and crush. Instead, he is also the future leader of Cora’s pack… And he refuses to give up on winning Cora’s heart.

His Chosen Mate Cora also doesn’t lose her composure while she flirts back at her childhood crush who tries to make her His Chosen Mate.

Questions: How will the two parties partner romantically? Will Noah be a kind and loving partner toward Cora?

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of His Chosen Mate

Cora Williams

His Chosen Mate Cora

His Chosen Mate Cora Williams has a werewolf dad (name: Mason) and a human mom (name: Ashley), which makes her unusual when compared to other werewolves and humans. For instance, she can’t shift despite her being an 18-year-old woman, which makes her a subject of ridicule by her other pack members.

Still, I admire Cora’s bravery in His Chosen Mate novel, for she considers studying abroad as soon as she moves out of her pack. Here, I would say that Cora is different from any other she-wolves and humans in werewolf romance stories who only think about mating.


His Chosen Mate Alpha Noah

Young, handsome, and powerful – these three words are the words that Mera, Cora’s sister, uses to describe His Chosen Mate Alpha Noah, the Orchard pack’s Alpha. Indeed, Noah is the one who defeats Jax, Cora’s brother, and also strips her father from his Alpha position.

In His Chosen Mate, Noah is more than just a stereotypical Alpha with his authoritative presence and powerful battle skills. His strategic skills are impeccable, too, especially in his ways to organize the pack’s city buildings.

Other Characters

His Chosen Mate Other Characters

As for other characters in His Chosen Mate, we know Mason has more appearance and dialogue portions than Cora’s other family members (such as her mother and sister) and other characters (like Chris or Jax). It implies that he’s a protective father to his daughter.

As we turn the pages to read more chapters of His Chosen Mate, we also recognize Bea and Justin, the pairs who seem to have known Noah for a long time. Anyway, Justin used to be Cora’s crush long before her encounters with Noah.

Part 2: The Storylines Of His Chosen Mate Cora And Noah (And Others!)

His Chosen Mate Cora And Noah Stories Dreame

The Orchard pack is the name of the pack where Noah, the Alpha leads, in His Chosen Mate. Meanwhile, Cora Williams, the half-werewolf and half-human 18-year-old woman in the same pack is one of the pack members.

Does it make His Chosen Mate Cora Noah’s daughter? No! In His Chosen Mate novel, Cora’s werewolf father’s name is Mason Williams, and her human mother’s name is Ashley. Apart from her parents, Cora also lives with her sister, Mera, who regularly mocks her.

It’s all because Cora is unable to shift despite her being an 18 years old pack member! Alpha Chris, who is supposed to be the current Alpha of the Orchard pack, has stepped down from his Alpha duty. His son, Jax, fails to defeat Noah in a battle, which makes him stripped from his inheritance as a future Alpha.

In His Chosen Mate novel, Cora begins to acknowledge these things the moment she continues her study after she moves out from the Orchard pack. She encountered Noah when the two were in a campus environment.

That time is also the time His Chosen Mate Cora and Noah start to feel attraction toward each other! For me, one of the most memorable parts in His Chosen Mate is when Noah mentions to Mason that he has such a wonderful daughter…

Upon reading more chapters of His Chosen Mate , my mind starts to question: How will Cora and Noah form relationship dynamics in this one of best werewolf romance novels? Anyway…

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Part 3: Let Us Meet The Author Of His Chosen Mate

His Chosen Mate Sabrina Kader

We already know that, in Dreame’s His Chosen Mate, Cora is a one-of-a-kind female MC: She doesn’t think about mating as much as other stereotypical she-wolf characters, instead, she cares more about educating herself and beautifying her mind. So, we may wonder, who is the wonderful author behind His Chosen Mate?

Then, we would look at the book’s cover – a place where the author always puts his or her name to make it visible to the readers. We get the name of Sabrina Kader, a 27-year-old Malaysian housewife, who is also a talented romance writer.

If you ever read books like The Human Mate, Bewitching The Alpha King, Falling For The Alpha, and others, you would be familiar with her writing style when you read the chapters in His Chosen Mate! I would say that Sabrina specializes in writing a female MC who appears modest in the first few chapters, yet, they hold special powers that are unthinkable of people and beings around them.

Anyway, this amazingly-written werewolf romance novel is the most recently updated Dreame novel by Sabrina so far! Do you like reading this novel? Try following her Instagram account or any of her social media accounts to get a glimpse of other novels’ updates. Or, you can also see on Dreame’s Homepage: Who knows, maybe, one of her novels can be categorized as Top Ranks, Moon Tickets, and others?

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