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Anna had actually just left her fiancé to her house when she realized that she forgot her wedding veil at their new house. As is normal practice, it is taboo for the couple to see themselves before the wedding time on the day of their wedding so according to After Marrying My Boss Novel, Anna needed to collect the veil that very night. She returned to her and Justin’s new house without telling him that she was returning, aiming to surprise him.

Little did Anna know that as soon as she left Justin that evening, her best friend since high school, Mabel, had resumed taking Anna’s stead. It was like a dream when Anna entered the building and started to hear strange moaning from a woman’s voice. The closer Anna got to the bedroom where she would find Justin, the clearer the moaning sounded, and she almost dropped dead by the time she opened the door which was already a creak ajar.

By the time Anna opened the door, she saw the shoes and clothes of a woman straddled on the floor, while her eyes met with her best friend, Mabel. Mabel increased the intensity of her thrusts on Justin while she looked at Anna with disregard. One would think that having been caught in the act like that, Mabel would jump off from Justin’s body, but she only sought to make Anna more upset by riding Justin harder.

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Part 1: All About After Marrying My Boss

After Marrying My Boss Claire Gilbert

Provocative words started coming out of the mouth of Mabel as soon as she saw Anna at the door. It was not until Mabel saw Anna that she started to ask Justin why he was cheating on Anna on the eve of their wedding. Justing replied that him and Mabel have been going at it since time immemorial, so it did not matter if they had sex or not on his wedding eve, that it still boiled down to one and the same thing, he was cheating on her.

Anna stood at the door and heard everything that Justin said to Mabel, and to think that Mabel had a satisfied sneer on her face was even more difficult to come to terms with. While she was trying to take in what she heard, Mabel broke the ice and told Justin that Anna was at the door. Justin did not believe her at first. For crying out loud, she had just left him, how would she return so soon and that late at night? Justin flipped Mabel over, and his eyes widened when he indeed saw Anna at the door.

After Marrying My Boss Novel narrates that Justin hurried towards Anna, trying to explain. Of course, he would try to plead with her, but what did he expect? No woman will accept that type of humiliation from any man, so Anna disregarded him. She wished she could beat the hell out of Mabel, but only managed to harass her a bit, from which Justin still protected Mabel. Anna almost went crazy. It became even worse when Mabel revealed that her son belonged to Justin.

Mabel had a son that Anna always wondered who the father was, and Anna was just getting to find out the harsh truth. In the past, any time Anna asked Mabel about the father of the boy, Mabel always declined to respond to the query, and so Anna thought to let her be, assuming that Mabel must have been hurt by the man and would rather not talk about him. She just got to find out the truth, and to think that Justin did nothing to refute what Mabel had said blew Anna’s mind even more.

Anna left the house eventually and went to the bar to cry her sorrows away, and that was where she saw Justin’s boss, Michael Shaw. Anna developed a longing for revenge as soon as she saw Mr. Shaw. Since he was Justin’s boss, Justin would find it very difficult to accept being cheated on by Anna even though he cheated on her first. “Spend the night with me.” Those were the words that came out of Anna’s mouth after she decided to use Mr. Shaw as a weapon against Justin, and staggered towards him, deliberately falling into his arms.

It was safe to say that Anna was heavily drunk because even though Michael Shaw frowned at her offer at first, he eventually gave in, and they had a wild night in the hotel room that he checked them into. Anna woke up the following morning and was shocked when she saw herself in bed in a hotel that she had no idea how she got there. Just then Michael spoke to her, demanding to know if society had become so bad and brazen to the extent that women offered themselves to men cheaply.

While Michael was reprimanding Anna, After Marrying My Boss Novel has it that he noticed that Anna was a virgin from the blood stain he saw on the bed sheet. What did that mean? It meant that all the accusation he gave Anna about being a lose woman was false, and he was the only man that had slept with her.

Okay, now that Michael had confirmed that she was not a lose woman, he had to blame her for something else, and so Michael accused her of wanting money from him which again, Anna declined, stating that she did not need his money in any way, and that both of them had merely done themselves a favor. After saying that, Anna left.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of After Marrying My Boss

Chapter 9

After Marrying My Boss Chapter 9

Nothing much to see in this chapter of After Marrying My Boss but the fact that the three friends were at logger head. Of course, it was Natalie against Mabel at first. Whatever must have transpired between them soon erupted into an argument that led Natalie to calling Mabel a slut. Mabel did not like it of course, and confronted Natalie but the fact that she was the one who had snatched someone else’s fiancé denied her the satisfaction of being in the right. Natalie could only rain more insults on her, including calling her a home wrecker.

After the argument between Natalie and Mabel happened, Anna tried to make Natalie leave but Mabel still had the audacity to ask Justin to stand up for her.

“Shouldn’t your friend, Natalie, apologize, considering her harsh words to Mabel just now?”

Those words were said by Justin ti his former fiancé, Anna, when Mabel coxed him to help her fight. Justin actually went ahead to demand an apology from Natalie, and that was something he would soon come to regret. Before Justin knew what was going on, Anna gave him the tongue lashing of his life. Justin was surprised, as he never expected Anna to raise her voice at him and reveal what he had done to her in front of everyone. There were a lot of onlookers watching the drama.

“Natalie didn’t say anything wrong. It was you who cheated on me and betrayed me first. You duped me for a whole seven years, yet you want my friend to apologize to a home wrecker? What gives? What right do you have to demand that I apologize, Justin Xenakis?”

Those were words from Anna Garcia, rebuking her former fiancé for daring to stand up for his mistress yet again.

Chapter 15

After Marrying My Boss Chapter 15

Justin Xenakis was obviously still attached to Anna in this chapter of After Marrying My Boss Novel. Anna Garcia had just finished a job interview at an advertising firm that happened to belong to Michael Shaw, and while she was thinking about the odds of her getting hired, Justin showed up to bother her again. Their relationship was officially over, so seeing Justin in front of her trying to get an answer from her upset Anna to the limit, and to think that he felt very entitled.

Did you or did you not sleep with him? Since when did you become such an easy woman? Was the innocent side you showed me a lie all along?”

The nerve of Justin Xenakis to demand an explanation from Anna. Justin was the person that made the statement above to Anna, asking her if she had slept with his boss, Michael Shaw.

What’s your relationship with Mr. Shaw? Why were you being so chummy with him at the mall the other day? Also, what did he mean when he said he will be gentler the next time? Did you sleep with him?”

Justin Xenakis had his testosterone spilling over as he demanded to know if Anna had reduced him so much as to sleep with another man, and not just another man but his boss for that matter. Anna was right when she made the plan to sleep with Michael Shaw, she knew it would hurt Justin to the bone, and it did from the look of things.

Part 3: Author’s Perspective And Conclusion Of After Marrying My Boss

After Marrying My Boss Read Online

The author of After Marrying My Boss Novel narrates a story of betrayal and revenge best served cold. Unlike the norm of weak female leads, the female lead of this novel would not watch her dignity go down the drain because of a man that was unfaithful so she struck back with fire for fire.

A story which is clearly narrated, the author if the novel provides wit to the readers, and glam which carries the aura of the novel. Michael Shaw picking an interest in Anna, gave the novel an executive feel that makes it unique with it’s own unique dominance over other web novels of the same trope.

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