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Forced Marriage With The Billionaire

Synopsis of Forced Marriage With The Billionaire

Charles Luke, the CEO of Luke Group, and a gorgeous, well-known, experienced man, supported the tournament.

Elena’s roommate simply attended the photo shoot to show Elena support after she registered her for a “competition.” They had no idea, though, that Elena would eventually infiltrate Charles Luke’s reality due to a plot by the evil.

Forced Marriage With The Billionaire Chapter 1- The Attack

Elena Hayes frowned because of the deafening music in the surroundings.

She passed through the crowd under the dim light and glanced around at the faces of the men and women who were indulging themselves in the dance floor, and quickly looked away.

“Hi cutie, come to have a drink. It’s on me.” A drunken man said as he got in Elena’s way.

“Get away!” Elena said coldly, her voice full of impatience.

The drunken man was very disgruntled. He reached out one of his arms to stop her.

Seeing his arm in front of her, Elena suddenly grabbed his wrist and strongly twisted it.

“Ouch!” The man yelled, but his voice quickly disappeared in the loud music.

Elena grunted and let go of his wrist. The man looked at her with fear in his eyes and dared not go toward her again.

After solving that situation, Elena continued to squeeze into the crowd. She came here looking for someone.

Her dorm roommate was drunk and called Elena to pick her up, but Elena looked around in the bar and did not find her.

“Elena!” A familiar voice called.

Elena turned back and found Winnie Ross was calling to her.

“Have you found Selene?” Elena asked.

Winnie said in a panic, “I heard that someone saw Selene being taken to the men’s room by a few


“Show me the way!” Elena said in a hurry.

The two of them rushed towards the men’s room. Winnie was still worried, “I heard that there are four or five guys. Should we call the police?”

“It will be too late by the time the police arrive!” Elena thought for a while and said, “I’ll go in first, you wait for my signal and then take Selene!”

“What about you? No, it’s too dangerous!” Winnie quickly shook her head.

“Relax, I know I can’t beat all of them, I should be fine escaping from them though,” Elena said slowly.

The two arrived at the door of the men’s room. Winnie had no choice but to agree with what Elena proposed even though she had a bad feeling.

Elena looked into the men’s room and saw a man with his back to her, starting to taking off his suit. In front of him was her drunk roommate, Selene Lynch!

Elena’s expression turned angry as she rushed in!

“Stop!” She yelled as she punched the man’s back.

Charles Luke heard the movement behind him. He leaned sideways and dodged Elena’s fist and then grabbed her wrist!

“What are you doing?!” Charles said. There was a hint of anger in his calm eyes.

Elena tried to pull her fist back, but it was being held tight by the man’s hand. She could not move her hand so Elena violently pushed Charles back against the wall and immediately shouted, “Winnie!”

Winnie rushed in, grabbed Selene, and dragged her towards the door of the men’s room. “Go!” Seeing them leave, Elena let out a deep breath. Elena was still trying to pull her hand back but Charles still had a tight grip.

“Let go!” Elena said with a little panic and anger in her voice.

Elena knew some self-defense techniques, which were only useful on one or two normal guys, but the man standing in front of her this time was by no means normal.

She had to find a way to escape. She came here to rescue someone, not to sacrifice herself.

“Hey lady, don’t you think you own me an explanation?” Charles questioned coldly.

A while ago, Charles came to the men’s room and saw a few guys getting ready to bully a drunk girl. He threatened them and they left but the girl had puked all over his suit.

Just as Charles was taking off his coat, he was attacked by Elena.

“Explanation?” Elena shouted, “Explain to a scum who bullies women like you do? Guys like you only want to do dirty things when a girl gets drunk! Are you only thinking with your manhood?”

Charles was a bit stunned, and then he knew she had misunderstood him.

Charles tightened his fingers and said with mockery, “Do you really think I need to get a girl drunk to lay my hands on her?”

The pain in her wrist got worse. Elena glared at Charles but didn’t understand what he meant.

“So, what?” Elena said angrily, “Do you think that you have such a good-looking face and you can fool every woman in the world?”

Charles was a little bit angry. Although this girl was not bad, her IQ was a problem.

He was about to explain to her, but now he suddenly wanted to tease her. Charles used some strength and Elena spun around.

She put Charles against the wall a moment ago, but now they switched positions.

At her back was the cold wall, and in front of her was Charles who was smiling with satisfaction.

He punched his hand on the wall and leaned his body against her.

“What…What the hell are you doing?” Elena was annoyed. She was starting to get a bit scared.

In this case of Kabe-Don, Elena was not appreciative.

“You abused me for some ridiculous reason. Now I want you to see, I can bully a girl who is not drunk.” Charles twitched his lips and smirked. “You are not drunk. And I can still bully you.”

Elena was beginning to panic, “You…hey!”

When he put his lips on her lips, the soft touch made him get a bit carried away. Charles almost forgot he only wanted to tease her.

In the sudden attack, Elena’s eyes widened, a shocked expression came across her face.

The next moment, her fingers were on his belt.

Charles froze when he felt her grasping at his waist. He looked at her in disbelief.

This girl…actually untied his belt?

While Charles deep in thought about if she set him up. Elena knew now was her chance! Elena lifted her leg and kicked towards his groin!

Charles had to dodge the attack but Elena used all her strength to pushed him aside and run quickly towards the door.

“Freeze!” Charles’s face turned red with rage.

This bad-ass girl actually began running out the door with his belt.

Even though she had made it to the door of the men’s room, Elena actually stopped and turned to look at him.

“Give it back to me.” Charles looked less than pleased.

“You can just take off your pants to catch me for the belt!” Elena swayed the belt in the air, looking entertained.

Charles looked at her coldly, stepping toward her. But his expression changed suddenly, he had to use both of his hands to hold his pants up.

It turned out the cunning girl not only took his belt but also unzipped his pants. He had no way to chase her in this condition.

“Alright, I take back what I said. You are a bad ass b***h with some tricks.”

Elena was enjoying watching him squirm.

“This is a lesson for you!”, Elena said, “Be prepared to take your last breath the next time I see you!”

Forced Marriage With The Billionaire Chapter 2- Rivalry

Elena arrogantly walked out of the men’s room but when the door shut Elena felt beaten. Her beautiful face was full of anger and frustration.

Elena clenched her fists as she had never come across such a big loss before!

She went there to rescue her roommate, but her first kiss had been stolen. She had to play a small trick to get out of the situation and use a few threats which could prove nothing.

Elena really wanted to head back inside and beat Charles, but…she was no match for him in terms of power!

Elena was still very aware of the situation. She had to swallow the less-than-perfect victory. All in all, Selene was fine.

Elena hurried out of the bar, to see Winnie holding the drunken Selene, on the nearby corner.

“Elena! Here!” Winne yelled.

Elena walked over and she let out a sigh of relief, “You guys are still here?”

“I was worried about you.” Winnie added, “Are you ok?”

The overbearing and sudden kiss of the man instantly popped into her head. Elena’s fingers shook with fury.

“…I’m fine,” Elena said in an unhappy tone.

What had happened had already happened. Nothing would change even if Winnie knew about it, so she decided to keep it to herself.

“That’s good.” Winnie relaxed. Suddenly, her eyes fell on Elena’s hands. She asked with curiosity, “Elena, why are you holding a belt? What happened? Whose belt is that?”

Elena was embarrassed.

Her mind was in chaos and she was still holding on to the belt!

“Nobody’s.” Elena quickly placed the belt on the roof of a nearby Maybach. She quickly ran over to hold Selene in her arms and diverted the topic, “Go ahead, I will explain it to you later.”

Winnie looked at her suspiciously, but she didn’t push the topic.

Charles was still in the men’s room hiding in a stall. His face was pale.

He was never treated like that before. That cunning girl took advantage of him.

“Mr. President,”Samuel Hunk knocked on the door of the stall and said, “I’ve procured a new suit for you.” Charles opened the door and took the pants from Samuel.

Samuel was waiting outside in a bit of surprise. Charles actually sent him to buy pants for him, so what happened to his original pants?

Samuel could not refrain from imagination. In a place like a bar, especially in the washroom…Was the President having an affair with a blonde and meet in this place?

Charles had always been very self-disciplined, and there was no scandal around him. Samuel had always been very curious about what kind of woman could catch Charles’ eye.

After changing clothes, Charles came out with a gloomy face, “This is a top secret! You never saw me in this place!”

Charles had never felt so ashamed.

“Aye sir,” Samuel answered immediately.

Charles was a little annoyed as he was walking to his car.

Just after Charles opened the car door, Samuel suddenly said, “Mr. President, there seems to be something on your roof.”

Charles frowned for a second.

Suddenly, his pupils shrank. He quickly took the thing off the car roof.

It was his belt…placed on the roof.

Charles twitched his lips.

Today he lost a game to that sly girl. He didn’t intend to pursue the situation. After all, it was a misunderstanding.

But that sneaky little thing put his belt on his car, was she deliberately provoking him?

“Samuel, ” Charles said with a mild tone, Go find out who put that thing on top of my car.”

“Aye, sir.” Samuel was a little confused but agreed.


Back in the dormitory, Elena didn’t sleep well. She was awakened by the noise in the dormitory early in the morning that day.

“Winnie, help me sign up!”

“Why don’t you do that yourself?”

“I have a headache. ”

“Look at that! Who went out and got drunk! Now you know what a headache feels like? Remember that you are still a senior student with graduation ahead! Next time, don’t expect Elena and I to go pick you up…”

“What’s going on?” Elena grabbed her pillow and threw it, “Don’t you guys know I’m still sleeping?”

Winnie was sitting at the table playing on her computer. She snorted and picked up the pillow from the floor, “Elena, don’t forget it was me who signed you up!”

“Signed me up for what?” Elena got up from her bed and stumbled to go to the bathroom.

Winnie looked at her in an odd way and looked back at the computer screen, “You don’t know? It’s been very hot lately! We are signing up for my Prince Charming who is now seeking for a surrogate mother for his children. You don’t thank me!”

Elena was stunned first and snapped out of it instantly.

She hurriedly rushed to Winnie’s side, grabbed the mouse and said, “Oh my goodness, you signed me up for that? Count me out please!”

“Just relax!” Winnie reached out her hand and patted Elena’s back, “You are just a follower in the background. I am the drama queen!”

“Let Selene go with you! I want no part of this!” Elena said reluctantly.

“Selene is now officially my love rival!” Winnie said seriously, “I shall show no mercy upon my rival even when she is my roommate!”

“Since when have you two become rivals?” Elena was confused.

“Selene also wants to sign up! Whoever wants to steal my Prince Charming from me is my rival!” Winnie grit her teeth.

Seeing Elena’s incomprehensible look, Winnie said, “Oh my Elena, you have no idea what I’m talking about?” Elena shook her head.

“It’s this preliminary selection for the surrogate mother!” Winnie pointed at the computer screen with a horny look, “This time, it’s Charles, President, and CEO of Luke Family Group, who is sending the invite for the selection! He is rich, low-profiled, handsome, and no scandal around him~”

“You think he is handsome before you even met him?” Elena said silently, “Maybe he is old and ugly!”

Elena heard the name of Charles Luke before. The Luke Family Group was not low-key, but Charles rarely appeared in front of the media so few people knew what he looked like.

However, almost everyone who had seen him praised everything about him, including his looks. So, in the eyes of his fans such as Winnie, Charles had gradually become a very beautiful legend.

But the fact that such a low-key person actually held such a high-profiled activity to choose surrogate mother for his children, surprised Elena.

“My Prince Charming is by no means old and ugly!” Winnie argued.

“…I don’t care. Just help me cancel the registration right away.” Elena was somewhat irritated.

“Elena, let’s forget about how Charles looks like. He’s really generous!” Winnie proudly praised him, “Whoever participates in the preliminary selection only has to get a few photographs taken. Whether she got selected or not, she could receive a grand from Luke Family Group! Think twice before you cancel something like that!”

Author of Forced Marriage With The Billionaire

The author of Forced Marriage with The Billionaire is Elk Entertainment. The author claims to be quiet and to have a vivid, in-depth, strange, and wild imagination. She incorporates all of these images of herself into her writing. With over 16,000 fans that support her works, she is one of the most popular authors on the Dreame platform.

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