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Blurb of Possessive Billionaire Mr. Jones

As Mr. Nolan’s assistant, Emma Swan works for StoryBrooke Incorporated. For her, he resembles a father. After working with Mr. Nolan, he gives Emma some bad news, announcing that he would be leaving the building and turning it over to his close friend, Mr. Jones.

Despite being devastated by the news, Emma continues to work with Killian, her new boss, in the same office. While he initially treats her harshly, she quickly adjusts to his arrogant and possessive nature.

They strive to support one another through difficult times, but ever since they met, it has been nothing but difficult. She discovers Jones to be just as broken as she is after learning more about him…

Possessive Billionaire Mr. Jones Chapter 1 | I’ll Be Leaving Soon Emma

“Miss. Swan, Mr. Nolan wants you to meet him in his office right away.” I nod my head and thanked the lady from the front desk as I continue to walk to the elevator in the building.

I press down on the elevator to move up. The door opens as I step in the moving machine making sure to click the top floor of the building to my bosses office. I tap my fingers as I wait for the elevator continuing to go higher and higher.

The door opens again as I step out of the elevator. My heels clicking against the tile floor as I walk towards my bosses office.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Nolan?” I ask after I opened the wooden door to his office.

Mr. Nolan looks up towards me, taking off his reading glasses as he started to speak, “Ah yes, please have a seat, Emma.” he said, gesturing me to sit in the chair in front of him.

Nodding my head, I walked to the soft comfy black hand designed chair that was facing the front of his desk and sat down crossing my tone white legs.

He sighs, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’ll be leaving soon Emma.”

I stare at his brown chocolate eyes frowing my eyebrows in confusion, “What do you mean leaving? As in leaving from your office early today.” I asked in worry.

“No Emma, as in leaving this building for good.”

I gasp, “What!?”

How could he just leave? Why? When?

The news was eating me up. I’ve known Mr. Nolan for almost 4 years and worked with him, he is like a father to me when I didn’t have one, we’ve been so close together, that’s why I loved working here.

I rubbed my blond hair in frustration, “So you’re telling me that I will have to quit my job now?” I couldn’t quit now, this was the only incredible paying job that I had for years, how will I ever pay for my apartment, and food, and clothes, and don’t forget about gas—

“Emma, are you listening?” I nod as I jolt out of my thoughts, now focusing on what my boss has to say.

“Emma, I had no choice but to leave, I feel like I’m growing older and older by the minute, and I can’t keep up this building, I’m always working never having time for my wife, I thought it will be best to just hand this building over to my good friend Mr. Jones.”

I sigh understanding, he was never that focused, “Alright I see your point, but do I have to quit?”

He chuckles, “Emma just because you will no longer work for me doesn’t mean you have to quit, I’ll make sure Mr. Jones treat you right, plus give you a raise.” He smiles.

I smile back, “Okay, thank you, David, I’ll miss you.”

His eyes soften looking at me, “I’ll miss you too, you are like a daughter to me, and if you have a problem with him just call me.”

I nod, “Thank you again.”

“No problem.” Mr. Nolan stands up from his desk, “So tomorrow you will meet Mr. Jones in my office.”

I stand up from the chair, straightening my black skirt, “Already, when are you leaving?”

“In two days, so you will meet Jones tomorrow then the day after I’ll be gone.”

I nod, I walk out towards him and gave him a big hug, we released from the warm hug as I gave him one last smile and walk out of his office to mine.

* * * *

I walked into the lobby, clicking the elevator to my floor of my apartment. As the elevator door opens, I stepped out, continuing to my apartment. I twisted the keys as it unlocks the door, stepping inside and shutting it. I then kicked off my heels by the door, and walked upstairs to my room.

I walk into my bathroom, turning the shower on. The warm water hits my skin as I stepped in, letting my mind wander.

Who is this Jones? I wonder what he looks like, is he old? or young? tall? or short? What color hair does he have?

Questions keep running through my mind like the speed of light. I didn’t know if I could work for him as his assistant. He could be weird or mean or too perky. Well then again, why am I thinking so much about it or him. It’s not like he’s that bad. Hopefully?

I sigh, as I finished washing my body. I shut the shower off, stepping out of it. I grabbed my towel drying off and wrapped it around my sensitive body.

Walking out of the bathroom with only a towel covering my body, I grabbed my pajamas from my dresser and slipped on my undergarments, then my pj’s

Walking down my steps into my kitchen, I poured myself a glass of red wine from the wooden cabinets.

Grabbing my phone I dialed the number to speak with one of my best friends, “Hey Emma.”

“Hey, Gina,” I speak into my phone.

“So what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing much just got off work with some crazy news to share.”

“Oh! Have you met a boy?” Regina asks, giggling.

I roll my eyes, “No Regina, it’s about work.” Regina Mills, is one of my best friends, as you can see she usually asks me that question almost every time. I once had a boyfriend three years ago, let’s just say it’s was awful and didn’t go too well, but I’ll fill that in later.

“Ugh, I so thought you meet your true love, but what about work?” Regina asks.

I chuckle, “Well David told me he’s leaving the building for good and is handing his building to one of his good friends.”

Regina gasps over the phone, “Oh my goodness why?”

“He says that he’s getting old, and really never have time to spend with his wife.” I shrugged my shoulder even though she couldn’t see me.

“He could run the business up to age 80, but spending time with his wife, he could always make time; he does own the building.” her voice add a hint of confusion.

I think for a minute, what Regina is saying is absolutely true, then what was the real reason to give up his building like that?

Gina soon spoke up, “So are you quitting your job, Emma?”

I sip some of my red wine before answering, “Uh no, David didn’t want me to quit just because he’s leaving; so I’m staying, I’ll just be working for his friend.”

“What’s the friend’s name?”

Taking another sip of my wine I finally spoke, “I don’t know his first name, or anything for that matter, just his last name.”

“Okay, and who is that?”

“David calls him Mr. Jones, have you heard of him?”

Regina gasps, “As in the Mr. Jones?”

I frow my eyes in confusion, “Who is he?” I asked, finishing up my drink.

“You really don’t know who he is?” she says in shock before sighing, “His first name is Killian Jones; the playboy billionaire from Ireland,” she says, as I could imagine her lips tugging into a smile. “I’ll send you a picture in a minute.”

I sigh and began to tap my fingers on the kitchen counters, until my iPhone buzzes with a text from Gina and a picture, I began to open up my message looking at what she’d sent, while still listening to Regina on the phone,” Found a article about him moving here tomorrow, it’s read; 26 year old Killian Jones the billionaire from Ireland, takes a different turn an signs a contact, now taking over the ‘Storybrooke Incorporated’ building in New York; he will gladly be in charge of the business; watching over, till maybe mends meet, former boss David Nolan; now is out of the picture; and happy to give up his building to the dashing Mr. Jones.”

I carefully listen to Regina as she spoke about the article. “That’s just some of it but I’ll send you the link for you to look at the rest.” she offered.

I sighed. Not only he’s a billionaire an a playboy he must be mean and an asshole. I stared at his picture; he was wearing a black tux, black dress shoes, with a very expensive watch around his wrist, he had deep blue eyes and black jet hair, pink lips. Don’t get me wrong he was young and quite dashing; but he sounds trouble, so I’ll be to sure to stay away as possible.

“Thanks, Gina. I’ll be sure to look into that.” I smile.

“No problem. And hey be careful around him, he’s known as the biggest playboy is history, he even slept with some of his workers, then fires some of them.” I cringed.

“Oh my god that’s awful, why would he do such a thing to a woman like that.” I almost spit in disgust.

“Yeah it’s saying it in this article and also I’ve heard some news around.”

I nod, “Okay thanks for the heads up, even though I would never consider doing that. It’s hard to trust people, plus he’s my boss and from the looks of it he’s an asshole.”

Gina chuckles from over the phone, “Yeah, well I have to go have work in the morning and you my friend have to meet this Mr. Jones tomorrow.”

I held back an eye roll, “Yeah wish me good luck with that, anyways good night.”

“Good Night,” Regina says, as I ended the call sitting my phone down.

Tomorrow I have to meet this guy then work with him for probably my whole life.

Hopefully, he doesn’t give me any trouble.

Possessive Billionaire Mr. Jones Chapter 2 | Meeting Mr. Jones

My alarm goes loudly off at 7 in the morning, making me groan and jolt out of dreams, I sigh and rub my temple, taking my blonde hair out of my face as I stood up, shutting my alarm off and starting to get ready for work.

Jumping into the hot warm shower, I washed really quick to make sure to not be late. I shut the water off and got dressed in my mid-knee length of a black skirt, with my black blouse and 3-inch heels. I applied light make up while putting my blonde hair into a perfect bun.

I placed my very special necklace on my neck, making sure it was on correct. My eyes viewed the time from my phone telling me I needed to start moving to be able to get their early or at least on time.

I stuffed my phone into my purse and looked into my mirror one last time before waking down my steps into my living room. I grabbed my car keys from the wooden table and stepped outside making sure I locked my penthouse door. I continue walking into the elevator into the lobby, clicking the unlock button on my car keys to unlock my car door, I stepped inside sitting my things down, turned on the engine and drove off to work to meet Mr. Jones for the first time.


The click of my heels on the familiar tile floors meant I was on time and in the right place. I strode into the elevator of the building, as I click the top floor, as I wait.


The elevator opens on the top floor, my hands started to shake because I was nervous, my job will be different working for this Mr. Jones. I straightened my black skirt, held my head high in determine.

I couldn’t let him get to me and make me nervous, it might be different but it’s just a job, nothing else.

My hand reached my bosses door, I began to turn the cold handle slowly but instantly released.

What was I thinking, maybe he’d like me to knock first.

Instead of just opening the door, I knocked three times.

“Come in.” I hear David’s voice, I breathe in, then open the door to reveal David at his office desk, with the back of a black jet hair person facing David.

“Hello, Miss Swan, please have a seat on the chair,” David speaks, gesturing me to the black comfy chair next to Mr. Jones.

I nod and sat down as I was told.

Then Mr. Jones turns looking at me, “Nice to meet you I’m Killian Jones, new Boss of this building.” He opens his hands for me to shake.

“Almost new boss,” David adds is a soft grunt.

But I ignore his comment, staring at this goddess that was in front of me. He looked even more beautiful in person and up close. I licked my lips dry, rubbing my sweaty palms on my skirt.

“You alright love?” He breaks me out of my awkward staring.

God his accent is amazing.

“Sorry, just got off track, Hi I’m Emma Swan, you’re new assistant,” I say shaking his firm hand, feeling an electrifying shock run through me.

“Almost new assistant,” David adds.

I playfully roll my eyes at David, “Alright David we get it, now you guys can continue your work.” I laugh.

David sends me a smile, then focus back on the signing of papers with Mr. Jones, “Alright Killian, just a few more paperwork and this building is all yours.” He says as he continues to talk about some things to cover over, but I stopped continuing listening not being able to focus.

I continue to stare at Mr. Jones appearance, the way is deep ocean blue eyes caught in the sunlight that was coming through the window, or the way is pink lips were thin, or the way is black jet hair looked so soft and smooth. If only I could just touch—

Woah there, what am I thinking? I’m supposed to be as far as possible away, not close.

“Thank you for taking this building Killian, I’m glad you did,” David say, standing up from his desk.

I must have been thinking long enough to notice that they were done talking and signing papers.

“The pleasure’s all yours, I’m glad you’d asked me to take over.” Mr. Jones said standing up from his chair. I also began to awkward stand up from my seat.

“Make sure you take real good care of Miss. Swan, she’s a hell of a good assistant.” David smiles, showing off his white pearly teeth.

I return his smile, just listening to them finish and not intrude the gentlemen.

Mr. Jones smirks at me, “I’m sure she is.”

What? Did he just smirk at me in front of David, oh my goodness.

I nod as the men shake each other hands.

“So now that this meeting is over, I’ll be downstairs to get the workers to remove your things while I get mine.” Mr. Jones said to David, he then turns to face me, “Nice meeting you again Miss. Swan, hoping we get along and work side by side for a very long time.”

I gave him a soft smile, “Indeed.”

He seems too nice, why did the article say all these bad things about him? He’s far from what I imagine. But then again you’ll never actually know someone till you actually know them.

At that, Mr. Jones left the office towards downstairs to the lobby.

“He seems nice.” I found my voice saying to Mr. Nolan.

“Well I think this is wants best for him, I’m hoping you’d help him see the light.” David smiles, patting my shoulder before leaving out of the office.

See the light? What does that mean?

Author of Possessive Billionaire Mr. Jones

Destiny is the author of Possessive Billionaire Mr. Jones. The author likes to add delicate emotional descriptions to the story. In this story, readers can feel the strong attraction of the charming male lead Mr. Jones. Don’t miss this fantastic book!

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