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Working Through Cruel Humanity: Read Four or Dead Free Online

They say bad news comes in threes, or am I putting that wrong? Well, whatever. It seems they were mistaken because in Four or Dead, it came in four. How do you make sense of four bad boys come to make your life a living hell? Four or Dead is the perfect title, and the character arrangements will give you a shock.

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Part 1: Main Characters of Four or Dead

Emma Grace

Four or Dead: Emma Grace

She was born to a troubled home and an imperfect couple. Emma’s mother suffered immensely before her death at the hands of her husband. Emma knew the truth. She knew just how far her father could go, but after she survived the accident, he’d planned for herself and her mother, the man knew any more death would prompt a deeper investigation. So, he didn’t kill Emma, just made her wish she was dead.

Not only did Emma’s father cause her rape and assault, but he would also come back and beat her up on top of it all. He truly hated this spawn of his that wasn’t a male. There was now no one to inherit his legacy (stupid, right?).

In Four or Dead, Emma’s character takes can barely hold on while she suffers at the hands of her father and strangers, even her classmates.

I know the author gave things a sexual spin, but it doesn’t make the truth any less frustrating; high school bullying is too easily overlooked. The amount of high school suicide attempts these days are enough to make someone lose their soul. But children who should already be more aware as young adults, feign ignorance and expect that life will be great if they’re popular and cool.

Emma is a tragic character who is blown every which way someone stronger decides she must go. She lives somewhat pathetically because she doesn’t fight back, but the truth is pretty obvious; she’s just a girl who wants to live in peace. Emma may be weak, but she needed to get away somehow. There had to be a way to break free.

Leo, Asher, Logan, and Jayden

Four or Dead: Leo

We don’t know if it’s more appropriate to call them Emma’s saving grace or her death sentence.

The different personalities of the boys are a joy to behold, and their flaws make the visuals easy to recreate in your imagination. However, much of their shortcomings are a complete disappointment. The universe is fair, and no one can fault it.

The author of Four or Dead, gives a colorful story with entertaining characters and vivid details. You should definitely see it as soon as possible. But I think you’ll love another cool story even more. Just check out DEAD ALIVE


Part 2: The Story of Four or Dead

Four or Dead: Andrea

Four or Dead follows Emma Grace, a young female who seems to have the worst luck in life. Emma’s life is flecked with constant painful experiences. There’s hardly any relief before the next one comes along. She is barely surviving as it is, living with her father whose favorite thing to do is torture his daughter, rain beatings down on her. According to Emma, he never got over his disappointment that she wasn’t born a boy.

Emma could hardly be considered living at all on that point, but then she faces even more frustration at school. There, Emma is bullied to great lengths, even life-threatening. But who can she report to? The assistant principal was a friend of her father’s and she’d even been offered to him.

Based on all this, we are able to understand how tragic Emma’s existence was. It was to the point that she no longer cared if she lived or died. Emma just wanted it all to be over. She wanted to be done.

I don’t mean to generalize, but I’ll say that depression and anxiety are common with people who go through intense abuse. They get extremely frustrated and restless with the unsettling thoughts of what the next day may bring. Therefore, I hope anyone reading this can see that life is a bundle of chances and exiting too early shouldn’t be a choice we deliberately make. Where there’s life, there’s hope.

Emma was all set to put an end to everything, but like some life-saving grace, she missed. What followed were a series of events that made Emma truly evaluate her life. Nothing would be the same, and the four males who seemed very interested in her existence, were the bittersweet pill she had to endure.

Part 3: A Nice Chapter from Four or Dead

Chapter 5

Four or Dead: Asher

Emma was in disbelief as she learned that she’d been unconscious for two days.

The doctor told Emma that she’d suffered from a severe head injury. A gunshot wound that grazed her head almost fatally, and a concussion from collapsing and hitting her head on the edge of a desk.

Emma closed her eyes and let out a shaky breath and whimpered softly as she reached up and touched her eyelids softly. Emma asked if her eyes would heal, and the doctor said it would take some time.

There was a second person in the room who asked when Emma would be released. Emma was too confused that she couldn’t place the voice. It sounded like someone she knew but her head was too much of a mess. The doctor could not give a response about Emma’s release due to the significant scarring on her body. They’d had to contact the authorities and report possible abuse.

Emma shook her head frantically and reached around to grab the doctor’s hand. Emma begged her not to ask questions of her guardian.

The doctor placed her hand on top of Emma’s and rubbed them gently. There was no way they would ignore her abuse.

The male in the room told the doctor that Emma would stay with him, and the doctor was reassured. Emma wondered who the person was, and after the doctor left, Emma found out.

Asher was one of those people who did nothing when she got hurt, who even laughed at times, therefore, she wasn’t receptive of him.

The male apologized over and over for his actions. But Emma didn’t give a damn. She had no idea where the fire in her suddenly came from, but the situation was insane. She was pissed.

Part 4: A Few Concluding Remarks and Thoughts After Analyzing Four or Dead

Four or Dead: Logan and Jayden

The hidden cruelty of the world never fails to irritate me to no end. I know some others might call it unrealistic, but the story is anything but. It is quite common to experience abuse and keep your mouth shut about it. It is a normal occurrence these days. You know everyone is dealing with something and some people have nowhere to vent their frustration. The despicable trash would use their children as an outlet, others find someone else to lay it on. But the rare, sensible sort, well they go to the gym, the wrestling ring or just go jogging.

Child abuse takes up a good amount of our feeds these days, and the writer seems to have clinched on that as a great source of immersive content. They truly hit a goldmine. Just reading the book, I felt rage and a burning frustration. I wanted to kick a parent in the butt. No matter how sick you are, you do not bring suffering to a child. Especially not your own.

We find it hard to believe in superstition in the modern world. It takes the event happening right before our eyes for us to even accept the possibility. But I must emphasize once more that everything comes back to you just the way you put it out into the world. It’s the law of karma.

A lot of people imagine it like some sort of supreme being set to judge your actions as you take them on planet earth. Others think it comes only after death. We can’t be sure who is right or wrong. What we do know is that such an invisible force will not let anyone off, especially not a bastard who pimps out his own daughter.

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