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Coming Back: Marry Me, My Ex-Wife

The tale in front of us is very strange and mildly disconcerting. Marry Me, My Ex-Wife takes us into another dysfunctional marriage, but we’re quickly brought out of that mess only to face an even bigger issue. Steadily, we follow the main character through several awesome milestones.

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Part 1: Main Character of Marry Me, My Ex-Wife

Rong Shu

Marry Me, My Ex-Wife: Rong Shu

She’s patient and devoted. Rong Shu is a woman of skill and strength. However, her light is dimmed by her husband and his family. Rong Shu takes the beatings without a word, she takes the insults without a retort, she absorbs the disrespect but probably thought it was all trivial if she had Fu Jingting.

In Marry Me, My Ex-Wife, Rong Shu is not a fool. Rong Shu knew things weren’t right, but as a good wife, she had to try harder, and so she did. Rong Shu singlehandedly tried to make the failing marriage work. She fought a losing battle but didn’t complain.

Rong Shu’s efforts turned out to be in vain. The love she was trying to attain already belonged to someone else. Rong Shu took her self-respect that was still intact after six years of that nonsense, and she dropped the signed divorce papers in front of him.

The bastard, rather than see the woman for all the goodness that she was, chose to chase after a conniving and worthless wench. Later on, when everything comes out into the open, we can all see how wretched he’s going to feel.

Rong Shu is a wonderful character and very relatable. In Marry Me, My Ex-Wife, the author creates a character that doesn’t hide from problems, is easy to understand and reliable on this particular journey.

Part 2: Plot Summary of Marry Me, My Ex-Wife

Marry Me, My Ex-Wife: Fu Jingting

Marry Me, My Ex-Wife is about Rong Shu, a woman who spends endless effort to please her husband’s family, only to find that she has reached a dead end in her marriage; her husband wants her gone. Rong Shu was clear on how they’d gotten married in the first place, however she did love this man for a really long time. He was the love of her life, yet he was in love with someone else.

Rong Shu finally looks in the mirror and makes her decision; she will give him what he wants. For the years she had spent in his home, Rong Shu had never had peace of mind. She’d been abused by her husband’s mother and his younger brother. Rong Shu knew well what she was worth, but somehow lowered herself to accommodate these people.

They get the divorce but things between them don’t end as quickly as it should. The two people still find themselves revolving in the same spaces sometimes.

Overtime, secrets are exposed and premature decisions that were made lead to regret. Will the Rong Shu and her ex-husband reconcile or is that chapter really closed forever?

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Part 3: A Review of Marry Me, My Ex-Wife

Marry Me, My Ex-Wife: Fu Jingting and Gu Manyin

Marry Me, My Ex-Wife gives me so much joy and a lot of other strange feelings that I may or may not talk about. However, I must put it out there that it can feel like the end of the world when your love isn’t reciprocated. It hurts like hell. But we can always find the strength to pull through. Maybe setting that love free is the right decision to make; it’ll save you and the other party a lot of hurt.

Looking at Marry Me, My Ex-Wife, I can frankly say that marriage and people are unpredictable. You can never be sure that something will last until it does. However, I don’t mean that we should simply give up on everything, just take some time and enjoy some of your own space. You can assess your feeling in this way.

In Marry Me, My Ex-Wife, we see a woman who really does try hard to keep a failing marriage. She’s unsuccessful though. Basically, if your partners heart belongs to another, you’re in trouble.

The author makes use of spectacular themes to draw the reader into the intense story of deception and hard-won love. There’s no mistake that the story is an amazing thing to come across. Feeling the characters pain at her broken marriage makes you skeptical about the reasons for matrimony.

Part 4: An Awesome Chapter from Marry Me, My Ex-Wife

Marry Me, My Ex-Wife: Fu Jingting and Rong Shu

Chapter Thirteen

Rong Shu faced the woman who had once been her mother-in-law, and stated not for the first time, that she had divorced the woman’s son and didn’t take a penny from him.

They were in a jewelry store and the older woman chose this time to cause Rong Shu some embarrassment. Rong Shu was going to walk away from the shameless person, but the woman reached out to grab her hair.

Fortunately, Lu Qi was there to stop her. He was always wary of the woman and didn’t hesitate to push her away harshly.

Wang Shuqin, the shameless person, was left on the floor, expressing her grievances so the store gathered an audience. She called out for the manager.

The manager came out to see what was happening and his eyes fell on the older woman and then the three other people. When he looked at Li Chuan, his eyes expressed shock and the situation that Wang Shuqin expected, completely turned around in reverse. Rather that the three people be kicked out, Wang Shuqin was scolded for deliberately misleading the public when the surveillance footage was clear on who started the commotion. The older woman was threatened with a possible call to the police and Wang Shuqin was left speechless.

As Lu Qi and the others turned away, he received a call. After answering, his eyes focused on Rong Shu. He told her that Zhang was looking at surveillance footage from Gu Manyin’s accident.

Apparently, the wench was eager to frame Rong Shu for her accident because she was jealous of the fact that the woman had married Fu Jingting.

Rong Shu’s expression changed, and Li Chuan noticed. Rong Shu was ready to pay back the Gu father and daughter for their actions.

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