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Can’t Go Back: Betrayed by My Beta Mate

It’s the selfishness of one person contaminating the lives of multitudes. It’s not an exaggeration to say this because one man who wants power destroys the lives of countless people. Like that TV show where the man kills just to take the victim’s place, but this time he expects that the people around him will partake in this farce.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of Betrayed by My Beta Mate

Betrayed by My Beta Mate Atlas and Amelia

Betrayed by My Beta Mate follows Amelia who is happily expecting. We see Amelia is a lovely pink bubble that seems very unpredictable; will it burst or will it not? We don’t know until the unexplainable pain she’s been feeling, is finally revealed to be the result of her mate’s infidelity. Amelia has been feeling this pain since she got pregnant and there has been a constant fear of what it could possibly do to her pup.

She finally understands why she’s been feeling that way; Amelia comes across her mate’s office and clearly hears the sounds of an ongoing heat session.

There was no question in her mind about what needed to be done; Amelia packed a bag and left. But not before telling her husband’s brother what his wife and brother have been up to.

Amelia travels quite far in order to get away from her traitorous mate. She wanted nothing more than to be far from a man who could cause his pregnant mate such stress.

Without telling anyone where she was, Amelia settles in a small town and there she meets an unexpected fate. Maybe everything happened for a reason, but her life still spiraled out of control.

Can Amelia hide from the man who betrayed her for long? Is she truly safe in this town or was she a sitting duck waiting to be slaughtered?

Part 2: Main Character of Betrayed by My Beta Mate


Betrayed by My Beta Mate Amelia

In Betrayed by My Beta Mate, she’s a very deep character that is pleasant to read about. Her personality is strong and very loyal. Her expectations of love simply crumble to dust as she gets her heart broken by her mate. However, maybe there’s a second love that could replace the old one.

Amelia is a genuinely nice and understanding person with a clear heart and an intelligent mind.

She has no choice but to leave her pack and her family in order to protect her unborn child, however, she doesn’t lose confidence. Amelia takes control of everything about her life, starting over in a place that was finally giving her peace of mind.

As a mother, Amelia wanted nothing more than to protect her child. It may or may not prove harder to ensure that more time flies by, but she doesn’t stop putting in the effort.

Amelia’s character brings a lot of love into Betrayed by My Beta Mate, not to mention, tons of drama. She single-handedly brought a potential war to another pack’s doorstep. However, she has no idea that the universe led her to that place, and to that person.

Despite having to start anew in a strange new place, the woman’s resolve doesn’t waver. She takes everything that happens in stride.

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Part 3: Overall Analysis of Betrayed by My Beta Mate

Betrayed by My Beta Mate Lincoln and Amelia

The story starts with a very puzzling sequence of events. The first chapter of Betrayed by My Beta Mate will leave you startled and wondering if you saw things correctly. Everything really seems so trivial after a long time of thinking about them. However, a lot of people let their desires consume them until barely any morals are left behind. He made his decision, he got caught. What did he think would happen in the end, that they would live happily ever after? Who’d want to be with a sociopath?

The author makes us ask questions about love, true love, and what its essence should feel like. There’s no common ground on this subject, and it makes a lot of people wary, but we need answers.

I don’t think true love is supposed to hurt your pregnant partner. I don’t think true love includes sleeping with someone else who’s not the one you’re in love with.

Betrayed by My Beta Mate is quite the experience, I kid you not, there are a lot of lessons to be learned and so much that needs to be said on the themes of family, love, friendship, and brotherhood and also war.

The fine line between expectations and reality are blurred for the main character and her life truly does take a hit that we hope it recovers from quickly.

Part 4: An Amazing Chapter from Betrayed by My Beta Mate

Betrayed by My Beta Mate Lincoln

Chapter 1

Elias watched Amelia walk out the door of his office. He felt so stupid. His wolf, Azar had told him the pain that he’d been feeling was coming from Freya, but he wouldn’t believe it.

Azar wanted to snap the necks of both Atlas and Freya, but Elias knew he couldn’t. Soon Elias felt a pain much worse than the others. He asked Azar about it, and his wolf told him that their mate was dead. There was no time to process that information before Atlas walked into the office with a smile on his face.

Atlas and Freya had gotten a summons from Elias through the mind-link, and Atlas had heard the tone of annoyance. Freya stood in front of him then, threatening to tell Amelia about all they’d been doing.

Atlas didn’t let her continue anymore and just directly snapped her neck.

Now, he stood before his brother, who was in pain and asking what he’d done. Atlas only said he’d made things right. He told his brother all his intentions; both himself and Amelia will lead the pack and his brother as well as his brother’s mate will be long gone.

However, Elias bore a smile on his face as he heard him. Atlas didn’t expect that. When he asked why Elias’s smile, the man told the fool that the woman carrying his child already knew about his deeds with another wolf’s mate, and she was gone.

Atlas quickly finished off his brother. He needed to find his mate and pup as soon as possible.

The story’s good, so see the similar recommendation.

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