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Best of Werewolf Romance Story: The Lycan King’s Mate Book Review

The Lycan King’s Mate is a novel that is a famous tale of fiction in this generation. The majority of their most cherished books were werewolf romances. Unlike other romance-fantasy stories about werewolves, this one is about Lycans, a type of werewolf with different skills.

You will be fascinated by the novel’s hostile scenes, romantic elements, and friendly creatures. You will find that there are more powerful, potent, and brave werewolves in the werewolf universe than you ever imagined.

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Part 1: The Lycan King’s Mate Story Line

The Lycan King's Mate Ava and Cameron

In this book, you’ll find love and rainbows. Sweet Ava has loved Caleb since they were both little and have been together for four years. They were content and happy until Caleb mated with her sister, Lily. She couldn’t do anything about it because it was fate’s liking. In addition to that, her sister Lily was vocal about admiring Caleb.

Ava has a big heart and takes the pain when she sees how sweet Caleb and her sister are. Over time, Ava becomes used to it to the point that it doesn’t matter anymore. She moved on and got on with her life. What’s important is that her sister is happy and content.

But fate has its way of making her heart beats again. Ava was shocked to learn that a gorgeous Alpha would be his mate, the Lycan king’s mate, Alpha Cameron is his name. Alpha Cameron is the strongest Alpha of all clans, which she admired.

She was quickly smitten by the man’s mysteriousness, humor, and bravery. But Ava is still adamant about whether she is ready to fall in love again. She tried to ignore the mate bond, but her inner wolf was rooting for it.

It was so hard for Ava to fight it. Her heart clenched, and her needy body felt the fire whenever the man was around. But Alpha Cameron keeps pressing Ava’s limits until she gives in.

Let’s take a peek at the journey and characters that the Lycan King’s mates Ava and Cameron will have in their romantic fantasy love story.

Part 2: The Main Characters of The Lycan King’s Mate


The Lycan King's Mate: Ava

Ava is the sweet and simple girl who has always loved Caleb. She was a selfless sister to Lily, who liked Caleb a lot. In this tale, you’ll see how Ava copes with the pain of finding out that her sister is romantically involved with Caleb, the man she dated for four years.

But as the saying goes, there is a silver lining to every storm; for her, Alpha Cameron was that ray of light. Ava was overjoyed and shocked when she found out that she was the Lycan’s king’s mate. She eventually fell for the alpha quickly because of his mysteriousness.

Alpha Cameron

The Lycan King's Mate: Alpha Cameron

The most potent alpha Lycan and a member of the royal lycan family. He first met Ava at the Luna commencement of Lily, Ava’s twin sister. King Cameron knew in his heart, soul, and wolf self that Ava was his mate the instant he looked into her eyes. His heart starts beating wildly from the intense need.

Since then, he has never taken his eyes off his Luna, and he has made good on his vow to eliminate the hurdles, even if it meant going to war with Alpha Caleb, Ava’s longtime ex-boyfriend. Ava is his mate, the Lycan King’s mate that only belongs to him.


The Lycan King's Mate: Lily

Because she is Ava’s evil twin sister and often gets in her way, you will be tempted to pull her long, straight blond hair. Her name is Lily. Even though Caleb has been Ava’s lover for quite some time, she has the confidence to openly declare that she is his mate.

The girl was a brat and a narcissist who was constantly insecure around Ava. Lily keeps making Ava’s life miserable because she likes Alpha Cameron too. What a flirt! And hates that Ava is the Lycan King’s mate.

Despite her being a flirt, there is only one man in her heart, and that is Caleb. She has just succumbed to her insecurity and jealousy toward her twin sister. Witness how Lily and Caleb made it to the end and how Lily always gets on Ava’s nerves. Would Lily be a good sister to Ava in the future?

Alpha Caleb

The Lycan King's Mate: Alpha Caleb

Before Luna Lily became his mate, Alpha Caleb was Ava’s longtime boyfriend. He couldn’t do anything about the attraction between him and her ex-girlfriend’s twin sister. It was his wolf that called Lily.

But his heart will eventually get confused when he learns that Ava will be the Lycan King’s mate. Alpha Cameron was the Lycan King adored by everyone, even in his pack.

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Part 3: Sweet Beginnings of the Lycan King’s Mate Ava and Cameron

Chapter 02: Mine!

The Lycan King's Mate King Cameron and Ava

There’s Ava, helping her sister Lily with her Luna commencement. There was tremendous pressure on her because the Royal Lycans would be their guests.

Ava had just returned from a night patrol around their pack, so while Lily was wearing a perfectly fitting pink dress, heavy makeup, and perfectly straight blonde hair, Ava was wearing a wrinkled dress, braided hair, and an unready tired look. She tried her hardest to assist Lily and not let the guests down.

However, Lily was taken aback when King Cameron showed up unexpectedly early. Lily stared at the front door with wide eyes and an open mouth. When Ava noticed the men coming toward them, she also averted her eyes and understood her sister’s reaction. They walked in majesty and power, like the gods themselves.

Even more shocking was that the most stunning man in the room stepped up to her and declared her the Lycan King’s mate. The king himself, Alpha Cameron.

Chapter 06: Kiss

The Lycan King's Mate Kiss

The Lycan King’s Mate, Chapter 6, is when Cameron and Ava are inside the King’s room. When Ava tried to escape, Christian, Cameron’s beta, grabbed her and dragged her down, causing a bruise that Alpha Cameron later healed.

Yet, this is so endearing because Cameron just smiled at his Luna and planted a kiss on Ava’s lips. It had not yet fully sunk in for Ava that she was the Lycan King’s mate, but she was ecstatic about it all at the same time. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the handsome King Cameron? Even her sister Lily couldn’t get enough of her mate.

Chapter 12: The Royal Lycans

The Lycan King's Mate: Royal Lycans

The more time Ava and Cameron spent together, the more passionately they pursued each other. The king changed, and Alpha Cameron became much more possessive than he had been before. He couldn’t live a day without Ava by his side, so he makes sure that he is always seeing his mate.

When they do meet, it usually involves plenty of passionate making out, giggling, and cuddling. Ava was still floating on air because her life had abruptly changed when she met her mate. She was aware that she already loved her king.

Alpha Cameron introduced Ava into the regal Lycan kingdom, which he rules, as the Lycan King’s mate. At first, they were too much for her to handle, but she got used to them over time. For some reason, she adored her time with the royal family.

Part 4: The author of The Lycan King’s Mate

The Lycan King's Mate Author

There have been six million page views and one million new followers on this novel today. Amazing, right? The Lycan King’s Mate by Bridget Marie was a 5-star novel .

Author Bridget Marie was very well-liked in the world of Dreame. She has almost 8,000 followers and is still growing. Her book, The Lycan King’s Mate, is one of my favorites since it is uplifting, humorous, romantic, and full of inspirational lessons.

Bridget Marie was famous for her romance and werewolf stories. She did an excellent job conveying the spark between Ava and Alpha Cameron and the rest of the characters. The scenes were unique and exciting to read with mind-blowing twists.

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