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The Repressive Moon Werewolves: Read Alpha Rick By MarieLuv Novel Free Online

“Alpha Rick” is the shortened form of Alpha Alarick of the Dark Moon pack, the second-chance mate for the recently rejected Omega of the Silver Moon pack.

Alarick also imposes his patriarchal rules over Olivia Watson, the orphaned Omega she-wolf, as he allows her pack to treat her like a slave.

Nobody would cross Rick’s lines! What will the vulnerable Olivia do next? Will she set her free by taming the rampaging beast inside Rick’s mind and heart?

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Part 1: All About The Wonderfully-Written Main Story Of “Alpha Rick” Novel

Alpha Rick Novel Free Online

At first, the stories of Alpha Rick novel revolved around the Silver Moon pack, the pack where Olivia Watson belonged to. Olivia is not originally an Omega she-wolf. In other words, the Silver pack’s Alpha is the person responsible for demoting Olivia’s rank to the lowest possible rank in the pack.

It all started with Olivia’s parents’ and brother’s death, with Olivia’s mother’s and brother’s death preceding her father’s. At this point, the Silver Moon pack member blamed Olivia’s constant wandering. They didn’t care if the rogues, the original perpetrators, were the ones responsible for the death tolls.

Furthermore, in Alpha Rick novel, Olivia’s father died seven years after Olivia’s mother and brother’s death. It’s because he gave up to the wolves-moonshine, a potent alcohol from wolfsbane and herbs, which triple the powers of humans’ alcohol.

Olivia has turned 18. Yet, the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack the future Alpha, the future Alpha’s girlfriend, and other pack members, including other Omegas, are treating her like a slave. She never had the chance to even remember her happiest memories with her parents and siblings.

Alpha Rick Free PDF

Cleaning the floor and doing the household chores are the only things Olivia does in the Silver Moon pack, while she waits for a mate to rescue her from her torturous life in the pack. One day, the Primord, the oldest-existing and most respected group of werewolves in the Dark Moon pack’s territory, visits the pack. Alpha Alarick (or “Alpha Rick”) is one of those fearsome werewolves.

Being treated as a slave means Olivia doesn’t get a chance to meet up with the Dark Moon pack members unless the Alpha lets her. Additionally, the Alpha Rick novel also proves the playboy Alpha, Skylar Morrison, rejects Olivia as his mate and the future Luna of the Silver Moon pack.

As a result, the meetings between two Alphas of the Silver Moon and the Dark Moon pack go without any hitches until Alpha Rick searches for Olivia, which triggers a rampaging feeling in Alpha and Luna Morrison, Skylar’s parents.

Since Alpha Rick and Skylar have identical characteristics, will both of them cause more chaos in Olivia’s life? Or, will she be able to tame the beasts within the guys?

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Part 2: Meet The Amazing Characters Of Alpha Rick Novel

Olivia Watson

Alpha Rick Olivia

Having statuses as an orphan and an Omega means Olivia Watson of the Silver Moon pack is in her most vulnerable state of life. We know so well any she-wolves with those two statuses have the mandate to clean the house, clean up after Luna’s messes, prepare food for other higher-ranked pack members in a meeting, and others. Olivia Watson in the Alpha Rick novel is no exception.

However, the Alpha Rick novel also describes Olivia’s two statuses are not without any reason. She becomes an orphan because rogues attacked her mother and brother to death while leaving the little her unconscious for three days. Additionally, she becomes an Omega, because, as a result of her parents’ and brother’s death, the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack demotes her rank.

Skylar Morrison And Alarick (Or “Rick”)

Alpha Rick Skylar And Rick

Skylar and Rick are the two male MCs of Alpha Rick novel. Skylar’s parents are Alpha and Luna Morrison, which makes him inherit the Alpha blood from his father. Skylar has been waiting to take over his dad’s Alpha position for eight weeks, and he is also a proud playboy. Still, Leah becomes his most loyal girlfriend, while Olivia is his favorite person to torture in the Silver Moon pack.

Meanwhile, Alpha Alarick (or “Alpha Rick”) is one of the most respected members of the Dark Moon pack, the visiting pack to the Silver Moon pack. Other pack members sometimes refer to Alpha Rick as Ricky. He is a lover of sweet things despite having many things in common with Skylar, including his beastly personality when he encounters a vulnerable Omega she-wolf.

Part 3: Some Impressions About Alpha Rick Novel

Alpha Rick Novel PDF

A vulnerable Omega she-wolf in a pack that treats her worse than a slave meeting her wolf for the first time and getting a blatant rejection from her supposed Alpha (but playboy) mate is a thing from Alpha Rick novel that I often find in other novels. Yet, Alpha Rick novel brings out the differences in many ways.

First, I love the story-telling parts about Olivia’s background. She finds her wolf when she turns 18, while other Omega werewolves tend to find their wolves after they turn 20 or older. Alpha Rick novel may not directly mention this part. However, this part gives an impression of Olivia’s previous rank as either a Beta or a Gamma.

Olivia’s downgrades from whatever rank she originally was in the Silver Moon pack were not only a result of the Alpha’s decisions. It doesn’t only imply the Alpha’s vengeful nature, given that Olivia’s parents and brother were influential figures in the Silver Moon pack when they were alive. Instead, it also implies another force has garbled the whole story to set Olivia up as the worthy-of-hate murderer.

Does the outside force refer to the Dark Moon pack, provided they’ve visited the Silver Moon pack since Olivia’s parents were still alive? Or, could the force be coming from other packs? Reading Alpha Rick novel will give you more in-depth insights into the perpetrators and how the two “Moon” packs cooperate.

Yet, the Alpha Rick novel still emphasizes Olivia. After all, she is the female MC. Anyway, I haven’t seen any love triangle vibes in the Alpha Rick novel. Yet, so far, the Dark Moon Alpha’s preference for everything sweet hopefully makes him a better match for Olivia.

Part 4: Read A Similar Novel To Alpha Rick

Similar To Alpha Rick

Alpha male werewolves develop their beastly instincts in their youths, which makes them dangerous beings. In Alpha Rick novel, we know two beastly Alpha male werewolves. They are Alpha Skylar Morrison of the Silver Moon pack and Alpha Alarick (or “Alpha Rick”) of the Dark Moon pack.

Each Alpha is beastly in its ways. Alpha Skylar has always been proud of his serial playboy nature since his father hasn’t appointed him as the Alpha. Meanwhile, Alpha Rick also exhibits the same patriarchal views of a vulnerable Omega she-wolf like Olivia. Additionally, other pack members also recognize Rick’s love for sweet things.

Placing Olivia, the female MC of Alpha Rick novel, in the middle of these beastly Alphas, means the author makes Olivia the peacemaker among the “Mayors”. So, “Taming The Mayors!” is the novel that comes to my mind when thinking about a similar book to Alpha Rick.

Triggering statements like “I’m warning you,” and “Don’t test my patience,” are essential parts of the “Taming The Mayors!” novel as with the trigger warning scenes in some early chapters of Alpha Rick. When you read “Taming The Mayors!”, you can treat Amy’s six years of leaving her house as similar to Olivia’s eventual moves to the Dark Moon pack.

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