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The Forbidden Apple Daddy: Read All About “Fallen For Daddy’s Friend” Read Online Free

Angelee doesn’t have any alternate choices when her boyfriend for four years cheats on her on the bed. Her best friend’s successful bachelor dad is her only option.

For Angelee, it doesn’t matter when Julian is notorious for his convict status and lengthy one-night stand histories. After all, she has Fallen For Daddy’s Friend.

What is the other steaminess awaiting us in Fallen For Daddy’s Friend? Other than “;Angel”, what are other nicknames Angelee gets from Julian, her wonderful lover?

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Part 1: The Core Story Of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend Novel

Fallen For Daddy's Friend Novel

“;When did it all start?” doesn’t only become the opening question of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend novel. Instead, this straightforward question also tells stories about Angelee’s eventual decision to “;use” her best friend to get what she wants. At this point, Angelee sounds villainous, until we get more glimpses of her backstories in Fallen For Daddy’s Friend.

Eric, Angelee’s boyfriend for four years, is always super-organized and appears like a clean man who preserves his conditions until marriage. Yet, a pair of red heels in front of Eric’s apartment, followed by a screeching sound of a girl’s moan from his bedroom, shocks Angelee.

Who else, if not Laura Adams, Angelee’s best friend? So, Angelee gives a horrified look to Eric and Laura, who look at each other confusedly and slam the door angrily. Then, further chapters of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend suggest Angelee meets Julian Adams, Laura’s father when she is about to get out of the scene.

Julian’s charm is dark, mysterious, yet seductive. In the past, Angelee has fallen head over heels with the serious and businesslike-looking Eric. His far more mature age makes Julian also act that way. Yet, Angelee of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend finds something more attractive in Julian’s serious and driven nature than the ones she sees in Eric.

Fallen For Daddy's Friend PDF

Julian’s affectionate ways of touching Angelee with his tough-yet-gentle hands make the heartbroken Angelee quickly melt. After all, these scenes involving Laura’s father are parts of Angelee’s sweet revenge plans.

The chapters in Fallen For Daddy’s Friend suggest that Angelee never has any “;real-world” romantic relationships apart from her failed relationship with Eric. Let’s not forget Laura was her only best friend until Eric cheated on her. So, Angelee’s only option is to get away with Julian, Laura’s father.

Julian’s charisma in Fallen For Daddy’s Friend is undeniable, and Angelee falls deeper into his temptation. Yet, Angelee feels no regrets when she tried this “;Forbidden Apple Daddy” experience!

What else will happen in Fallen For Daddy’s Friend?

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Part 2: Meet The Characters Of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend Novel

Angelee (or “;Angel”)

Fallen For Daddy's Friend Angelee

Angelee is one of the most complex characters in terms of her personality. She doesn’t hang out a lot with her friends, and we can see Eric and Laura as two of her only friends until they betray her trust. Angelee’s physical descriptions are also not so vivid in Fallen For Daddy’s Friend novel. Such things signify Angelee’s wallflower characteristic.

Everybody around Angelee calls her “;Angel”. Yet, the “;Angel” nickname feels different when Julian mentions it. Julian’s darkly irresistible charisma awakens Angelee’s fiery and passionate sides of personality, and we can see her different faces starting from the early-middle parts of the chapters in Fallen For Daddy’s Friend novel.

Julian Adams

Fallen For Daddy's Friend Julian

An expensive car, his serialized one-night stand relationships with multiple women, and his convict status make Julian Adams of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend a quintessential bad boy. Anyway, he is Laura Adams’ father. Coupled with his bachelor status and notorious reputation, there’s no way a “;clean” girl like Angelee would resist his charm.

Julian Adams of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend is the epitome of an irresistibly and dangerously handsome senior man. His age means extensive experience in wooing his ladies, and Angelee will come as his next woman to win over.

Eric And Laura Adams

Fallen For Daddy's Friend Eric And Laura

In Fallen For Daddy’s Friend, Eric used to date Angelee for four years. Since then, he has maintained his good-guy persona, including stating his so-called perspective of not physically touching girls until his marriage. The only red flag Angelee notices in Eric is his tendency to stir conversations concerning his seemingly never-ending businesses.

Angelee thought Eric was the only one for her, to the point she never dated other guys apart from Eric. The first chapter of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend suggests Eric’s infidelity as a repayment of Angelee’s faithfulness and commitment, as he cheats with Laura Adams, Angelee’s only best friend.

Part 3: An Analysis Of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend Novel

Fallen For Daddy's Friend PDF Free

The novel’s title and the opening remarks of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend (“;When did it all start?”) denote the straightforward and spontaneous nature of this novel. When speaking about spontaneity, that part also becomes Angelee’s personality. Angelee is one of the most mind-blowing characters for her complex characteristics that complement each other.

The descriptions of Angelee’s wallflower sides in Fallen For Daddy’s Friend are amplified through Angelee’s circles of friends. Eric and Laura are Angelee’s only friends, which means she doesn’t hang out often with other friends. Alternatively, Angelee’s tendency to be the wallflower in her community could also stem from Eric’s attempts to isolate her.

Eric is a scumbag person, and at this point of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend, Angelee is spot on in describing her ex-boyfriend. He wants the world to think he’s a decent person to wash his hands clean when he commits contradicting acts to Angelee behind closed doors. His recent affair with Laura doesn’t even mean he would never do it to other women.

The same thing also applies to Julian Adams, the hot papa of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend. Remember, he is a serial one-night stander, and he is also a convict. Yet, Julian’s emotional and mental maturity brings him to another level when compared to Eric. So, it makes sense when Angelee eventually falls deeper into his comforting embrace.

Part 4: An Alternative To Fallen For Daddy’s Friend Novel

Alternative To Fallen For Daddy's Friend

Despite the somewhat garbled title of Fallen For Daddy’s Friend, I believe the correct form should be “;Fallen For The Friend’s Daddy”, it tells stories of a sinfully delicious forbidden love between a young woman and her best friend’s father. The father’s mature and charismatic personality makes her head over heels.

Eventually, Angelee can’t say no to Julian Adams’ temptations. After all, she has left Eric, her ex-scumbag boyfriend behind. Julian lets Angelee vent on his shoulder, drives alongside him in his expensive-looking sports car, offers her a pleasant bodily experience, and treats her in ways Eric never does to her.

So, are you looking for an alternate novel to Fallen For Daddy’s Friend? Teach Me, Daddy is the answer! As this novel’s title suggests, Teach Me, Daddy is a forbidden romance novel with a father and a young woman as the official pair. Maria Cleo’s mother has just remarried a rich old man, and she is thrown into an all-girls boarding school.

In Teach Me, Daddy, the school is where Maria witnesses irregular treatment of the students, such as spanking and disciplining through romantic ways. The school’s headmaster doesn’t only become the mastermind; instead, something also happens to Maria for a few days of her days in the boarding school.

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