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Adore By My Ruthless Alpha By Pixie Read Story Online Free

Amber was tortured by her father, who was the Alpha of the Brimsard Bay Pack, and her sister for being born with bad luck that killed her mother when she was born. Adored by my ruthless alpha was what she experienced when she was banished from her Pack.

She was banished from the packhouse at a small age and her wolf died fighting a major battle for her pack. Her only hope, her boyfriend Cooper also betrayed her and married his sister for power. Now left with nothing, Amber had no choice but to marry the most dangerous beast of the Valeford pack.

He is known to kill women who don’t have a wolf, so Amber has to keep it a secret. But he has a secret of his own–she’s his mate. So even if Amber tries to escape his clutches, he won’t let her go.

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Part 1: Main Story of the Adored By My Ruthless Alpha

Adored By My Ruthless Alpha rejection

When Cooper Stone, heir of Alpha Donald Stone, of the Drevine pack, rejected Amber Blackwaters of the Brimsard Bay pack, as his rightful mate, in adored by my ruthless Alpha. She couldn’t breathe. Tears blurred her vision as she felt the burning pain on my shoulder blade where his mark was.

This was supposed to be her special day. The day she got married to her boyfriend, Cooper. She had entered the venue hoping to start a new life with him until she found out that he was getting married, but to her sister. Cooper and she were together for a couple of years before he proposed to marry her. He was the son of the Alpha of Drevine-also known as the West pack of Elmstone.

They weren’t mates, but that didn’t stop her from loving him. Mates were rare in their world and hard to find, so people ended up with the people they fell in love with. He had marked her and she thought their bond would last forever. Never did she imagine he would reject the bond as if it meant nothing. The day she was born, they tagged her as unlucky and a murderer. It was because her mother died after giving birth to her.

Adored By My Ruthless Alpha lonely

Bad things happened in Brimsard Bay pack when she was present. At least, that was what everyone claimed as a valid reason to kick her out of the pack house. She was just a child but they showed no mercy to her in adored by my ruthless Alpha. Not even my dad.

A warm hand touched her shoulder from behind. It was Angela, her guardian. The only person who stood beside her. She even paid for her education by saving the money from running her little pharmacy shop. She managed the pharmacy to repay her. Watching her work has given her sufficient knowledge of medicine and herbs.

She had to take antidepressants for her mental health because she lost her wolf in a major battle. She was the hated outcast, but the strong desire to get recognized and appreciated by her dad led her to join the military forces of her pack. The path wasn’t easy, but she had her wolf and together they got a hold of the position

Part 2: Free Chapters of the Adored By My Ruthless Alpha

Chapter 2 of the Adored By My Ruthless Alpha

Adored By My Ruthless Alpha her lover

Once she stepped inside, in chapter 2 of adored by my ruthless alpha she found him sitting behind his mahogany desk across the spacious room. The more he ignored her and hated her, the more she craved his love and attention. Abby was lucky. Putting her life on the line wasn’t required for his love.

The son of Alpha of Valeford, Raymond Dawson, was the most ruthless killer in history. She had seen it with her own eyes. A minor war had taken place two years back, between Raymond and their pack. Not a single warrior of their force was alive after it ended. Even some of our best warriors couldn’t stand against him. The mere thought made her shiver.

She wondered why such a powerful family would want a wolf-less girl like her for their son. Did they not care about Raymond’s status because he did not share royal blood? She heard he was their illegitimate son, titled as worthless and ugly. Everyone considered Abby marrying Raymond, but Stephan wouldn’t let an illegitimate person be the Alpha. Abby will end up with no power over. Hence, he sold her off to them because they realized he didn’t have a wolf.

Adored By My Ruthless Alpha help me

Every single day in chapter 2 of Adored by My Ruthless Alpha, she wished he could change the past. He wanted to bring her back. His ignorance was one thing. But to hear Dad wish for her death was the final blow to his hope. He couldn’t breathe. She will get lots of dick in the dungeon of Valeford.

She heard the males there were very energetic. Or maybe she can warm the bed of that ugly beast who’ll be her husband soon. Be careful though, he killed a woman who tried to seduce him. But Abby resisted she would not marry him! Turning around and reaching for the door a sturdy pair of arms grabbed her from behind. It was Uncle Crux. He had to warm her to stop fighting or she would use her belt.

Her body stiffened as it revisited the burning pain in her arms, legs, and back, the whipping sound of his belt buzzing in her ears. Blood pounded in my ears. A piercing pain ran down my arm as Uncle increased his pressure on my wrist. The tip of the pen pressed over the line where I was supposed to sign. Suddenly, something sharp and cold pricked my neck. It was a silver dagger. The other was that she had to sign it or he’ll slit her throat right away.

Chapter 3 of the Adored By My Ruthless Alpha

Adored By My Ruthless Alpha sign it

They had locked her up in the piano room after forcing her to sign the paper, in chapter 3 of Adored by my ruthless alpha so that she wouldn’t run away. Not that she had a choice. They would find her and if she rejected the pack bond, she would turn into a rogue.

She didn’t want to be a rogue. There were rogue hunters assigned by the Council everywhere and if they found her, she would be sent to the Haven’s Edge. The Edge was a messed up place where rogues were beaten up or turned into slaves. Women were trafficked to other high-ranking wolves and she didn’t even want to think about what was done to them. It was worse than a person’s nightmare.

If she was powerful, they wouldn’t have been able to force her into anything. Her life wouldn’t have been this terrible. She had trained hard when she was with Agni, but she put all her strength into the wrong places. It went into caring and protecting a bunch of heartless people who didn’t deserve to be protected. She was going to be with a dangerous man who might kill her. If he doesn’t, his pack surely would. But she would have to survive. At least she had to try.

Adored By My Ruthless Alpha hot man

She used to be naive and thought that the times he canceled on her were because he was busy training. He was the Alpha’s son so he had a lot to work on. She thought she should have been a little doubtful in chapter 3 of adored by my ruthless alpha.

Cooper’s dad, the current ruling Alpha of the pack of West, the Drevine Pack, had a bad relationship with Copper. He looked down upon his son’s capabilities because Cooper always lived a flamboyant life, running away from responsibilities. So he had declared he would make his younger sister Lydia the future Alpha of the pack.

When she met Cooper, he was in a difficult place and he used to share how his dad’s indifference towards him hurt him. She used to relate to him because Dad was no different and that’s how she connected with him. But she made a mistake. She thought he would work hard for his position but it turned out that he took the other path, which was to marry her sister and hence create a powerful alliance with the West and South.

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Adored By My Ruthless Alpha lover girl

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