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What You Need To Know About Alpha Female By LottaP

What would you do if the person you trusted with all your heart suddenly comes rambling about desiring to see you fall from grace?

Would you kick them out in response to their threat, or would you overlook it and give them a chance to redeem themselves?

Neither seemed applicable for the situation that Zelayah, the main heroine of Alpha Female novel, finds at her doorstep concerning the confession of conspiracy from her long-time, and most trusted companion. For one, there isn’t much to do to re-write the spew of lies she’s done to slander Zelayah as it already hypnotised her fated mate and everyone in the pack into believing Zelayah’s not suitable to be a luna anymore.

The last option left is to abandon them, never look back or annihilate the traitor right and then.

Discover which will Zelayah pick out in the enthralling and blood-curdling Alpha Female novel.

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Part 1: Plot Overview of Alpha Female

Alpha Female - Zelayah and Kosta's Wedding

Born and raised within the premises of a successful pack and under the influence of an acclaimed alpha, Zelayah is destined to reign over the hierarchy of werewolves. She’s blessed and exceptional at birth, as though every good qualities to ever exist in our planet were served to her exclusively. Everyone who watched her grow knew she’s going to make a change one day. At a minimal level or extreme degree.

At 20, she already mastered a degree for business. Not long after that, she became the COO of the pack’s company, leading it together with her fated mate, Kosta, and furnishing the welfare and welness of the pack as though it’s the second to the most important part of her life apart from Kosta.

Nothing seemed to go possibly wrong. Both in terms of her position as a luna and her marriage with Kosta. She’s achieved the blissful definition of life as a human and as a blessed offspring of the Moon Goddess. Atleast, that’s what she believed.

Her picturesque life comes spiraling out of its net when Khalis, her best friend, made an admission of a deeo-rooted resentment and jealousy. Zelayah met Khalis in elementary school. They became friends almost instantly and ever since then, won the award of being the most inseparable friends of the year.

Alpha Female - Zelayah and Khalis

Zelayah deeply cares for Khalis. Despite her ill-reputation and selfishness, Zelayah still credits her and brings her whenever she goes. That doesn’t seem enough for Khalis. One of the discontenment that she admitted was Zelayah’s success. She hates that she gets the attention and the success she worked hard for. Khalis believes it’s unfair for her not to have that life or always be the second to be recognized.

That jealousy drives her to design a devious plan. Instead of talking it out or creating her own path, she resorts to violence and a scheme to bring Zelayah down, feeding disgusting lies to Kosta and foiling every bit of Zelayah’s attempt to give justice to her position as luna.

This is where Alpha Female novel gets interesting.

Khalis, being too presumptuous and arrogant as she is, brings out every minutiea of her out in the open. Because of that, Zelayah’s given an opportunity to walk out of her downfall before it could even happen. She left the pack for good, abandoning Kosta and allowing Khalis to replace her. Kosta has begun to believe her, anyway, choosing to take Khalis side instead of her.

Alpha Female - Zelayah and Kosta

As she re-built the bridge that Khalis and Kosta burned for her, Khalis’ plan gradually turn up against her. What she wishes to ruin become the miracle that falls into Zelayah’s lap one by one. Including Kosta. Most definitely Kosta. But the wound has been inflicted. Hurtful words has been thrown out. And unforgiveable actions has been done.

Apart from forgiveness, Zelayah doesn’t want anything more than peace. If Kosta’s chasing and exhibit of affection won’t do that, why would Zelayah open the doors for him?

Alpha Female novel by doesn’t just jumps around traditional feminism, it also brings light to the cost of friendship, dire consequences of not trusting the people we love and the power of love amidst chaos and trials.

Despite its lenghty chapters and over-descriptive narrative, there’s much to glean from the themes Alpha Female novel intends to show. It’s a must check if you wish to know.

Part 2: Introductory Chapters of Alpha Female

Chapter 1

Alpha Female - Zelayah's Office

In Alpha Female Chapter 1, readers are given the overall picture of what Alpha Female novel can offer. The opening line is from Khalis, asking Zelayah if they can have a private meeting. Zelayah’s not surprised; she’s actually anticipating. Khalis’ been acting weird lately and it’s time to discuss the funny business she’s been into. Zelayah didn’t expect it to be an admission of her plan of assassinating her position and relationship with Kosta.

Chapter 2

Alpha Female - The Pack's Dinner

Alpha Female Chapter 2 shows the good qualities of Zelayah. Despite the abomination that came out of Khalis’ lips the previous day, she didn’t tell the world and cause an uproar. She thought by being silent, and taking the matters in her own hands, Khalis will be knock out of her delusional self. They might fix it. Zelayah’s willing to be the forgiving friend one last time. But that tiny chance of hope faded when she saw Khalis acting up as a luna, serving Kosta a meal and saying orders around the pack.

Furious at the audacity and Kosta’s tolerancce, Zelayah confronted Khalis. All she received in return is a smug smirk, a sarcastic response and Kosta’s hostility. He just stripped her off of luna’s privileges and Zelayah’s not having any of it.
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Part 3: Evaluation and a Recommendation from Dreame

Now that every significant part of Alpha Female novel has been brought out in the open, let’s take a look at the technicalities and specifics of the story. Where it failed and how it’s not a recommendation for anyone who get their hackles rise with chapters that are too long for one sitting or underdeveloped characters that may get on the nerves.

Alpha Female free chapters online certainly failed on delivering a clear narrative. The rule ‘showing don’t tell’ was obviously a new factor for the author. Either that or she’s not yet aware of its existence. The pacing of the story also felt forced and rushed. But considering that it’s still under construction and there’s much to reveal, it’s understandable. It might hit its stride somewhere along the way and that’s something to be anticipated for.

Alpha Female novel has only twenty plus chapters and yet it’s already thrilling and inescapable to read.

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The Lost Alpha Female by CereliaWolf is one of its pride. Don’t hesitate to look at it and expand your reading experience.

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