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The Alpha’s Little Witch Read Full Story Online

Alpha Blade in the alpha’s little witch found himself lost in the abyss of life, five years after the death of his fated mate. He had abandoned his pack and chose to lead a mercenary life to avenge the death of Soledad, his fated mate.

But even after justice was served, he felt empty, and the need to take more lives had become his way of life. With too much blood in his hands, he became ruthless and cold-hearted, with no direction, no goal, and no will to survive, until destiny decided to play a cruel joke on him and gave him a light witch for a second-chance mate.

Confused and not wanting to betray the memory of his first mate, Blade fought against the new bond the Goddess gave him, only to find himself drawn more to the young witch slowly lighting up the darkness surrounding him.

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Part 1: Main Story of the Alpha’s Little Witch

The Alpha's Little Witch man dreaming

A euphoric groan escaped from his throat as his hold on the female’s hips in front of him tightened. He was lying on his back while she was sitting on top of him, straddling his front with her hands on his chest, sending explosive sparks all over his body and drowning him in pleasure he had not experienced in a very long time. It was just pure bliss.

But not knowing who she was the least of his worries in the alpha’s little witch. He was more concerned about what they were doing. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a female in his arms, especially like this. He let her hand move, his fingers skimming over her naked skin. Her soft whimpers filled his ears, and just when he was reaching his peak, an earth-shattering scream ripped in the thin air, making her body rigid and all the hair in her skin rise.

He’d heard it for the last five years, and even after hearing it over and over again, the pain that came along with the scream never faded. The female in front of him vanished instantly, and he fell with a loud thud before his body rolled over. He found himself lying on her stomach on the wet, muddy forest ground.

The Alpha's Little Witch fight in woods

His hand extended as the scene unfolded in her eyes. He watched in horror as his mate’s body was flung in the air and landed on the ground with a deafening thud. Snapping the necks of the wolves along the way until he reached her in the alpha’s little witch but I was too late. Blood oozed out from her mouth and from the hole in her chest, pooling around her body.

Another nightmare. But it felt like it was real like it had been for the last five years. Let her agony wash over me at the memory of her, but there were no more tears. She had run out of them. Soledad. She died five years ago. Five years, but it never got easier.

Five years of having recurring nightmares about her death a blatant reminder that I did nothing to save her. He was an Alpha-one of the strongest in the north-and yet he was not able to protect his own mate. They wanted him, but they went for her. They knew killing her would ruin him. And it did – knowing he was the cause of her death and that he was not able to stop them.

Part 2: Free Chapters of the Alpha’s Little Witch

Chapter 2 of the Alpha’s Little Witch

The Alpha's Little Witch lady witch

He had become accustomed to living alone after his mother died two years ago in chapter 2 of The Alpha’s Little Witch. He had no idea about the cause of her death. He just found her not breathing in the middle of the forest of the red mountain after two days of non-stop searching for her.

His mother would never abandon him for more than 24 hours without notice. This time, she told him she would gather herbs at the mountain’s east end, but she would return before nightfall. The night came, and the morning followed, but she was nowhere home.

He waited until lunchtime, and when she didn’t appear, he prepared to go after her. The forest was full of creatures beyond what a human mind could comprehend. Shifters were everywhere. According to Mom, the bears and the wolves were the most commonly encountered.

Althea Vitalia solitary, light witch, her mother had taught her many magic and spells, but none of them were about bringing the dead back to life. It was prohibited by the law of nature. But he wished he tried to know more about it because, at that moment, he wanted her back, and he didn’t care if he were to violate any laws.

The Alpha's Little Witch sad man

He had no one but her, he didn’t meet his father. He didn’t even know his name. Mom told him she lost contact with his father even before she was born, and she thought it was better that he didn’t know who he was in a chapter of The Alpha’s Little Witch. He was okay with that. He has a mother. He would survive.

So when his mom died, his world came crashing down. But slowly, he had learned to accept that he was bound to be alone in this life. He was sixteen at the time. For two years, he lived in isolation. He could count ten fingers how many times he went down the mountain into the nearby city to buy things he needed. But mostly, he makes use of everything around him to survive.

He was swimming peacefully when his heart began to beat rapidly for no reason at all. This usually happens when he senses danger. He paddled and made his way up to the surface, and the moment he did, his eyes widened before a scream escaped his throat. He had a growing erection. And spirits! It was huge, and it was still getting bigger. She had never seen a naked man in the flesh, and he couldn’t stop his eyes from widening and her pussy from tingling.

Chapter 3 of the Alpha’s Little Witch

The Alpha's Little Witch man swimming

She had no idea if he was disappointed because he saw her private parts or because he was simply ignoring that he saw them while he was so affected by his nakedness in chapter 3 of The Alpha’s little witch. She glared at him but didn’t answer. She motioned with her hands, and her clothes shot up in the air and landed in his grip.

Her head peered from where she was hiding, and she saw the big man swimming gracefully. His body was covered with tattoos and scars, but she would say it suited his build and his rugged look. He was rather attractive, unlike the men she would see in the city with their baggy pants and chains hanging around their waists. She kept staring and studying his features so that she didn’t notice that he had swam across the water and ended up in front of her.

He thought now that she was decent and his cock is hidden under the water if she was free to talk with me now. He needed to know where he could find the witch of the Red Mountain.

The Alpha's Little Witch unhappy man

Six feet under the ground. She’s dead in chapter 3 of The Alpha’s Little Witch. When he found her, she was already dead. He hadn’t perfected lifting a body in the air then, and she was too heavy to carry, so instead, he dug the earth with his hands and his magic for hours until he got the perfect hole where he could place her body. The witch he was looking for is dead! Now that he had the answer, he felt it was time to leave.

He had never spoken to anyone about her death or the agony of the days after. Although saying it now didn’t take away the pain, he felt a burden lifted from his shoulders. They stared at each other in silence before he turned around and swam to the other side of the lagoon. She didn’t look at him anymore as she jumped over the stones until he got to the ground and began walking in fast strides.

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The Alpha's Little Witch new life

Holly Winters felt that by moving to a small town, she would be able to finally stop running from her past. When she meets her companion from Second Chance. She is terrified that he will discard her like everyone else in her life. But only when she realizes the truth about who she is and what she is capable of can she embrace her fate and bring down those who desire to use her.

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