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Alien Novel Review: Ice Planet Barbarians

If you’re looking for an alien romance novel filled with steamy scenes, action, and drama then this is the novel you’ve been looking for. This novel gives a different feel.

In the novel; ice planet barbarians, you get to meet the daring Georgie Carruthers. Georgie, along with other women, was kidnaped on a Tuesday from their apartments.

When the ladies woke up, they saw themselves in a pod-like transporter surrounded by little blue aliens. They had no idea why they were kidnaped but it certainly wasn’t good.

After being forced to keep shut by the aliens the women were safely transported until the alien ship had a mechanical problem. The aliens had to drop their prey with hopes of coming back for them. But, the ladies weren’t going to wait for a second kidnap.

With Georgie acting as their leader, the girls came across some local folks. They are aliens! Not just any aliens but big, blue, horned, tailed aliens with desires to find the right mate.

Indeed, Ruby Dixon always has her readers glued to her paranormal works of art, and ice planet barbarians are no exception.

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Part 1: Main Characters Of Ice Planet Barbarians


In Ice planet barbarians, Georgie is that brave, smart fighter who’s not willing to back down despite the odds. Her life hasn’t been all that fun and being kidnapped by aliens wasn’t in her books.

Unlike the other kidnapped women, Georgie wasn’t tense. She acted as their leader and cared for them. When the alien ship had to let them off, Georgie immediately went in search of help on the ice planet.

Characters of Ice Planet Barbarians

In her search, she came across a blue figure. It was one she has never seen before. She thought of him as a helper but this alien couldn’t communicate well with her.

Will Georgie save the other women? Will this alien save them or provide more hurt than they imagine? Read on!


Vektal played the role of a calm, level-headed, smart, and strong alien man in the ice planet barbarians. He was also the chief of the Sakhui tribe. Their tribe relies on resonance to get their destined mate.

On their planet, women are scarce, and finding the right mate is almost impossible. However, he woke up one morning to see a mate right for him.

Male Lead of Ice Planet Barbarians

Vektal was willing to do all he can to please this mate. But, he had a problem! He barely understands her.

With the alien yet to come back and the women in danger, how will Vektal’s tribe protect and care for the women?

Will the women accept them as their mates? And if they do, will the blue creatures let them return home if they have the opportunity?

To find out more, get a copy of the ice planet barbarians’ novel.

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Part 2: Interesting Storyline of Ice Planet Barbarians

Have you been expecting to come across a novel that takes you on a journey to another planet? This novel gives you a glimpse of a different experience from the earth.

Ice planet barbarians is a novel about a group of women kidnapped and taken to another planet by aliens. The aliens that kidnaped them attached a transmitter to one of the women and threatened to rape them if they make a sound.

On their way to the alien’s planet, they had a mechanical problem and the aliens dropped the women on a planet cold as ice. The women had to name the planet Not-Hoth.

It was a planet they never imagined. They had no idea what could go wrong or who could save them. So they sent out the bravest of them to take a risk of looking for help.

Ice Planet Barbarians

Georgie was the lady sent off. She has to look for help for her newly made friends. Just as she was seen searching for help, she was knocked off.

When Georgie woke up, she found herself with a blue man face down in between her legs. She couldn’t care more about the situation but her friends needed her.

After many difficulties trying to communicate with him, she finally got him to come to their rescue. The women were rescued but then, they discovered something shocking. Their time on the planet was very much limited except they accept the Chui.

Will Georgie and her friends survive living on the ice planet with the ice planet barbarians? What can be done to save the girls from the cold hands of death? Or are they likely to turn into blue creatures too?!


Part 3: Specialty Of The Novel: Ice Planet Barbarians

Not your regular novel right? Yes, the ice planet barbarians novel is something amazing. It embodies a relationship between aliens who couldn’t communicate with the humans but are willing to save them.

Although the novel has its flaws, it also has its merits. The relationship and character development between Georgie, the other girls, and the aliens were intriguing.

A specialty of Ice Planet Barbarians Novel

In the ice planet barbarians, the aliens are delighted to get a mate from the girls but they never saw the challenges coming. They were willing to protect and provide for the ones they love.

With Georgie as the female leader and Vektal as the chief, what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing, you would think but don’t forget, there are a group of angry aliens searching for their human cargo.

Will the aliens get the girls back? Most importantly, how will the girls survive the one-week maximum period they have on the ice planet?

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